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    Excel linked to another file when opened after created by macro

    Hi, I created a macro that copies a new tab into a new file and completes this new file from the one that it comes and after it finishes it saves this file. When this is over, I check the file and it is not linked, but when I close it and open it again it is linked to the source file (the one...
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    Excel links "THIS WORKBOOK ONLY!" for excel template

    Hi All! I am creating a boiler plate template workbook in Excel that I using many many copies of. I want to save as a template and reuse instead of "saving as" each time. I have many formulas and macros within the sheet. How can I write the formulas and macros to specify "this workbook only"...
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    SIMPLE ISSUE with dragging a reference

    I need I drag a simple cell reference through a series of rows AND columns for example... In cell a1 =m1 b1 =m2 c1=m3 A2 =m4 b2 =m5 c2=m6 When I drag it it obviously drags incorrectly. I also tried making m absolute but it still did not drag correctly. I just really don't want to...
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    Keep workbooks linked when the path changes XL2003

    I have two workbooks. Workbook A contains four spreadsheets (of various customer data). Workbook B uses formulas and queries to import the data from Workbook A. I have to email, or upload both of these workbooks to a customer so they can continue to update the data in Workbook A, and...
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    Create a link between two Excel files

    Hi there, I am trying to create a link between two excel files on an FTP Site but I can not find a working result. What I have: A folder x:\general costs Inside this folder there is a file called costs1.xls which has 3 sheets (Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3) Sheet 1 has for example 4 cells (A1...
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    Linking to 200 worksheets

    I had an unusual question come to me at work. A manager is creating a report by linking one summary spreadsheet in the same workbook as 200 other spreadsheets where those who report to him enter data into various tables. He wants to know if there is a way to navigate the workbook more easily...
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    Can't fully copy links with dashes in them

    With some of my data processing tasks, I'm given an Excel file with many links in column A, and then copy and paste them into a browser. For links that do not have dashes in them, I can just click the link once and it will auto-highlight, allowing me to then just Ctrl + C and move on with...

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