1. M

    Extract missing data from the other set

    How do I determine that the elements of both sets are not available in the other set? The right most 2 columns are the columns I would like to get. ABCDE1Set ASet BSet A not in BSet B not in A2HazelAxelHazelAxel3LewisLewisJeromeMatthew4JeromeMatthewAdam5AdamEvangeline6Evangeline
  2. Q

    Split Column by Delimiter and add new column Name Dynamically

    Hello Excel Gurus! I have a challenge which I cant' quite tackle using Power Query but I'm sure there's a genius out there who can! My problem is as follows: 1. I have a "Colors" column which contains a list of concatenated colors 2. I want to split them by column and then dynamically rename...
  3. S

    How to unmerge cells while merging the data (if any) on the two cells

    Hi, I've cells on two rows which are merged, however, some cells are not merged and have different values/data. E.g. I want to bring Row 14-15 in one row also and delete the empty line and merge the comment section. While I import the table in power query, it shows one row as nil value, so...
  4. F

    Excel Macro Assistance Needed for Staff Roster and Training Allocation

    Hello Experts, I require your assistance in coding an Excel macro. Currently, I am working on a staff roster Excel sheet with two worksheets: 1. On the first worksheet (w1), staff details are listed. 2. On the second worksheet (w2), mmm supervisor details are provided. In w1, my first...
  5. R

    change modification date for ALL files under a folder

    Is there a VBA macro that can be created to change all modification dates under a path? example : C:\Users\User\Documents has modification dates dating from 2015-2023 all files are accessed on a monthly bases, instead of going to each file and hitting save since there are 100s of files- and due...
  6. F

    Formulae to sum totals from duplicate references

    I'm trying to build some code that will scan a set of data in column F for a duplicate text reference and, once a duplicate is identified, will sum the associated number in column M of the same row. Each duplicate reference should be summed separately, i.e, a payment of £15 and a payment of £10...
  7. M

    Spreadsheet to calculate overtime and total hours

    Hi I am needing help to create a formula within my timesheet tracking spreadsheet to track the number of hours my team have worked during a working week to assist our accounts department to ensure they are receiving the correct pay. Our working week is Monday to Friday and we work 8 hours per...
  8. J

    VLookup Red Text If Cell Text Is Not "Stål Ok"

    Hey, how do i make it so that my Vlookup checks a cell for the text "Stål Ok" and if the cell text is something else then "Stål Ok" it takes that text and makes it red (It is normally a date. Example: "25.sep") Would be super helpful if someone could help me with this. Thanks! EDIT: So...
  9. brendalpzm

    Fill a ListBox with values from different columns

    Let's say I have the following table Sheet name: Values A B C D 1 Folio Model Year Status 2 156 Forte 2022 Delivered 3 452526 Rio 2023 In repair 4 785 Stinger 2023 Delivered 5 475 Forte 2020 In progress An I want to fill an ActiveX List Box but only with the values from...
  10. M


    Hi I hope someone is going to have a simple answer for a countifs query i have need resolving. I have a long spreadsheet (1400 lines) which someone has 'been using' badly, and i need to count if certain words are used in a column. i need to count light fittings unfortunately the person who...
  11. Mohamad Alkhatib

    complains both columns contain duplicate values. at least one of the columns selected must contain only unique values to create a relation

    when creating a relationship between two pivot tables it complains both columns contain duplicate values. at least one of the columns selected must contain only unique values to create a relation between the tables both my tables contain a column called WellId (well name) with the same format...
  12. J

    Remove cell contents based on date - VBA

    Hi everyone, Basically, I have a list of names and reasons for people being on a list. Plus the date their names were added to the list. What I'm wanting is for the line with their info to be removed after 7 days when we open the spreadsheet. Referring to the image, lets take row 2-4. Their...
  13. N

    Is it possible to automatically refresh pivot data extracted from PowerBI?

    Hi everyone I've got an excel sheet with data sourced from PowerBI which is utilised daily however, I'm having to click "Refresh All" under Data every time i use it. Is there anyway to automate the data refresh? The PowerBI data is updated once every morning, if I could align my data to...
  14. X

    Conditional Formatting question

    Hello everyone, I can't figure out how to accomplish following task: I would like to use conditional formatting to color certain cells based on how big is the difference when comparing two cells above each other. Looking at the example below, Row 2 is the starting value and Row 3 is one that...
  15. C

    Adding new date column but excluding weekends

    Hi everyone, I've been using the code stated below for some time to create a new column for a "due date" which would be 30 days from the chosen input. The problem is that within those 30 days weekends are not being excluded meaning many of the dates are incorrect. Is there a way to integrate...
  16. D

    Excel Help Needed

    New here, so hello all. Wall off text for an explanation. Tldr Trying to get excel to count same employee listed multiple times while analyzing data. Trying to get help with a data question. I run a business and i assign employees to a work site on a weekly basis. Sometimes they get...
  17. D

    Enter specific formulated data - numbers & letters with dashes

    I am working on a shared spreadsheet for tracking and I need users to ONLY be able to enter a value that is LLNNNNN-NN (letters and numbers) and in another column (different data) LNNNNNNN-NN. Both are combos of letters and numbers but I need users to only be able to enter it in these ways. For...
  18. Worf

    TypeScript objects and Excel tables

    Certain Excel 365 licenses offer Office scripts, which is an implementation of the TypeScript language to automate Excel, just like VBA does. I am planning a small series of articles focusing on relevant TS features and their application to the Excel object model; this first one will deal with...
  19. A

    Goal Seek without using Goal Seek

    I have a query I'm hoping someone can help with. Essentially I have the following formula in that gives me a final figure in C2: =((A2*1)/(1-B2))*1.12 A2 is a number B2 is a % What I want is to be able to have in D2 a goal number for an alternative outcome, and then a formula in E2 that tells...
  20. MrExcel

    Excel - Oracle Sending Dates as Text MMM-YY Episode 2624

    Microsoft Excel Tutorial: Sorting months in a pivot table when they are alphabetic. I met people who are downloading data from Oracle through Analysis Services. Their dates are coming in as text in the format of Sep-20 for September 2020. When they create pivot tables, the months are alphabetic...

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