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    how to find particular text on cell

    EX: A1 cell EXP/089/20-21 # i try to find particular word to alert condition # find : /20-21 (this word fount to alert to other cell , "ok","Not"
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    VBA to Export Data from Excel to Access

    Dear Experts VBA code required to Export Data from Excel to Access I have a table in excel with 5 columns that I want to export to an access database. The data in excel is per below and all the 5 columns exist with the same heading names in the access database. The table name in the database...
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    Export to .csv or .txt --> Header gets messed up

    Hi There! I'm exporting my customer email list, along with additional customer info, from excel to .txt However, every single time I do the export the header gets messed up in the .txt document. The header labels do not line up with the data below the header. So for example the labels "email"...
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    how to convert excel data to html files ?

    i've an excel file with 10,000 rows and 3 columns. I want to create separate html file for each row, hows this possible ?
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    Excel Export Data to Notepad

    Hello Wondrous Excel Magicians, I am here today to ask for your help. I have created an excel workbook that acts like a character planner for a game. A person launches up the excel workbook and they only see 1 worksheet titled "CalculatorV5". There are of course other worksheets one of which...
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    Excel export to Powerpoint VBA code

    I have a number of charts that I would like to copy and paste into a powerpoint presentation. In order to do this, I need to know how to advance the powerpoint slides with each new copy/paste action. I currently have code that exports the charts to excel after opening the right powerpoint...

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