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    Swapping Named Cell Ranges Using Drop Down List

    I have searched all through google and cannot seem to find vba code to get me to what Im trying to accomplish. I have named the following groups of columns by going to Fomulas, then Define Name. Columns V:AB are named "Position_1" Columns AC:AI are named as "Position_2" Columns AJ:AP are named...
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    Name formatting in excel

    How can I switch a cell of "first middle last" to "last, first" in excel? the cells are different some have middle names and some don't. what is the general code. such as switching from thomas allen smith adam wilson amanda r smith to smith, thomas wilson, adam smith, amanda...
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    Cell names being displayed at different zoom levels

    I've noticed at times, and this does not seem to be consistent, that when adding a name to a cell the Name itself is displayed across the cell. The display will disappear if I choose a higher level of zoom (40% or more). The text size seems to be automatically selected according to the...

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