excel for mac

  1. J

    Combine Data Tables to Analyze in Pivot Table Excel for Mac

    I have two Data Tables that I would like to combine into one Pivot Table in Excel for Mac. I have Excel for Mac 2019, version 16.54, so a lot of the solutions that are available online seem not to be available for me, such as combining source data into a new table through a Power Query, using...
  2. A

    Quick Access Toolbar keyboard shortcut functionality in Excel for Mac?

    One of the best things about the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel for Windows is that it automatically creates shortcuts for the items included in your Quick Access Toolbar. For example, pressing Alt+1 triggers the first item in your Quick Access Toolbar, pressing Alt+2 triggers the second item...
  3. J

    Excel for Mac - Pivot Table report layout: mixing compact, tabular and outline

    I recently moved to a Mac computer at work and cannot figure out how to mix report layouts in a pivot table. Is this feature available in Excel for Mac? For example I want my report layout mix compact and tabular: <tbody> Customer Year State Product Customer A Widget X...
  4. C

    Excel Mac click to call Skype

    Excel Mac click to call Skype I am trying to get my phone numbers in excel to call using Skype, but it keeps trying to use Facetime as the dialer. I managed to add a hyperlink and concat formula to give me a clickable link < =HYPERLINK(CONCAT("Tel:",G371)) > and at first, it would open...
  5. J

    Sql Store Procedure from Excel for Mac

    Friends, How can I call a stored procedure from Vba Excell for Mac? Thanks
  6. S

    Excel for Mac 2016, High Sierra, Chart Design Ribbon for pivot table charts?

    Hello all! I tried to search this on the threads, but I wasn't able to locate if this has been asked. I teach a class in Excel. We use Excel for Mac 2016. One of the students upgraded to High Sierra. In the lesson, we do pivot tables and then create charts off of those pivot tables. He went...
  7. dannyok90

    Code not working but not returning any errors?

    Hi, This code is to send data to another spreadsheet and its not returning any bugs but it just isnt sending the data? can anybody sot something im missing or just not seeing :eeek: -Excel for Mac Thanks! Sub Workbook1()Dim LastRow AsInteger, i AsInteger, erow AsInteger LastRow =...
  8. K

    Excel 2013 and Excel version 2015 Macros compatibility problem

    Hello there, im experiencing problems in using Macros in Mac OS Excel platform. I actually created a userform on Excel enabling data entry in terms of name, department and costing to be inserted directly on an Excel sheet database as backup but when i try to use the same on a Mac OS Excel...
  9. Manolocs

    Excel for Mac 15.17

    Hello, I am really tired to tried to find a way to edit/customize the ribbon, I need the clear contents button be accessible without having to open the dropdown list every time. Thanks in advance...
  10. Chris Macro

    Excel for Mac, Can't Rename Shapes/Pictures?!

    I'm running into an issue where I can't seem to figure out how to rename a shape within Excel for Mac. I am trying to use the Name Box and am hitting the ENTER key to confirm the name change, but it doesn't work!!! Anyone know how to accomplish this (seemingly) simple task? Thanks!
  11. Nathalie Sicard

    Building a pivot table from two different tables in Excel for Mac

    Hello everyone, I am trying to build a pivot table from two different tables in Excel, I read about "Data Model" but it's just not there in Excel for Mac, which I have. Any ideas of how this can be done? My excel version: 15.13.1 Thank you!
  12. E

    How do I use the Erlang add-in with Excel for Mac?

    Does anyone have experience using add-in's with Excel for Mac?
  13. S

    Converting Data from Monthly to Weekly

    I've had trouble searching for this and I am thinking this is relatively easy to figure out but I'm stuck! Excel Version: Excel for Mac 2011 Data: 2012 Monthly Sales Goals (12 columns) What I am trying to do: Convert my 2012 monthly sales goals to weekly sales goals for reporting. My...
  14. A

    Excel for Mac, Pivot table formatting

    Hi All, My company just moved me to a mac, and excel for mac is very different than the pc/standard version. Does anyone know how to remove all subtotals from pivot tables? I cannot get the subtotal rows to disappear and it is driving me crazy! o.0 Thanks allen
  15. T

    Auto Complete in Excel for Mac 2008

    I have a list of part numbers (over 1000 at the moment) in column A of sheet 1, Columns B,C,D and E all have relevant information about the part number, size, weight etc. On a separate sheet I have created a sort of 'order form' using a Vlookup function. I have also created a drop down screen...

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