event change

  1. M

    Event Macro Not Calling Macro Or Crashing Excel

    I want to call a macro when a cell in the range H2:FAX changes (for all sheets), where X is the last row. However I can't get the event macro posted in ThisWorkbook to call the macro consistently. I did get it to work a couple times by chance, and it worked fine for a while and then suddenly...
  2. V

    Multiple worksheet change events in one sheet

    Hi Can anyone help - I am trying to create two worksheet changes which need to happen as a result of a change in a cell. There are two sets of code below which I believe I need to try and combine but I am not sure how?? The code for the first change is: (this works fine on its own - it hides...
  3. S

    Worksheet_Change event doesn't trigger when using paste values

    Hey, I have this VBA code that works as a Vlookup with images. However, it only works when I manually enter data in the cell. When pasting values of a whole range of data (or even a single cell value), the Vba code doesn't trigger. Kindly help. I am not much experienced in VBA, and I got this...
  4. T

    Multiple worksheet change events slowing down workbook

    I have written some VBA code which contains multiple worksheet change event triggers within a single sheet. It works as I would like it to however I find it has slowed my workbook down whenever I make any changes to it. I wondered if there is a more efficient way to write this code? See code...
  5. CatyH

    active cell triggering events... only after it's no longer active ?

    I started with hardcoding this task which worked really well. But then, trying to put parameters in here instead has really thrown me off. The scenario: I have three columns: C (percent), D (hours), E (dollars) When the user enters a value into column C for a particular row, I want that...
  6. N

    Excel VBA (Force Paste Special): Cannot capture sheet change events correctly & issue with sendkeys

    Hi Friends, I am trying to use below VBA code to force paste special operation when a user performs cut/copy & paste. I am having 2 issues here: 1. The sheet change event triggers only the first-time (after opening the workbook) and thereafter it does not. 2. When (the first time) the code is...
  7. D

    Help Cleaning up Font.Color Keycells Macro

    Hi all, I'm trying to change the font color in a range when the cell in column G changes. The macro below is only working for the first row (row 8). I imagine this would be easier as a loop but I couldn't figure it out. There are many different font colors and each cell already has...
  8. R

    Two change events in same worksheet

    I have two macros running in a worksheet but one is functioning via a toggle button and the other is a drop down list which uses a change event. I've made some modifications to the spreadsheet and now need a formula to detect the toggle button value. I figured it would be best to get rid of...
  9. V

    Combining 2 worksheet change events

    Hello, need help with combining these 2 worksheet change events. Tried combining both under 1 worksheet change, didn't work. Anyways, here's the code. Please help, what's wrong? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) Dim MyRange As Range Dim c As Range Dim MyRange2 As Range...
  10. M

    Trouble with event changes

    I am new to VBA and have been following many different YouTube videos. I have had great success until it came to event changes. In a specific worksheet I have entered the following: Sub addition() Cells(3, 1) = Cells(2, 1) + Cells(1, 1) End Sub Private Sub commandbutton_click() Call...
  11. C

    Target Offset problems in Event

    Hello. I am trying to fill a cells interior color if a condition is not met. The issue is while the columns where I am texting the condition move, the column that I want to fill does not. So I think it the offset that I am trying to figure out how to replace. Thanks Private Sub...
  12. J

    Weird event issues

    Hello guys and gals. I got this weird situation that I hope someone can help me resolve. I have tried a lot of googling, but am unable to find a solution. The web is flooded with people not understanding Application.EnableEvents, so it is a bit difficult to find relevant information. I can...
  13. C

    How do I add a range to a Worksheet change event?

    The following code adds a comment to any cell that has been been change. However, right now it applies to the entire worksheet. Is there a way I can limit the target to a specified range? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Comment Is Nothing...
  14. S

    Multiple Cell Change Events

    Hello, I have a sheet where users enter inputs, and I want the sheet to clear all inputs when they change the account name. The code for this is below, and was successfully implemented: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Range("C4")) Is Nothing Then...
  15. M

    Code to Calculate Certain Cells Upon User Entry

    Hi, I have a workbook with a "landing page" where users enter some information, then click a button to run a macro that calculates the (large) workbook. Only the landing page is set for automatic calculation. This works fine, but at one point on the page the user enters a ZIP code and I want it...
  16. S

    Selection Change Event Modification

    Hi All, File can be found at : www.indianwebcompany.com/common/vacation_planner_yearly.xlsb I am very new to excel data but some how managed to found what i needed , it is a vacation planner. I did some modifications to the same but still require some more & that i am not able to do. The...
  17. I

    VBA - Event/Change Macro on Cell Value using a Formula

    I hear this can be very difficult but I want to be having a macro run automatically depending on the contents of a cell, the cell includes a formula. I did find a working example somewhere, but for the life of me I can't find it again - anyway to the point :):) When I mess with the Width and...
  18. A

    Clear cells on adjacent cell change

    New to VBA but feel that using it is the solution to this question: I have text in column F (cells 20 to 199) that changes automatically based on pre-determined time constraints (this is done via an IF formula). I want the 4 cells adjacent to F to clear contents when the text in F changes...
  19. X

    Code in Change event is not run.

    Hallo Excel fans, I have a programming problem I don’t seem to be able to solve on my own…? What I have: A row of cells each containing Data Validation. The user selects an item from the Data validation list. The adjacent cell determine, though an IF statement and the selected value, if a row...
  20. F

    Change Interior Color from VLOOKUP Cell?

    Hi, Got the below piece of code in my worksheet "POSITION SETUP". In that sheet i have two columns in a table, A where i fill in my position title, ex. "POS1", and B where i select the words "NONE","RED","YELLOW","BLUE"....Etc. from a validation list. I use the attached code for that worksheet...

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