1. P

    Reciprocals' Integers Equivalent Function

    Hi Mrexcelians. In my Weird Adventures of Maths, my project entails finding Integers when I divide 2 numbers. But have realised, certain numbers when their Reciprocals are calculated, they make up a whole no./Integer. Examples: 0.2495 .........gives 4.00 0.3333..........gives 3.00...
  2. D

    Quick formula need!

    I have some skus, and I need a formula that will cut off part of it. Here are some examples: KIDZ-1960-1-SPCP GUIDE-G6713 EC4R(1a)-ELR-15651-BK Those are examples of different kinds. I need JUST the letters before the first hyphen, but I also need it to cut off if there's a parenthesis. So for...
  3. S

    Excel alphabet permutations with limitations

    Hi All, I am new user and I have some similar requirement. I need permutation of A, B, C and D but I also need to specify maximum how many times each letter can occur. i.e I need A to appear max 4 times, B 2 times, C 2 time and D 2 times. Valid examples AAAA, AAAB, AABB, AACC, CCDD (since...
  4. bencar

    Question for Accountants!

    Hi guys, This is a question for all you accountants. I'd like to know what do you use vlookup on or other function specifically. And please provide examples... not with excel but in your words. For example, how would you use vlookup or sumif with the trial balalnce or general ledger?
  5. S

    Delete row on cell value RANGE

    I would like to delete all rows on a worksheet where cells in column c are either in the range of "0-70" and "85-125". I have done similar with a specific value but never a range. can this be done? Any examples?
  6. G

    Complete formulas in VBA, rather than spreadsheets

    I have read that keeping formula's in VBA is alot quicker than, VBA putting the formula into a spreadsheet and the calulation being done from there. I am Keen to learn how to do this , I have a spreadsheet that takes about 2 minutes to update so i want to start looking at ways to speed this...
  7. H

    How to remove duplicate data (one of 100+ examples in my table: *Yunnan* & * Yunnan*)

    I have a data with a column full of duplicated values like the example in my title. I know we can use TRIM function to remove the space, but there are records like "South America" with a valid space so I can't apply TRIM for all. Also, there are so many examples like * Yunnan* that it is very...
  8. C

    Return multiple text criteria based on multiple wildcard searches

    I am trying to return regions based on list of country names. There are many examples out there, but all I have found involve returning a single text value based on a single country. My data is all grouped together. <tbody> Regions (Desired Result) Country Eastern Europe, Western Europe...
  9. L

    relative vs absolute (mix)

    Hi I want an example when mixed cell reference is needed. for example A$1 or $A1. in all examples I am seeing so far, using $A$1 instead of A$1 or $A1 can fix the issue as well. then I am wondering why need the mix when $A$1 can be used, the link below is one of the examples i have seen so far...
  10. A

    VBA Macro - use variable in code [INDEX(UPPER()]

    Hi Experts I have found numerous examples of how to convert ranges/selections of cells to UpperCase, LowerCase & InitalCaps) by using a loop. Although it is much fast to have it done using the formula here: [$G$10:$G$20] = [INDEX(UPPER($G$10:$G$20),)] question: How can I use the same formula...
  11. L

    power query vs power pivot

    Hi I am reading about the difference between power pivot and power query but still not sure about the difference or when we use each of them. I need to know examples when power query must be used and also examples when power pivot must be used. any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  12. I

    Searching for VBA video course with examples to learn VBA in short time

    Dears Members, I am a VBA beginner. I will be thankful if any one can help me to find a video VBA course with practical examples in order to learn VBA in short time. As I have tried to read a VBA books with example but I found it difficult to learn from books. Appreciate receiving your...
  13. L

    real life examples of pivot tables

    Hi I am learning about pivot tables. I have seen many videos/examples in the net. I wonder if you know any site/video that shows how to use pivot tables in real life examples. I want to practice how to use pivot table with someone real life examples. Thank you.
  14. K

    Run VBA when cell equals a value

    Hi I want to run some VBA when a cell equals a certain value, for e.g. A1 = 1. I've looked around the net and found code examples using but can't get it to work All help appreciated
  15. L

    scenarios/real life simple examples

    Hi I am looking for scenarios (how do this or that in excel ) and or real life simple examples/solutions in excel. I learn better by examples. Seeing how other people done it and try to understand how they done it. I tried google but did not find what I am looking for. Maybe I do not know how...
  16. M

    Lookup for Data Range

    Hope you can help. I want a formulae to look into 2 separate spreadsheets. The first is a master template list with a list 500 companies names in Column A (A2 - A500) Distinct title list of types of business in column B1 to column AA1 in alphabetical order. Examples Like below. Going across...
  17. P

    There must be an easier way!

    Hello, My client put together this worksheet which helps him track his investment portfolios. I made a few transaction entries myself and found the process to be counter intuitive at best. If there is an easier way I would appreciate your assistance. I can provide more info if required. Thank...
  18. M

    Remove text in a string

    Hi there, I am trying to eliminate text that has been returned in a report. This is what has been returned...
  19. J

    Code examples for using SQL to update data in a closed workbook

    Hello all, Does anyone have or know of any programming examples useing SQL statements to update data in a closed workbook? Thanks, Jim
  20. R

    lognormal example

    Dear members of the forum. Do anybody can provide me an example of how to graph the lognormal distribution in excel 2010. I found a reference from 2009 that is closest to what I have, the problem is that I have no idea what the functions used...

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