1. S

    Sorting data with conditions

    Hi, Appologies if this is long winded but it seemed the easiest way to explain myself. I need to create a solution to break the following table up into multiple, 2 part sections A&B. The total quanity of each section must be divisable by 15. Neither section can exceed 45,270 and the sum of...
  2. E

    Range not returning value

    =SUMPRODUCT(--(YEAR(B2:B589)=2017)) =SUMPRODUCT(--(YEAR(B2:B589)=2018)) =SUMPRODUCT(--(YEAR(B2:B589)=2019)) I am using the code above to count based on a date in a continually expanding table. If i expand the range beyond B589 it returns #VALUE regardless of data that is in the table and I'm...
  3. C

    Camparing against multiple criteria

    Please help with a formula I'm trying to work out. I'm trying to return a 'Pass' or 'Fail result based on the following. My criteria is below. A = Loan + Interest B = Loan to Value (%) inc Interest C = Max Loan @ 75% (£750,000) D = Max Loan @ 70% (£1,000,000) E = Max LTV 75% F = Max LTV...
  4. S

    Conditional Formatting

    I have to show RAG status for the following in a 200 row document. How do I set up my formual Green - no users exceed 95% of 1GB limit Amber - Site does not have users that exceed 1GB, but does have users over 95% of 1GB Red - Site does have users who presently exceed the 1GB...
  5. J

    If statement - first IF works - adding 2nd IF does not execute

    The below if statement works fine: =IF(OR(A3={"D","V","X","GE","SR","VP"}),IF(AND(H9+I12>200),"FEES - can exceed $200.00","")) When I add an additional IF, when the condition is met, the results do not appear. The first IF still displays the proper result...
  6. C

    Formula for Pass / Fail / Exceed Criteria

    Given a list of 20 numbers between 65 and 100. Anything less than 70 = Fail (F); between 70 - 93 = Pass (P); and anything over 93 = exceed (E). What is a formula that I can use to derive results.
  7. D

    How many cells does it take to exceed X, and stop counting

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am trying to compare a value ( say C80 ) and figure out how many cells it takes to exceed a value ( say -2 ) in a column ( say E79:E2 ) but then actually stopping the count after that first cell count has been triggered. I'm in a bind - any help would be highly...

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