1. Kimchi

    VBA Copy workbook as .xlsm but delete macro

    Hello, I need to write a code that's supposed to automatically refresh a Query, then save the current workbook and close it when opening the file. The problem is, the file also needs to be sent out. So I want to make a copy of the file that doesn't run the private sub. However, it does have...
  2. T

    VBA code copy specific range of cells even when additional rows are added

    what I'm trying to do is copy a specific range of cells O29:O38 to O18:O27 automatically using VBA. I then Insert another 10 rows before O29 and enter new data in O29:O38 again and repeat the process: The information will also be retained from O29:O38 below the inserted cells. If there is a...
  3. A

    Excel formatting problem pivot/unpivot

    This is the source format i have which i have tried picoting and unpivoting and even transposing for some reason to make it work in the format i have attached below i have even reached a point where my excel looks almost like the output but then the batch numbers are missing...
  4. S

    Pivot table averaging issue/question

    I have a complaints spreadsheet which records complaints over the year by customer, week number/ date, type of product, sub type, the type of complaint, and whether it has been accepted or rejected. The current pivot table works absolutely fine - see attached showing all complaints for type UHT...
  5. G

    VBA - How to open folder without knowing the full name

    Hello! I'm trying to open a folder where I don't know the full path. For example, the parent folder dir is "D:\Documents" and the folder I want to open is called "22.111 - PROJECT_NAME", where I know the code, but don't know the name. I've tried with "*", but no luck. Sub OpenFolder() On...
  6. D

    Control a cell from other cell

    Hi guys, I have the following challenge: I have 2 cells: The first one is being periodically updated automatically by some 3rd party script. It may be full or empty. The second one is being updated manually whenever the first cell is populated with some value. Is there a way to make sure...
  7. P

    Search through column(s) once found a match, extract data from other column(s)

    Hi all, I have been lurking around these forums to see how to properly ask a question... So here goes... For example, I have this data set named below and I want to match some values to columns 'ID1' , 'ID2' and 'ID3'. These values are called 'Alarm' with values '2103, 2107, 2805, 2152...
  8. E

    Concatenate If

    I created this formula to filter =CONCAT(IF($A:$A=$C2,$B:$B,"")) and if working perfectly. However i'm having issues with creating a VBA for it. Basically i want to combine the text in column D based on the reference code in Column C. Been working on this for hours! any help would be much...
  9. J

    Ranking of Football Teams in a League Table

    Hello all, I am working on a league table in excel which follows these set rules to determine the rank of the teams. Points obtained in all group matches; Goal difference in all group matches; Number of goals scored in all group matches; Points obtained in the matches played between the teams...
  10. X

    Aging Report

    Hello Good People, Im trying to create a continuos aging report. Basically heres the problem. Daily, Im extracting application numbers from multiple workbooks. Those application are pending and daily extraction, if that application number status is not yet approved then it will continue...
  11. P

    Autofill Companies based on Industry

    Hello guys, I have a problem regarding a database. For my master thesis, I have to analyze about 1110 companies categorized into their industry and their headquarters countries: The dataset: Now for the analysis part, I created a separate sheet (which I linked to Capital IQ database to...
  12. M

    How to run macro automatically between specific time range daily

    1. I open my PC at 7 AM 2. I want to run my macro (Org90) at 9 AM 3. Then I want my macro (Org90) to run every 1 hour 4. At last I want my macro to stop working at 5 PM automatically daily. I searched all internet that I can, but I didn't get a full answer to my question. I know it is...
  13. J

    Copy files to specific folders from list in Excel

    I would like to copy specific files to specific folders using Excel VBA. I obtained code that can allow the user to select the files and copy them to another folder as defined by the `msoFileDialogFolderPicker`. How to modify the code such that the respective file goes to the folder as...
  14. T

    looping vba vlookup column index number

    hey,hope you are doing great, the below code matches the first column between 2 workbooks then copy & paste the matched results using vlookup function, the problem is that vlookup only shows 1 cell result while i need the whole row to be copied so i tried to loop the process to chnage column...
  15. R

    Copy data on daily basis dynamically

    I have an excel sheet that contains all of my data named (Book1), and that excel sheet (Book1) updates on daily basis. What I want is to transfer the data for each date to another excel work book (Book2) on daily basis, without over writing the old data on the work book (Book2). For example if...
  16. N

    Custom name for dropdown list

    Hopefully someone can help if this is even possible. I am using the code on the bottom to get the combo in the attached image. What I am hoping to do is have a custom name Say, vehicles, that would be able to filter to show only columns with cars, trucks, suvs, etc in them. Any help would...
  17. S

    Importing operating system information into excel.

    Hi all, I am currently wondering how to allow only a single user to use my excel spreadsheet. That is I send it to the person, they download it, and then if they try to send it to someone else, the formulas in the spreadsheet stop functionning. My inital thought was to make a formula ,using...
  18. Y

    Text Expansion in Excel

    Hi, I have to frequently work with a fixed set of station names e.g. P13Stations14Station A15Station B16Station C17Station D18Station E19Station F20Station G I have multiple reports coming in from multiple stations and some times some reports do not arrive After merging all sheets I get a...
  19. W

    VBA hard code formula problems

    Hi! I have a big workbook that evolves around a cell (O3) In this case O3=11, but this number/cell changes several times during a working day. When running the macro, I need the vba to hardcode a formula to A2 with a number from cell O3 The working formula is: =IF(sheet1!B11=0,0,sheet1!B11)...
  20. G

    Dynamic path links to other workbooks

    I have created a folder with various sub-folders which contain a variety of workbooks on a thumb drive. I have a master workbook in the root folder and would like to create dynamic links to the the workbooks in those sub-folders. The reason for the dynamic links is that when the thumb drive is...
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