1. D

    VBA to apply Grouping based on Leading Blanks in an Essbase Indented Retrieve

    The Hyperion Essbase Zoom-in displays members of a hierarchical dimension in a single column, with leading blanks in front of the member names. The number of leading blanks indicates the Level (generation) of the member. The top of the hierarchy has zero leading blanks, next level has five...
  2. M

    Essbase / Smartview VBA - Connect Code?

    Hello, I'm hoping someone has some experience with VBA code with regards to Essbase/Smartview. I'm looking to connect to my cube without entering my login information manually (i.e. have username and password in the code and it'll login by that). I've tried reading the Developer's Guide below...
  3. E

    2016 Essbase Add-On Issue

    Hello... I am wondering if someone can help me please. We were just upgraded to 365 and one of my coworkers cant right-click in any Cell.. I knew how to remove the secondary button option off the Essbase Add-On for the previous versions, but I dont see that option now. Is there something else...
  4. M

    Essbase Retrieve for all Tabs in Workbook

    Hi All - I am trying to create a macro to retrieve data for the same range on 20+ tabs using one click. The code below works in moving between the tabs and selecting the range, but the Essbase Retrieve is not working. Any assistance you could offer to help me figure out where I'm going wrong...
  5. E

    Refreshing Essbase worksheets with VBA

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to select the "Refresh All Worksheets" for essbase worksheets in a workbook, which if done manually, would be found on the essbase tab's ribbon. I'm aware that there's an add-in for specific essbase functions that would enable me to do this, however the...
  6. M

    Using VBA for Oracle Essbase

    Hello all, I am hoping to develop an excel macro/VBA to refresh a worksheet through Oracle Essbase. Currently, the macro completes all operations that I have recorded except for the Oracle Essbase refresh, making it essentially useless. If anyone knows how to code VBA or record macros to...
  7. D

    byVal sheetname as Variant

    The following code works OK - this essentially triggers an Essbase Zoom event on cell "A4" on worksheet "2. Retrieve": Declare Function EssVZoomIn Lib "ESSEXCLN.XLL" (ByVal sheetName As Variant, ByVal range As Variant, ByVal selection As Variant, ByVal level As Variant, ByVal across As Variant)...
  8. M

    Suppressing Oracle Error Message in VBA

    Hi All, I have a macro that refreshes a ton of sheets with Essbase, and for each sheet that I refresh I run into an error saying "Oracle Smart View for Office: Cannot change part of a merged cell." Is there any way I can suppress this error message from popping up? Disabling display alerts does...
  9. G

    Worksheet run time error 1004 - LoopIndex breaking down

    Not sure why this is breaking but I have a spreadsheet with dozens of tabs that require updating through this macro loop. It indexes the first and last pages, 30 to 80 but once it reaches the 39th tab, it breaks. I've tried moving the potential bad tab(running it separately at times) but it...
  10. D

    Macro for Essbase data retrieval

    Hi, I am ultimately trying to automate/schedule a data retrieval from Essbase. I started with a macro that works perfectly. Sample code: Sheets("Sheet1").Select range("B1:b1").Select ActiveCell = j application.Run macro:="EssMenuVRetrieve" This macro will run in about 0.5 seconds and...
  11. A

    VBA code for Essbase ZoomIN

    Hello, I would like to use macro (VBA) for ZoomIn Essbase A B C D E F 1 Country Country Country Country 2 Y2015 Y2015 Y2015 Y2015 3 Jan Feb Mar Apr 4 volume volume...
  12. S

    Posting to SharePoint from Essbase

    Hello, I wrote a macro in Essbase and I'm having trouble posting to SharePoint. The macro refreshes a few tabs and saves a copy to a set location then changes the department name and repeats. When I use the SharePoint Location the macro fails, but when I use the C Drive Location it works. The...
  13. R

    How to create a Macro for Essbase

    Hi , I am new to Macro's, can some one please let me know how to create a macro to connect to Essbase and retrieve the data for the same
  14. Z

    How do I keep macro running after running this piece of code?

    Hi All, I have the following macro, which I did not write myself. It works perfectly, but now I want to add in some additional steps after this code finishes running. The problem is that Excel seems to just ignore everything I put after this piece. Any idea why? Dim wsName As String...
  15. J

    Essbase Unresponsive when ZoomingIn

    I have a rather lengthy code that I won't post unless requested to because I honestly don't know which part to post (where the code is going wrong). Basically I have a few procedures that cycle through each row of a table that specifies certain retrieve criteria and use the essbase commands to...
  16. S

    Excel macro to time stamp upon essbase retrieval

    Hey everyone, my very first post (of many)!! Hoping someone can help me come up with a macro that will time stamp a sheet upon the retrieval/refresh of essbase smartview? thanks, Brent
  17. S

    Essbase retrieve macro

    Hi all, The below code works fine when retrieving from the one database but does not when trying to switch databases (where I put "server = Sheets..." for the second time). I assume this is because I have used Declare Function at the top and can't define the server, application and db twice in...
  18. J

    Essbase VBA question

    Hi All, I have some VBA code that retrieves data from Essbase. Once I use the macro to retrieve the data I can't use flashback to restore the previous view. The message I get it that there is no flashback information for this sheet. From the Oracle site I see how to declare Flashback but I...
  19. U

    Essbase Events

    Hello All, We use the Essbase Excel Addin. Essbase replace nulls and blanks with a value of the user's choice, but if zero is used, Essbase places a text zero instead of the numeric zero. This causes problems and I wrote a bit of code to find and replace the data. The challenge is finding or...
  20. M

    Retrieving multiple data ranges in Essbase

    I think it's a simple question. Can someone help me with the VBA code? I have a tab for each month of the year: Jan, Feb, Mar..... For each tab, I want to retrieve from a named range. Each of these ranges will be identical. For example A1:C20. I'd like to be able to assign this...

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