excel 03

  1. P

    Excel 2003 Autosave/Autorecover

    I have closed a document (that I forgot to save), I cannot figure out how to restore the file. Is there any way to recover the file?
  2. R

    Problem opening a "xls" file

    Good day, I'm having a difficulty opening a .xls file using a Ms Exel 2003. It prompt a box saying: The file you are trying to open, 'AA.xls' is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the...
  3. H

    excel 2003 - Maintaining Pivot table structure when filtering

    For years I've bypassed this issue by using SUMIF constructed tables, or VBA macros. Finally come across a few problems I can't adequately fix with it. It's probably simple. On a pivot table in excel 2003, is there a way to lock the row and column data so that, when a filter is applied it uses...
  4. A

    Date Transfer

    I need some help, I am using Excel 2003 and hope someone can help me with this dilemma. I have an excel sheet with date information on it that is formatted like this: Sunday, April 27 The year is not imputed into the spread sheet. Is there a way to have it look like this: 4/27/1997 Thanks
  5. L

    Formatting Chart Data

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked over and over again, but no matter how much I search I dont seem to able to find a suitable resolution. My challenge would seem to be simple, but I am unable to sort it out by myself. I work in a call centre and I record my daily figures. My target is...
  6. P

    how to use advanced filter on multiple data?

    Hi guys. I have Excel 2003. I am working on a problem. I have multiple sheets for various purposes of my customers with all various columns. However i require to have a master sheet which gives me the due dates customer wise in one place. i.e it selects the customer, the worksheet purpose (say...
  7. S

    Vba code

    I need help for creating vba code in EXCEL 2003 for command button which will find cell in table range using column and row header with criteria which contain focused cell in list
  8. T

    Excel 2003 Macro

    I am trying to have a user type in a 4 digit number. This number corresponds to a xls file name (as if you were browsing on your computer that is what you would see). This would then open that specific workbook. After opening the workbook it would copy the only worksheet in the workbook. It...
  9. Z

    Assign Macro with Multiple Parameters to Image (Excel 2003)

    Hi Team, I'm attemping to assign a Macro that has multiple parameters to an image in Excel 2003. It works with one parameter, but as soon as I add a second it can no longer find the macro. Example of what works: 'MacroName("Parameter1Value")' ' Function to open the correct UserForm. Sub...
  10. S

    Enter Data into the top row of a blank sheet

    I have the code below which captures my data onto a the sheet, and works fine when there is already data in the spreadsheet; Private Sub btn_Add_Click() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = ActiveSheet ' change for the worksheet you want data to go to Set rngNext = ws.Range("A" &...
  11. S

    Use VBA to select a cell in a column, and then delete it.

    I currently have the code below; Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Response As VbMsgBoxResult Response = MsgBox("Are you sure you want to delete this waiting list?", vbExclamation + vbYesNo) If Response = vbNo Then Exit Sub Sheets("Home").Select Sheets(ComboBox1.Value).Delete Unload Me...
  12. M

    Excel VBA Runtime Error 13 - Type Mismatch

    Hi all, I have a VBA script which is designed to conditional format certain cells based on another cells dropdown selection however every time i run it i get the runtime 13 error. Now i know the formula is a big one within this macro however i've been told this is the only way I can get excel...
  13. A

    Printing multiple rows and columns from range based on certain criteria into new tab in workbook

    Hi all, I'm currently using Office 2003 to create a rolling forecast that can automatically update and populate. Because of my lack of vba knowledge I'm currently stuck on how to do a few things. I searched online how to copy multiple rows, and with it only specific columns, but could not find...
  14. S

    To lock and unlock cells based on input

    I am working in excel 2003. I have a drop down box in a cell which has two options say A and B. I want certain cells to lock themselves based on input from the user, means if user selects A cells from A5 to A15 should get locked. Similarly B5 to B15 should get locked if user selects B. So I was...
  15. D

    Copy multiline data from html web page and paste into a single cell without losing formatting

    Hi Everyone, I have a situation where i have to copy data from web page and paste the data in a single excel cell without losing formatting. Data on a web page will be like the below: **************************************** This is in bold This is in red color and bold...
  16. P

    Problems with making a .PDF from Excel using VBA

    Hello Every intelligent soul out there, For the past 15 days I have tried practically every site that google has thrown up whenever I have searched for help on using VBA to create a pre-defined excel sheet with varying data into different PDF files with a filename which can be generated by...
  17. W

    Using VBA to Add Daily Change Orders to Budget

    I'm looking for some VBA help, I have date values in Column A, Planned Budget Spend to Date in Column B (all on sheet1), and I would like to sum the daily change orders on sheet2 and add pass those values to Column C on sheet1 and sum those to the corresponding row (matching date)...
  18. P

    Excel formula to split complex names

    Hi all, I have been tasked with some string manipulation and today must be my bad head day as it is proving more difficult than I expected. I have to take the initials of the first and second and third name from the first and second and third columns along with any surnames The reason is we...
  19. B

    how to validate formulas faster?

    I get a excel book from a colleague and I need to validate all the formulas,quite a lot of them is there any fast way of doing it?
  20. L

    Excel VBA automation for Internet Explorer to web site

    I have been trying for some time to be able to download a file from what I believe to be a FTP site. There are three user input fields which I have been able to identify there names. After these fields are complete there is a button to push which I have also identfied it's name. Once the...

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