excel charts

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    Pivot Table Help

    I have a data set with a group of data repeated each year. For example, I have data on schools over a 10 year period. Each school has multiple columns of data. The data needs to be compared for each school across the years to identify trends and needs to be compared to other schools in the...
  2. L

    Export Excel chart to pdf with layers

    Hi Everyone, I was curious if anyone knew of a way to export an excel chart to PDF of which will include a layer for each data series. The ultimate goal is the ability to send a client a series of charts which they will be able review and turn on/off the different series, some of which overlap...
  3. C

    How can I link my data in excel chart?

    I want to make a chart on my data like this https://imgur.com/a/ZTQcewD. I tried inserting chart but still not able to do it. Can someone help me. Thanks.
  4. S

    Get Excel Chart to Change on Multiple Worksheets

    I have created two charts in my source worksheet Sheet4, but I want to adjust the range for 42 worksheets. I'm less than a week old to Bloomberg, so didn't know the best way. The data positioning is the same for all the worksheets. I've added secondary axis etc, so want the copy and paste to be...
  5. R

    Name Display on the chart

    Hello Folks, I am working on a Excel sheet Which has the following data as example <tbody> Name Score 1 Score 2 ABC 5 10 XYZ 6 12 </tbody> I would like to get the graph as with Score 1 on X axis and Score 2 on Y axis (Or vice versa) and the data label should show the name in scatter...
  6. C

    Excel Charts - Stacked Bar Chart showing data/color when it should be blank

    My title is probably very confusing, but it should make sense with the graphic below. Basically, I've created a chart in Excel showing some staffing data across months. The grey and gold lines are the budgets we're comparing against; the bars represent our actual staffing data. My Actuals data...
  7. A

    Excel charts

    Trying to generate charts showing Target and YTD analysis. Problem is that the records have diff units - excel has two columns that is Target and YTD and the rows are for - 1. Spend ( in INR), 2. Savings (in INR), 3. Efforts (in %) and 4. Content ( in %) . Can this be made available in one chart?
  8. S

    Excel charts: Displaying multiple data series as columns SEQUENTIALLY

    Dear excelers, I am having trouble trying to create the following chart: I have frequency data for medications used by participants in a clinical trial (i.e. how many times a particular drug is taken by study participants). The medications are divided into subcategories of drug classes. For...
  9. G

    Problem in excel dashboard

    Hi, I am working on a dashboard where I am creating drop down dependent charts. For this I have used camera tool to display the picture of graphs (created in separate sheets) selected in the drop down and I am using CHOOSE function to decide the order. The problem is all my graphs are not...
  10. M

    XY Scatter Plot - aligning the legend with data series picture

    I have created an XY Scatter plot and inserted a picture for each data series rather than using the standard marker. It is essentially a bubble with a number in the middle of each bubble (e.g. a blue circle with a 1 inside). I would like for my legend to show the corresponding colored bubble...
  11. T

    VBA to create a new pie chart for each row of data

    Hello! I am very new to VBA and any help would be appreciated. I am trying to create a pie chart for each row of data in my worksheet. So far I have the following code, and it works but the data labels for the legend are missing; the labels I would want included are the the annual salary...
  12. K

    Adjust both axes on the left and right side of the graph

    I have a graph with a dual axes both primary and secondary Y-axis. I am trying to call the range for both axes from a table next to the graph, where is the values in the source table change the range is calculated in the table next to the graph and the graph takes up the range defines in the...
  13. G

    Complex Charting in MS Excel

    Hi, This is first time that I am posting to any blog/forum ever, I just wanna discuss if it is possible to make a chart in excel in such a way that every category has 3 comparative series (a simple column chart) but the third series should be as stack series for example. I made a chart compare...
  14. K

    How do I adapt this code to export Multiple Charts?

    Hello! So, I found this code on a site: (see below) I need to modify the code so that it 'loops' through multiple worksheets (in the same workbook) and exports each chart(s) from each worksheet and pastes the chart into a new ppt slide. Is this possible? I'm a VBA novice :confused: -Any...
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    Change Chart Sheet Name in VBA

    Hi, I have been reading the forums and I found it great! I have been running through a problem in my one of the report that I generate. I have more then 15 charts to create every week in one report and what I do is, create charts into each's Sheets Example: A data is in "data" sheet and then...
  16. W

    Help with excel charts needed!!

    Hello, I am doing my dissertation and having trouble with excel charts. I need to make a chart with confidence intervals. I have 3 means that I need to put into a chart (each titled differently) and add in the lower and upper confidence intervals but seem to be unable to do this. I ahve my means...

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