1. M

    Using ‘isin’ function in excel-help!

    Hello! Need help on how can insert the function ‘isin’ into my excel. I see it is used on a different users excel file. I am finding I need to use this ‘isin.’ I am unable to find much information on how to use ‘isin’ as a formula in excel. Thank you!
  2. B

    populate a range ("a3:h40") into listbox if cell in column "H" is interior.colorindex = 3.

    i want to populate information from range("A3:H40") to listbox only if Cell in Column("H") is colored red. the provided code list them all, even when a cell in column h is not red. Dim lbtarget As MSForms.ListBox Dim rngSource As Range Set rngSource = Sheet1.Range("A3:H19") Dim RNG As Range Set...
  3. G

    How do I make my excel spreadsheet take an un-organized column and group it into several small lists with a formula?

    So I'm trying to find a formula to make my Excel spreadsheet take a very un-ordered list(Column B), and sort of compress it into several ordered lists automatically. Current Example Desired Outcome A B A B 1: John - Apple...
  4. C

    Table column with date field

    I have a table created with one empty row at the start and one of the columns is a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy When a user inputs data and tabs down to create a new row the date column reverts back to mm/dd/yyyy Is there a reason for this even though I have set the format of the initial row...
  5. T

    Copy and Paste Rows Between a Recurring Value in Column to Worksheets

    Hello, I'm real new to VBA but I am actively trying to learn so I can automate some weekly tasks I have at a new job. Not money for classes so I am trying to do what I can to teach myself. Currently, one of my tasks has a master workbook with detailed breakdowns of payment for multiple...
  6. B

    Excel Macro Export to PDF

    Hello, I am using the following macro to save the current selected sheet as a PDF. When I go and edit the path I want it to save to it fails the macro and I think it has something to do with: ("userprofile") But if I create a folder on the desktop: \Holding\ it works fine. I would like to be...
  7. L

    Drop-down list with index(match

    Hey guys, has the website had an upgrade? Looks great! I'm trying to make a waste cost dashboard. Basically, all I want to do is select the supplier code from the drop-down list and once I enter the number of workshops run, it will automatically update the number of seats the event had space...
  8. C

    Loss of pivot columns when using pivotcaches.create with new data source

    I am faced with an issue with my data and pivot table VBA. My data now adds a new blank column on the far left. I must delete this column so that my data fits in the correct range and the column all have a header as before. When I delete this column the range of the source data changes minus the...
  9. N

    For Mass email using custom body range

    Sub Send_Mails() Dim sh As Worksheet Set sh = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Send_Mails") Dim i As Integer Dim customBody As Range Dim OA As Object Dim msg As Object Set OA = CreateObject("outlook.application") Dim last_row As Integer last_row = Application.CountA(sh.Range("A:A")) For i = 2 To...
  10. B

    Formula Woes

    Good morning all, I have recently been helped with a formula that I had been struggling with. I have 4 cells that will either contain a date or not, I would like the earliest date displayed in cell L2. As it stands if D2 is empty then so is L2, however if i only have 1 date in 1 of the 4 cells...
  11. K

    Copying Selected Field Values from Sheet2 to Sheet 1, if the Value in multiple columns match in both sheets

    I have two worksheets. The following are the conditions based on which Values from Sheet 2 need to be copied over to Sheet 1. In Sheet 2: We have Column A, Column N, Column R Sheet 2 has multiple values for each instance of a Pipe A is the primary value(InstanceID), along with Columns N or R...
  12. MrExcel

    Invitation to post articles in new Excel Articles section

    I frequently discover something cool in Excel and need a place to document it. This allows others people to benefit and also provides a way that I can find it later. Sometimes, that means a video at YouTube. But other times, I just want to take a few minutes to put something on the web, maybe...
  13. MrExcel

    You Are Invited to Post Your Articles at MrExcel

    The migration of the MrExcel Message Board to Xenforo has consumed the better part of 2019. But now that we have migrated, I would like to take advantage of the excellent editor that we have in the new software. I frequently meet a person or co-worker in real life who has an Excel question. In...
  14. MrExcel

    Sending Effective Bug Reports to the Excel Team

    I recently had a conversation with several members of the Excel team about how they process submissions that are sent in through the Feedback icon that appeared on the Help tab in Excel. There is a specific set of steps you can use that will make sure a human reads your bug report. 1. After...
  15. K

    Count cells with “Apple” only in rows that matches the name

    I'm trying to create a spreadsheet that counts the number of a particular occurrence on a row only when it matches the name. Cover Sheet Col A Col B Row 1 BOB =SUMPRODUCT((General!$A:$A=Cover!A1)*((General!$B:$FZ="Apple"))) Row 2 JANE Row 3 JOE Row 4 JOHN General Sheet...
  16. G

    How do I submit my Excel template to Microsoft?

    I have created an Excel template to determine recommended portfolio allocation based on age and values of investment accounts. I would like to submit it to Microsoft for other users to be able to download and use. How do I do that? Thanks.
  17. C

    Help with copy and paste VBA

    When i click a button i have it copy a string of text to my clip board, and it worked fine in windows 7, but i have seen some info around the internet that windows 10 has made that complicated and i have seen people say i need to use the API to copy text to consistently work in windows 10. For...
  18. D

    Code freezing when running loops

    I have two workbooks, one with the Code INSIDE of it Sheet1 (which is the codename of the sheet I want to copy values from) and another workbook defined as "y" in this example. I want to copy over the values of cell "K1-K10" in Sheet1 into cell ("F1-F10") of workbook y (For example, I want...
  19. B

    Simple Formula, but i can't get it right?

    Good afternoon all, I have 4 dates across a table, I want to return the smallest date so have used the below, however if that cell is blank I want the cell displaying the date to be blank? This is what I've tried =SMALL(D2:K2,1,D2,"")
  20. D

    Why are my values not copying over to another Workbook

    I have read other posts and I still can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong... I have two workbooks, one with the code in it (Sheet1 is the codename of the sheet I want to copy values from) and another workbook defined as "y" in this example. I want to copy over the value of K1 in Sheet1...

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