1. K

    Can someone tell me how to leave the number with only 4 decimal places?

    The "error": The code: Dim oPL As Double, o709 As Double, o710 As Double, o713 As Double Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sheets("Calculation_Sheet").Visible = True ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("calculation_sheet").Activate Note: P666, P709, P710 and P713 are global variables...
  2. K

    can someone explain this to me?

  3. A

    Object library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found

    Hello, I have been using the same workbook for over a month now with no issues. Today, upon clicking a button that has always worked fine, I get the error "Object library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found". Can anyone help? I am completely stuck and my...
  4. E

    Range of Objects Error

    I'm running into a Range of Objects Worksheet Failed Error for some reason and I cant understand why. All I did was add the following code to the set of ranges in the Target Range in the sheet code, and all of the sudden I'm having errors when entering text into the any of the cells within the...
  5. G

    If Not IsEmpty Error

    Hello, Some context for this issue. I am trying to move over this whole VBA code to my personal book that is stored in XLSTART and run the macros off that moving forward instead of having them in the reports themself. The code below works fine in the document on its own but doesn't work when I...
  6. G

    Range VBA Errors

    I've got this range I'm trying to work with and do the following but I'm getting an error message for application or object-defined error. When I use the full range it seems to be the AB sections that are causing the problem. When I delete everything and just use the AB Range it works fine...
  7. S

    BI Will Not Apply Query Changes

    I have run into an issue when attempting to update and add new queries in BI. When adding a SQL query with no additional steps, the preview runs, but when I go to apply it, it doesn't do the query type selection and then doesn't apply the changes. It still notifies me that here are changes to...
  8. X

    INDIRECT doesnt work properly

    I dont know if i just dont understand things, but as for my understandings this formular just doesnt work for me in this scenario. I want to refer to an already existing name with INDIRECT(). I want this range to end up as my dropdownlist. The name i want to refer to is called "DropDown1"...
  9. I

    FormulaR1C1 + Error 1004

    Hi, I have written some code that looks for column headings to locate the columns of data required in my formula, thus returning a column number. So logically the best method of creating my formula in the cell is to use the FormulaR1C1 function in vba, however I have been unsuccessful in getting...
  10. B

    error Transferring Data from form using VBA

    Hi I have successfully created the code below using an online tutorial. I have two forms whic are transferring to 2 different databases. The first form has worked no problem. I copied the code below to create the second transfer of data and added the number '1' to differentiate the two. It is...
  11. A

    Power Pivot Grand Total Calculation Error

    I have a Power Pivot Table with a Grand Total calculation error. Here is the database: ABIPABAFAIAPAQ1Mailing List 1Capitalization 2Records 3Convertible Class A Voting 4Units Summary 5Capital Summary 623Mr Excel Database45Name1234566Mr Excel7Mrs Excel8Excel Jr9Total10I1I1=C4&"...
  12. C

    "Unable to set the hidden property of the range class"

    Hello, I hope to find you well! I need to protect some fields of an Excel sheet, that contains the following VBA code. However, once I protect, this error is always appearing: Unable to set the hidden property of the range class. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) With...
  13. C

    Searchable drop down list

    HI All, I found some VBA which created a searchable drop-down menu after double-clicking which worked perfectly fine however now when I use it the drop-down appears I then select the entry and then rather than populating the cell it goes totally blank. Please can someone help me. I have no idea...
  14. P

    The cell or chart you're trying to change is on a protected sheet. Error upon placing worksheet Change Selection Code

    I have a workbook with Worksh5heet_SelectionChange code. Below is the Code. Every Cell on the worksheet is locked except for: Range("D2:D7,B8,C8,D8,F4:F7,H5:H6,H7:I7,L8,M2:M3,M7M6:T6) Also there is a variable Range which is unlocked: Range("B10:B" & LastLineWithBorder & ",C10:D" &...
  15. I

    Handle Error in Macro from Another Workbook

    I am trying to handle an error in a macro from another workbook, but on error is not working within any error occurring in the macro from another workbook when I use Anyone know why it is not working and how to solve this? Set wb = Workbooks.Open(workbookpath) On...
  16. D

    Excel conditional formatting does not work!

    Please help, Super simply: I have stock on column G and minimum stock on column F. I want to highlight my stock if it is below the minimum stock through conditional formatting: As you can see, I have made the correct conditional formatting that if my value is equal to or less than F2...
  17. Donkey Kong

    [Expression Error] The column "column1" of the table wasn't found

    HI, this is my first post. How exciting. Hope someone can assist. I've created a Power Query table (Excel 10) to extract stock data from the one website. The web site has (or should have) 4 Tables that contains the data I require. The only difference being the stock code I am searching. The...
  18. D

    VBA one cell returns date of last time another cell was edited

    Hello everybody, I currently have the following: Where column: I = quantity J = subtract any number entered from the quantity after which the number entered will be subtracted in column I and disappear in column J so you can enter a new one in the future J = add any number entered from the...
  19. D

    We found a problem with some content in "File name". Excel annoying message

    Hello everybody, Whenever I open my excel sheet I get the following message: "We found a problem with some content in "File name xxx". Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can? If you trust the source of this workbook, click yes" It is super annoying. It started happening after I...
  20. D

    Run-time error "53": File not found

    Hello everybody, I am currently having a problem with one of my files. I have made an order form where people can order goods from. They download my excel sheet and click on a submit macro which sends out the excel sheet in a PDF file through email. This works perfectly fine when I do it...

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