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    VBA Auto Filter and Copy Paste to a New tab then rename the tab

    Hi to all, I am a newbie and is learning a lot from this site. I am also hoping that someone can help me with my problem with the VBA code I created via recording a macro. I have a 9 column master data that I need to filter based on column C "Department" there are times that two departments...
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    Open Other File and Run Marco with (Application.Run )

    i need to open FILE B and run macro in FILE B My Code Sub Marcodd() Application.Run "C:\Users\THJunsomPa\Desktop\3.Master ok Sell-out Promotion_Mar'16.xlsm!B_Clear" End Sub This Code is open File but cannot run macro[B_Clear] in file This Error
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    simple macro to execute every 15 seconds

    I need a simple macro to execute every 15 seconds. The macro is to call two other macros every 15 seconds .Here is my code: Sub ibstartstop() ' ' ibstartstop Macro ' Start stop running IB10 sec macro every 15 sec ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+x ' Application.OnTime Now, "ib15sec" dTime = Now +...
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    Moving text to another cell dynamically with macro

    Hi everyone! I´m new to the forum and VBA/macro-programming aswell. I need help solving a quite easy(I think) problem. The background I've an excel with a couple of thousand information that should be on the following form Account# data1 data2 data3 Right now, the excel looks like this: Column A...
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    merge two marco's into one. Please help.

    I have a timer macro, I need to add my protect workbook macro but can not get it to work. here is both of the codes. Sub Protect() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets ws.Protect Password:="456" Next ws ActiveWorkbook.Save Windows.Application.Quit 'closes wkbk & excel...
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    Macro to delete workbook.

    I have spent HOURS putting together a workbook for my job. I have found out that my direct supervisor has been stealing MY work from my workbook and is taking credit for all the work done so far. I even found a macro in my workbook that auto updates to his excel. I want to add a hidden button in...

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