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    MS 2016 Excel Chart

    Hi, Looking for some help on excel chart without using VBA codes (if possible). Team :1 $0.27, Team :2 $0.90, Team :3 $4.63, Team :4 $5.32, Team :5 $0.77, Total $11.88, Above table provide total expenditure forecast for each teams for a future event. The data which will update on daily basis. I...
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    Excel charts - using Dates (specifically quarters of the year)

    Hey, this is my first post. I am a long time Excel user, first time MrExcel, though. Here is my question: I have been trying several ways just to show the quarters of the year on a chart with the format "Q#-" yy How can I show this on the timescale of a graph? So far, I have set up...

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