1. S

    Excel - VB code to default to print 1 page

    Hello. Hopefully this is simple. I have a file. text.xls... tab name is sheet1, I want to print just one page. I want it to default to do this everytime. Can I add VB code to do this? Seems like anything I do on the print screen, is not saved the next time I open it up. Thank you.
  2. M

    How to run VBA event only once in a day?

    I recorded a script to a macro file and called that specific macro using a VBA project (personal.xlsb). Every time any Excel is open (Workbook_open). But now I only want to restrict that call to once a day. For example if the individual macro calls that specific macro once a day, then the event...
  3. V

    Calculating yearly returns from daily performance data - product function

    Hi all, I have a column of daily dates & in the next column I have the corresponding values (daily stock returns) for those dates. For the EOM dates, the return is for the whole month, not just the day like the daiy returns are. I would like to find the 1 year return, which means I need to...
  4. M

    VBA Autofilter to filter using 2 columns

    I have 2 columns that I would like to filter by but need the results to show for both criteria. ActiveSheet.Range("$a$10:$cp$500").AutoFilter Field:=19, Criteria1:="Red" ActiveSheet.Range("$a$10:$cp$500").AutoFilter Field:=89, Criteria1:="Red" So if either column S (filed #19) or column CK...
  5. B

    VBA to copy cell value to another column with dynamic rows

    Hello people, I'm running to an issue here with a table. I need to build another column, lets say "Column 13", and for each row I need to fill a cell with the value from Column 1 as shown below. ABCDEFGHIJKL1Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5Column 6Column 7Column 8Column 9Column...
  6. H

    Dynamic Lookup for multiple values in a cell (comma separated) and return the corresponding values to a single cell (comma separated also)

    Hi, I am looking for formula in excel for Dynamic Lookup for multiple values in a cell (comma separated) and return the corresponding values to a single cell (comma separated also). Here is the example. 90 Here, I have an input table in sheet 1 and I am looking for formula to get the output...
  7. S

    How to get the date and insert as text in the cell

    Hi everybody. I have a formula: =SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(B4;"No";"Nein");"Yes";"Ja") in the cell but I can't figure out how to get the date and insert as text in the cell. In cell B4, the date is in the following format: dd.mm.yyyy In cell C4 must be like text because then, we copy this data via...
  8. S

    Excel - Parsing Data

    Hi . I am trying to parse the following. Column H is my source that I am trying to parse. Part Description Column I is the first sub part (always starting on the left hand side and continuing until the first space in the text) various lengths and various starting text (HKL vs E, etc..) Column...
  9. V

    Check if values in a range are the same.

    Good day, Looking for any help on the following problem. Column A has variables. Column B marks the start and end of a range. Column C must display the variable, if variables in the range are all the same. If not "-". Not sure if this explanation if clear enough. Any help, thread or tutorial...
  10. R

    Sub String

    Dear All, I would like to Split and assign the splited first the 100 char in one cell. then split the char from 101 to 200 then assign it next cell the splited value via vba in excel. For example: If I receive 1000 char Split 100,100 upto 1000. But the 1000 chars are not fixed. it will be...
  11. G

    Excel files matching through codes

    Hello! I am pretty novice at Excel, so this question may end up being really dumb. But anyhow. I am doing a workpaper that compares lobbying sectors through the money invested through each year in the House of Representatives. But I have an issue. All the lines have a singular code (lets...
  12. A

    Excel - lookup array based on cell value

    I have workbook, containing 4 major worksheets named as BNF WEEK BNF NEXT WEEK BNF MONTH MAIN Now I am working in sheet named as MAIN and I want formula where, if cell R6 = 1 than fetch data from 1st sheet i.e. BNF WEEK if R6 = 2 than fetch data from 2nd sheet i.e. BNF NEXT WEEK, and so on...
  13. X

    HTA created table to Excel

    Hi Everyone, Just want to seek guidance on the below code. Basically, the tool will create a data in the table and submit it in an excel file. Problem is, I'm not getting my desired result, This is where the user fill up the required fill out the required fields. Once submitted, data will...
  14. S

    How to parse data from a cell

    Hello. What formula would I use to parse the following. JC-RO-06-L367-E201-J166-MK5C40-M14XT The number could and can be different, but the section I'm looking for the characters following the MK. So in this example I would want the formula to return 5C40. Another example...
  15. H

    Loop through range, copy paste to new workbook

    Hey! So I have this problem... I have a table of data that I need to loop through and look for two different values in column A (Range A:H). For example, if value in cell A2 is 1 (can be 1 or 2) I need to copy all values in A2:H2 to a new workbook and also adding a value in cell I1 of the new...
  16. R

    How to copy cell value from one table to another table with Criteria

    Hi, I am new to VBA, please help me with the below request. I would like to Copy the data from table1 (sheet1) to table2 (sheet2) based on the criteria "Yes" automatically or some action. The table 1 is located in Sheet 1 and table2 is located in Sheet2. For clear understanding I have...
  17. O

    Apply VBA Excel Codes to multiple columns for multi-selection drop down menus

    I have successfully used a code to create the multi-selection drop down menus across an entire column but I was wondering there was a way to apply it to multiple columns on the same sheet. I currently have it for E(5) but want to apply it to F(6). I don't have a row limit as we plan the data...
  18. S

    an easier way??!!

    I am looking for an easy, more streamlined way to search if a time is between to times in different cells, and return a value if it falls into the range. It is GIS data with thousands of lines that I am trying to interpret for a new project and I feel there must be a way. I think I could do as...
  19. E

    VBA drop down changes

    Hi Guys, I have a drop down list from cells B7:D7, which are dependent and the output is generated in cells B9,B12 & D12. I want somehow for the output results cells (B9,B12 & D12) to become blank if any of the drop downs value changes via VBA. is it possible to do that? Thanks!
  20. B

    Week over Week Change for tickets that are Open, Resolved, and Pending

    Hello I need help setting up a weekly report table or pivot that shows the number of open, resolved, pending, and new added tickets. The new data for the report comes out every Monday morning and I will send my report every Monday afternoon showing the number of open, resolved, pending, and new...

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