excel 2003 vba

  1. V

    Problem with the combine all Excel files in one

    Hi to all. I want in my excel files to do 2 diff jobs. The first one is to open a specific folder, find all Excel files, open and copy the data from a specific sheet and paste then in my main excel file (Merge Sub) The second one is to take my main excel files and when the data from the a...
  2. J

    How to insert entire row using VBA?

    Hi, I am New to VBA, when I write a code I meet some question, and I hope someone can help me. I was trying to use userform to insert a row when condition meets that textbox2 not equal to Range("B") in Master Data worksheet and when range("G") in Master Data worksheet is not equal to zero But I...
  3. S

    Excel VBA 2003-2010 Compatibility - Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch

    Good Afternoon, I have created a set of code which works in Excel 2010 and 2007 to do the following: 1.) User fills in form as per questions. 2.) User is asked if they have completed other requirements. 3.) Form unlocks checkbox options so user can continue with form. I am now seeing issues...
  4. B

    Userform only only partially completing in Excel 2003

    To start thank you for taking a look at this... I am completely self-taught and have visited this forum numerous times to get insight into what I am trying to accomplish, but I have been stuck on the following for some time now. I am trying to create a Userform which will copy the data...
  5. T

    Stopping Form Buttons From Moving\Resizing\Distorting: XL2003 VBA

    Hi All, I have some Form Buttons on an excel sheet that are assigned macros etc. I've locked them to their current sizes, unticked them so they don't print and selected them not to move or resize with cells. Now, when I execute the below code the 2nd time it doe's some random resizing\moving...
  6. T

    XL2003 VBA: Run-time error '91' When Insert Rows using a macro

    Hi All, I've been using the following code successfully and this is it's function: It copies some values from one sheet to another, then looks for a value (0,1 or 2) in Column A of the ("Environment Information") worksheet and then copies a specified row from the ("Format Control"). sheet...
  7. T

    XL 2003 VBA: Merge a Macro Code with a Worksheet Code

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help with the following scenario: I have a worksheet code that "auto-height's" a row with merged cells. The work sheet is protected with the cells required unlocked. However, when it executes it seems to lock the cell that contains the data and prevents users...
  8. J

    Excel 2003 VBA, The following do NOT work: SendKeys to Word and Notepad, Clear Word Clipboard, and Quit Notepad. Unwanted Prompts.

    The following desired functionality is not working or I've been unable to find an implementation in Excel 2003 VBA: 1. Select All and Copy using SendKeys to Word (does NOT work). However, the DEBUG implementation provided instructs the user to do the Select All and Copy manually. This is to...
  9. O

    Locate rows by critera of multiple columns

    I have a KPI report that I would like to to automate with VBA code which I have been able to do where there was only one score from each region for each company but I am now stuck when the second scores are added to the same list, PLEASE HELP. The headings to the columns that I need to filter...
  10. R

    How to prompt user to Select Data source via VBA

    Hi All Is there a way to launch 'Select Data Source' to propmt user to select a .html file when using a VBA or Macro. In excel 2003? I wanted to create a button on sheet 1 that linked to a macro which performed the following When the button is clicked Cell A1 on sheet2 is selected click...
  11. C

    Help needed understanding VBA in Excel

    Hi, I've had the unfortunate task of trying to understand a piece of VBA written by another user (clearly more proficient than me) and amend it. See below Sub Agency() Dim i As Long, tgt As Long Dim cols As Variant cols = Array(2, 15, 28, 41, 54, 67, 80, 93) For i = 3 To 502 tgt =...
  12. E

    populating cells with references from another open Excel file

    I have an excel 2003 single-sheet workbook created as a form to print, and need to populate a number of cells with references to cells with another open workbook. The workbook file name will vary, but the cell references within it will always be the same. How do I pass the filename of the other...
  13. F

    Excel VBA: Setting time limit to a Web Query

    Hi! Recently I created a VBA Macro which automatically adds web query tables into a worksheet. I have about 100+ of them in a worksheet and it loops by itself once I run the macro. And the problem is that once in a while it just paused at one of the query for a long time (Statusbar shows...

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