excel if formula

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    Helping in creating a IF statement based on selections

    Hello, can you please help me with this issue, I am trying to solve it myself, but I need help. If OM has indeed any value, I can show OM as text in the first column, if there not any value in the second column for OM, then, the row must go up and present AS with his value. If for AS there is...
  2. S

    Check if current time then calculate else display previous calculated value no change

    Hi , I am trying to calculate running values for time based intervals My table is as follows Time Value 09:00 AM 100 09:15 AM 120 If current time is 09:00 AM It will calculate value from source data and display the value. For 09:15 AM no values will be calculated If...
  3. D

    IF a cell = specific text, then do this, if it = diff specific text then do this

    Hello I have this formula i needed to edit since i made some changes to my excel sheet This is my original formula =OFFSET('Sheet H'!$A$32,0,((((COLUMN(D26)-4)/16)+1)*4)) I am looking to add some logic to the formula that references if a cell is equal it does a certain action, So i am trying...
  4. T

    formula to autofill with condition and skip blank cells

    I have the master sheet and data sheet (more than 1 but same format) This is the example of the data from the sheet Project Details Project A Laptop Printer Camera Blank Phone Projector Project C Implementation Debug Smart TV what I need...
  5. S

    Help needed in formula IF

    Good day! I need your help to figure out how to display the following: I have several input dynamic cells like which can be varibles. I need a formula that sums up everything and tells me the only value text which is different than 0. 100 E 0 0 0 0 or 0 0 300 E 0 0 Thank you a lot!
  6. J

    IF Search formula only works for the first 2

    Hi All, I am using the following formula in Excel Subscription product 365 to return a text value in the adjacent cell: =IF(B11="","", IF(SEARCH("FNQ",B11),"FNQ", IF(SEARCH("NQ",B11),"NQ", IF(SEARCH("FWQ",B11),"FWQ", IF(SEARCH("CQ",B11),"CQ", IF(SEARCH("WBB",B11),"WBB"...
  7. J

    Help with Excel Formula (IF OR with 3 conditions)

    Hi I would require assistance with the formula that I am currently working on. This formula is used in the summary page and it would reflect these 3 conditions 1. If the cell is empty, it will show "Not Completed" 2. If the cell is filled up, it will show "Done" 3. If the cell is highlighted...
  8. E

    Formula to identify common accounts if occurring within set timeframe

    Hello, I have a large set of data (300k rows with unique account numbers) that in some instances also share a common identifying number. I want to identify accounts that share the common account identifier in cell C4 only if the date in cell d4 occurs less 30 days of a date in column D with...
  9. L

    Daily pickups.

    I have 6 columns. Column A = Scheduled PU date & Scheduled PU time Column B = Scheduled DLV Date & Scheduled DLV Time Column C = Actual PU date & Actual PU time Column D = Actual DLV Date & Actual DLV Time Column F = Scheduled vs Actual Departure Column G =Scheduled vs Actual Arrival If the...
  10. S

    excel if isnumber formula with wildcard

    Hi all, I am trying to look in cell E863 and see if the word deferred appears. I tried the formula below and I even added a wildcard before the D "*Def*", but for some reason sometimes excel was not seeing the word. Sample in column E off Deferred Aug20 =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Def*",""&$E863&""))...
  11. M

    Complicated IF statement returning false

    I am using this long IF statement to calculate the commission rate for sales people. The value if true portion works but the value if false returns FALSE in the cell instead of executing the false instruction which in this case is (IF(R11<1,(H11*($C$7/10000)),H11*R11). Maybe I cannot have...
  12. S

    IF function on Time

    Hi can I please ask for help is it possible to use IF to Time? If its between 08:00 - 15:59 CST time it will be AMER If its between 16:00 - 23:59 CST Time APAC If its between 00:00 - 07:59 CST Time EMEA I tried...
  13. S

    IF with OR and Today Functionality

    Hi, Is it possible to associate =today() to if this is an example: the current tab i'd like for it to change from EMEA to AMER if today the work time is 10 PM onwards and be change to EMEA if the shift was changed to 5PM, is that possible can i kindly ask for help please thank you Absent AB...
  14. M

    How to prevent a cell from calculating formula until all data is entered

    I am trying to do something that I imagine isn't that hard, but I'm not an excel super user, just a novice with google. I took over a spreadsheet that tracks our generators run time. It is simply just subtracting the time on the run meter for the current month, from the prior month. Example...
  15. D

    Multiple IF/VLOOKUP String (Excel Example Attached)

    All, I want to thank you in advance for helping me. I just need help creating a custom IF/VLOOKUP string based off of a list table. I will attach the file for an example. It should be pretty straightforward. Once I get past 3 or so IFs combined it starts getting choppy for me. I really do...
  16. J

    excel If and Formula

    I want a formula that If J1 is less than 1000 and H1>0 and I1>0 then the value should be 1000-J1 else 0. I am trying this formula but getting error. =IF(J1<1000,(AND(H1>0,I1>0)),(1000-J1),0)
  17. H

    If columns 2-4 have data, but columns 5-7 dont. Then call True

    Here is where I am going with this. But where am I going wrong? all type(2). Formula in Col8 -I'm getting tied up while trying to ensure the first 2 characters in column2 is a number "0-9" SO heres an example: <tbody> Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 Col6 Col7 Col8 Jon Doe 123 Main St Acity, MN 55304...
  18. H

    If formula with time

    Not too good working with time in excel. But what I would like to do is write a formula in an adjacent cell: If the time is; 06:00-10:00 = AM1 10:00-12:00 = AM2 12:00-14:00 = MID1 14:00-16:00 = MID 2 16:00-18:00 = PM1 18:00-22:00 = PM2
  19. J

    Insert rows in excel based on specific Conditions VBA macro

    I have a excel sheet where there are many Balance rows. In Column A there are Demand Collection Balance Rows, where Balance = Demand - Collection. So there are multiple Balance Rows are there in that sheet. Column FGHIJ are inter related. I want a macro that if in any Balance row there are...
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    HELP - easy q for those well versed in excel

    So, my situation is as such: I'm sure I need to use the IF formula, however not quite certain whether to use and/or. This is what I want to do: IF the value of say A1 is less than B1 but greater than C1 then the answer should be the data I've input in say D1. I have 6 References, say A1:A6...

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