1. K

    Value Error!!!

    Hi There! This may be a simple fix, however, I just can't seem to figure it out! I have two workbooks that I currently work from for payroll. The following is a formula used to reference an 'Employee ID' to pull their 'Rate' from a master work book. I have checked all of the columns it is...
  2. DRSteele

    Function SEQUENCE is producing errors.

    The new Excel function SEQUENCE seems to be producing errors. I want a sequence of values from -50% to 50% with a 5 point step. Put this in a cell and evaluate it in Edit mode by pressing f9. =SEQUENCE(21,,-0.5,0.05) Not only is the 0 a wonky exponent, some of the other values near zero are...
  3. I

    Excel Error

    hi, i've been with several errors and excel strange behavior: .color fill is not as the choosen.(ex. i choose yellow and it show magenta or try blue and the cell it shows green, etc.) .crashes alot, special when try to print. do not happens on word or other apps. any idea? tnks in advced...
  4. masud8956

    Problem with NETWORKDAY.INTL Function

    I have used the formula below several times in my worksheet. I am using Excel 2016 so not facing any problem. But some other users are getting errors who are using Excel 2007/2010. =IF($K$7="","",IF(NETWORKDAYS.INTL($K$7,$E$8,7,$T$35:$V$67)<1,"-",NETWORKDAYS.INTL($K$7,$E$8,7,$T$35:$V$67))) When...
  5. B

    Clean up code

    Hi guys, bit of a novice at VBA and I have pieced together a workbook combing code I have recorded, sourced on the web and with help from this board. The code seems slow and clunky and I've now started to get 1004 errors. Is anyone willing to take a look and try and clean up the code for me? i...
  6. B

    Pricing from

    I am an electrical contractor that uses excel to quote jobs. I am getting sick of looking on to check prices. I am looking for a way to have look up the price for me. I tried data from web and putting the website in there but I always get errors on the page and I cant add the...
  7. M

    How to suppress compile errors generated from ActiveX code being present on MAC

    I have a workbook with code referencing activex objects that isn't supposed to be ran on if the user is on Mac, however after the user gets out of the initial read only mode upon receiving the document, ActiveX objects are deleted. Trying to run certain macros will then result in compile errors...
  8. S

    HELP! - VLOOKUP with some exact & some non exact matches

    I have a report that shows system generated errors. MOST of the errors are unique & I use them to categorize the errors to determine which work-groups they belong to via a table that has the errors & work-groups. My issue is that one of the errors always begins with "Carrier Billed", but from...
  9. H

    Seeking help with common Excel errors

    Hi Everyone. I am trying to create an error inclusive training in excel for my research, and would love your help to collect as many beginners errors as possible- those you see the most often - whether it is with formulas, functions or else. The below list is what I compiled based on online...
  10. J

    Erasing Arrays after use question

    Hi, I have a macro that uses multiple arrays and after use I have a reset button which clears these: erase MyArray1 etc... However in some cases not all arrays are initiated so when I attempt to erase those I get an error as they don't exist. Is there a way, when erasing them to check if they...
  11. D

    hlookup and offset

    I'm trying to combine hlookup() and offset() to find the last value in a row, then go up 2 rows and left 1 cell. Each works independently, but when I try to combine them, errors occur. =OFFSET(M3,-2,-1) --- "M3" is the below hlookup() reference =HLOOKUP(9.99999999999999E+307,B3:Y3,1) Is...
  12. N

    Show top 3 for multiple criteria based on information on two sheets

    I have 2 sheets, one with a list of employee names and numbers the other with a list of errors made (this includes duplicate names/numbers) what I am trying to do is on a 3rd spreadsheet highlight the top 3 employees for each error, as this may change daily depending on how many errors occur...
  13. S

    Finding Errors using the .Find in VBA

    Hi All, Just need a little help refining my macro. I'm trying to find errors in a column using part of the following script... Dim rngFound As Range Set rngFound = Columns("N").Find(What:=IsError, After:=Range("N4"), LookAt:=xlWhole, _ SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext...
  14. D

    VBA Absolute Reference: #REF Errors

    Hello, I one last issue I am trying to solve to complete my project and I am at a loss on how to fix it. Sheet1 = "Inventory Value Report" - I am using this as an "import tab" where a new value report is pasted every time it needs to be used. My issue is that the first macro that runs...
  15. R

    Sumproduct Error

    Dear experts, Having gone around for an hour, I can't figure out why my Sumproduct doesn't work. =SUMPRODUCT(--('Balance Sheet_Property SS'!$C$14:$C$271=$S$32),--('Balance Sheet_Property SS'!$D$14:$D$271=$S$30),--('Balance Sheet_Property SS'!$F$14:$F$271=$S$33),--('Balance Sheet_Property...
  16. F

    Application ontime running randomly !!

    Hello , I have a vba code which captures the data every 20 second from a dynamically changing cell value and stores in the sheet along with some calcuations using Application.Ontime In the sheet , on checking the difference with the timestamp, show data has been entered at 20 seconds most of...
  17. K

    Please explain to me in steps how this formula works

    =LOOKUP(9.99E+307,'BALANCES - CC'!$C2:INDEX('BALANCES - CC'!2:2,MATCH(9.99E+307,'BALANCES - CC'!2:2)-Z$2)) I have no idea... I thought Lookup wanted to find a specific SOMETHING within a specific range. But the range is what I don't get. The portion above: INDEX('BALANCES -...
  18. D

    How to Underline or Highlight Spelling Errors in Excel

    How can I underline or highlight spelling errors as I am entering text data ? Can I do this without a script? If so please tell me how. If I need a script THANK YOU IN ADVANCE if you would kindly share it with me. Thanks
  19. F

    Calculations based on export data

    I run an export every month from Quickbooks - it is for accounting actuals for my company. It's a horrible format and not meant for external users. I'd like to create a more user-friendly template where, when I export the data, it automatically populates into my template as well. This would...
  20. M

    GoTo Error Handling Not Working

    I am trying to copy a table from Excel and paste as an image to PowerPoint. For some reason, the copy/paste methods error out about 1 in 10 attempts to run the code. :confused: I added GoTo error handling but the code seems to be ignoring it. On the line...
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