1. G

    Calculate EXACT number to achieve an EXACT percentage

    I know the exact % I need to achieve. In this example column G2 is the target % of 67.201%. G2 = 67.201% (This is the target %) D4 = 4,250 (This is the number I need to increase to meet the percentage. The amount I need it to be is 4,681 for a difference of 431) As the percentage of G2...
  2. A

    VBA / AdvancedFilter exact result

    Hi, I put a filter with AdvancedFilter. For some search strings I get to manz results. So f.e. for "John" I get also"Johnsson", "Johnson" etc., everzthing that fits to John*. I know already by using the string ="=John" that I would get ONLY "John" like I want. But my Subroutine has not a...
  3. sharky12345

    Find last exact match in column

    Can someone show me how to find the row number last exact match in column C? The values are all numeric, so it needs to be a precise match and must be the last value found as there will be duplicates. Sheet1 <tbody>#cacaca[/URL] "] C #cacaca[/URL] , align: center"]1 1234 #cacaca[/URL] ...
  4. MUKESHY12390

    Vlookup ---> then QTY Extact match or Greater Qty

    Hi All I'm trying to build formula to lookup one column (Product) (has Duplicate value in Table Array) and if "Product" matches with lookup table ("A:B") then ---> it should look for Exact Qty or Greater Qty (column B) but the first preference is "Exact match" for reference I have uploaded...
  5. L

    Search a string in one cell for an exact match of a value from another cell

    I have a formula that searches a string of text in one sheet, and sets the value of the cell where the formula is stored based on the true/false boolean results. The problem is, it will return true when it is a partial match instead of an exact match and I can't seem to find out how to only...
  6. pcorpz

    help tweaking my formula ifna match index

    {=IFNA(INDEX(PO[Price],MATCH([@[SO Date]]&[@[User Name]]&[@[Item No.]]&[@[SO Qty]],PO[Posting Date]&PO[User Name]&PO[Item No.]&PO[Quantity],0)),INDEX(PO[Price],MATCH([@[Item No.]]&[@[Cost Exact Match]],PO[Item No.]&PO[Sales Exact Match],0)))} My formula works but I know it should be written...
  7. S

    VBA Macro to paste the values with row and column alignment automatically.

    HI Everyone, I need a macro to align my results in same sheet according to last maximum used rows from multiple columns. I have given image link that how am expecting result that will give exact idea. Please check and do the needful your support will be very helpful for me. Image link given...
  8. C

    Changing Numbers for security purposes

    Hi, I have tens of thousands of item numbers. At time I need to circulate spreadsheets that contain them. However, there are times where I do not want people or organizations to know these exact item numbers. Is there some tool, function or script that can change these item numbers to another...
  9. D

    SUMPRODUCT and EXACT problem

    Here is the formula i am using and it is working. =SUMPRODUCT(--(($A$56:$A$300>=3))*(EXACT(S$56:S$300;"AE")+(EXACT(S$56:S$300;"BE")+(EXACT(S$56:S$300;"RB"))))) I have a value that has to be >=3 in A56:A300. And i have two letter code in S56:S300 that might be AE, BE, qB, AB, BB, RB, PB ...
  10. A

    instr to get exact match

    I have this line of code, but I thought it was to get exact match. How can I get the exact match? If InStr(1, Cells(RowNum, 1).Value, "BA", vbTextCompare) > 0 Then
  11. G

    Exact function

    I am trying to compare A to B cell with exact function. The problem is when there are two empty cells it returns me TRUE. I would like to return me number 0. Thank you in advance
  12. K

    Index match & countif

    Hi, Do you know how I would combine INDEX MATCH with COUNTIF I need to find a match for D5 in range I4:I86, once that match is found, I need it to then COUNTIF on that exact row vertically for any "H". Any ideas? Many Thanks
  13. B

    IF EXACT Formula with multiple chains

    Hello, I am attempting to do an IF/EXACT formula that contains two different values. Here is the formula that I've come up with, but it keeps returning a #N/A value: =IF(EXACT(G2,"B"),"Btl"),IF(EXACT(G2,"b"),"btl","")
  14. P

    Check External Cell References in Row for exact match excluding blanks/zeros

    Hi all, I'm just writing as i'm struggling to work out how to check a row that cells match exactly whilst excluding any blanks. The thing that complicates this is all values are pulled in as external references from various other worksheets (L-Q in below example). I have done quite a bit...
  15. J

    Compare entire rows in excel - looking for exact duplicates in the rows.

    I need a macro or formula that will compare the cell values in a row and if all the cell values across all the columns are EXACTLY the same (excluding formatting) then they mark a specified column as true and filter the spreadsheet with just those rows. In essense, I'll looking to filter based...
  16. A

    Index-match return exact match, if not closest match

    I have this formula : INDEX(A2:A20,MATCH(1,(F10=C2:C20)*(F11=B2:B20),0) It returns the exact match. I need the formula to return the closest match if the there's no exact match this is my data : A2:A20 I need to find the PO that is closest to the date 19-03-17 , the result should be : P91180...
  17. A

    Date Verification

    I wrote a macro that allows a user to input a date of their choice in the Format: MM/DD/YYYY and I want to make sure they follow that exact format. Is there some code that will allow me to do just that? Thank you!
  18. A

    Conditional Formatting based on Current Time ?

    I'm using the NOW function to give the time in cell A1 I thought it would be easy to highlight the row which corresponds to the time, by EXACT matching A1 to the column B... but it's not working! What's the best way to get this to work? Thanks for your help!
  19. S

    extrememly slow macros in 365 on windows 10

    It seems that nearly all of the macros I coded in the previous version of Excel have had some significant performance degradation since we migrated over to 365 and windows 10. Even simple code to just select, copy, and paste takes an inordinate amount of time to run. The exact same code runs...
  20. N

    Compare rows between data sets - Exact, Match, Sumproduct, other?

    Hi, I receive a data set every month and want to verify if the rows in the new data (one row at a time, so by starting at the top say A2:X2), match with a row in the previous data. However, the tables wont be the same length each month, so I can't just select the respective row in the prior...

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