excel 2003 macro

  1. M

    How to change VBA code for excel 2013

    Hello All, I have a VBA code that is written for excel 2003. Now we work with Excel 2013 and the code does not work. I do not have any experience about VBA codes. Any help is appreciated! Code: "With Application.FileSearch .LookIn = sPDFPath 'arama yapılan dizin .SearchSubFolders =...
  2. S

    Excel 2010 running VBA code composed on Excel 2003 very slowly...

    Mr. Excel Community - First off, let it be known that I'm not the original author of the 10-year old code (below), but merely maintain it. After searching related threads on this site, attempts to incorporate some of the advice given were all unsuccessful at speeding up a multiple minute long...
  3. E

    VBA loses debug mode after file operation (Win7)

    Since being updated to Windows 7 on my laptop, I have been having problems when running a VBA macro in Excel 2003 in debug. Pressing F8 to step forward works ok until I reach any file related operation (e.g. Workbooks.open), after which debug mode is forgotten and the macro continues to end (or...
  4. C

    Text to Rows with copy

    Good day to you all, and thank you in advance. I am running Excel 2003, having severe difficulty performing what feels like it should be a very simple macro. I have cells from Column A through M, and the text in column A has multiple data points of various character lengths from 2 to 8...
  5. I

    Automatically Increase Cell Value +1

    I wonder whether someone may be able to help me please with a problem I have in using an auto incrementing number. I'm using the code below to copy and paste data between worksheets. Sub CopyData() Dim ws1 As Worksheet Dim ws2 As Worksheet Dim rng1 As Range Set ws1 = Sheets("Input")...
  6. B

    How can I copy data from one excel file to another excel file?

    Hey guys, So I am wondering, is it possible to copy data from one Excel file (either Excel version 2003 or 2007) to another Excel file of the same version? I have data that is in once Excel file that is being updated often, about every 20 seconds, by way of a DDE link through RS Linx...
  7. T

    Adding Rows in Excel 2003 with VBA Help Required

    Hello, I'm trying to insert a row and copy data into that row below a row in Column A where the cell value is 0. The code I'm using is below and works for the first two row insertions. :) However the 3rd and subsequent executions add a row inbetween the 1st Row and the 2nd :( and not after...
  8. M

    macro to add unknown number of tabs

    Hello, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I'm working on an Excel tool that would allow me to visualize the status of different projects. Each project is contained in a separate tab named after its position (there are at the moment 12...
  9. N

    How to call a worksheet within VBA

    hi... i created a form in VB 6.5 which has a list box. i want to populate this listbox with a 2 column table created in another worksheet (Sheet1) but same workbook so I can sort the data easily. currently, the data is inputted manually within the code ex: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()...
  10. V

    Complete Automation and Emailing from within Excel 2003

    I tried to find a post that already was created (in this year) for this type of issue. If I placed this in to the wrong thread please move it to the proper place. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I have gone though a lot of the postings...
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    use named cell value in macro on another worksheet

    I've searched the site and cannot find an example of anyone using a named range (e.g:Current_Status) that is situated on a sheet (eg: Summaries) being compared against vaules in row 1 of another sheet (e.g: projects) and select the relevant column - can anyone help?
  12. C

    From One Book to many book macro for monthly report

    Hi, I need to write a macro starting with a data dump from one excel workbook and create several different workbooks based on sales region id. Can anyone suggest how i can accomplish data. The number of sales region ids increase and decrease every month so I will need a smart code to create...

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