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    How to copy or filter by automation function?

    Hi everyone,:) Let say, I have a daily production related to 5 unique departements. (dep 1, dep 2, dep 3, dep 4, dep 5), . each of these deps, are manually entered in a table main master sheet on a daily regular basis. The required task is this: How can I get each of these...
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    Replace a blank cell with a string using if function

    Good day all, I have an uncommon challenge. I have a sheet named Sheet1 filled with data, I want a situation when I delete the values in a cell, instead of remaining blank, it will be filled with a string (example "x"). I tried using the IF function from Sheet2 to fill a blank cell in...
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    VBA Code or Excel Function For Multiple Sheets in a Workbook

    I know that there are probably threads that have answered this before, but I figured I'd start a fresh one as most of them are pretty old. I have a workbook that was given to me where each participant receiving quarterly payments has their own tab (50+ tabs). Each participant has their own...
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    Concantenation, Iferror and vlookup

    Hi guys. I need some help with utilizing excel functions. Specifically, vlookup, concantenate and iferror. This is the question that is eluding me. "The Preferred Purchaser Discount % (heading “Preferred Purchaser Discount %”) is allowed to certain favoured customers of the business. These...
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    Apply an excel function to a column in a matrix

    Hi everybody I'm looking for some help applying the standard deviation to one column in a matrix, I don't know the right way to define the range in this formula, so I will put an example for a better explanation of what I intend to do: Option Base 1 Sub Producto() ReDim c(6, 2) As Variant...
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    VBA code to call a suface function.

    Looking for VBA code/example to call the excel function "CELL(info_type, [reference])". :banghead:
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    Third Post - Problem Still not solved - Function needed

    Hi Experts, THis is my third post regarding the same issue. I have a list of 29670 URLS in a Excel Sheet. Example URL - <tbody> keywords=clubs&location=Ab10&searchType=manualexpansion&autocomplete=kw_recent&scrambleSeed=981534963&pageNum=1 In this URL Zip code is "Ab10" Same for all 29670...
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    Excel Built-in Functions Code Behind Them

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to see the code of the excel built-in functions? Are these functions written on VB language? If not, is there anyway to see how are they built? Regards, Verysheyn
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    Pull top 3 values and Row Headings

    <tbody> Players At Bats Batting Avg Mike 20 .345 Dave 18 .266 Nick 16 .121 Paolo 12 .215 Vince 10 .318 </tbody> I want to pull the Top 3 batter and their batting average. I can use the max/large functions, but cant get the index or offset to work. Thanks,
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    Nested If Function Contains Errors. Need help..

    I am trying to do the following with a value in P7 to print text in an adjacent cell based on the value in P7. I am trying to get the function to return as follows: If P7 <.95 return LVL 8 If P7 <1.06, but >.95 return LVL 7 If P7 <1.20, but >1.06 return LVL 6 If P7 <2 but > 1.20 return LVL 5 If...
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    Fill Adjacent Columns based on cell value

    Hello, I have string in column A. I input some numerical values (null -15) in column B . I want vba / function to look for the value entered in B and based on this value fill the adjcaent columns with string in column A by adding "_C" & "number" with the string in column A For example; I have...
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    Need solution for my problem ( Excel Formula )

    Hi Experts This is my first post so apology if i have done any mistake while posting the thread. I am looking for an excel formula to get the result. Data is provided in below table There are 3 criteria based on which a single value needs to pick automatically. criteria 1 = value 1 variable...
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    Extract First Name Last name

    Hi, I have data stored as Last Name, First name but I want to get it now First Name Last Name (no comma) Example- Data- Ho, Joseph zu-sien Required Result- Joseph zu-sien Ho Also the lenghth of each name would be different so can not use fixed number to get required result. Appreciate...
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    Formula Help - Generate new record number if name doesn't exist

    I am working on creating a membership database in Excel. I have separate pages for Memberships, Donations, Sponsorships, and Receipts (to be entered as we get them). I am trying to set up a formula, that matches the record number of a Donor when their name is entered into receipts. If...

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