Swapping Named Cell Ranges Using Drop Down List


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Aug 26, 2019
I have searched all through google and cannot seem to find vba code to get me to what Im trying to accomplish.

I have named the following groups of columns by going to Fomulas, then Define Name.

Columns V:AB are named "Position_1"
Columns AC:AI are named as "Position_2"
Columns AJ:AP are named as "Position_3"
Columns AQ:AW are named as "Position_4"
and so on...

My idea behind naming the groups of cells was to make it easier to code once im up to 10+ "Positions"

Each "Position" grouping is exactly the same in size, font, color etc. The only thing that will be different is the data that will be placed into the columns. Each "Position" will be assigned to a Subcontractor. ("Position_1" will contain Subcontractor 1's data. "Position_2" will contain Subcontractor 2's data, and so on.

My goal is to create a drop down selection menu containing Subcontractors 1, Subcontractor 2, Subcontractor 3 and so on. When one of these Subcontractors are selected, I would like the the entire group of columns for that Subcontractor to be swapped with "Position_1", where Subcontractor 1 is currently sitting.

Example: if Subcontractor 2 is selected in the drop down list, then it will swap positions with Subcontractor 1 ("Position_2" will swap with "Position_1"). If subcontractor 4 is selected from the drop down list, it would then be swapped with what ever Subcontractor is sitting in "Position_1"). Every time a new Subcontractor is selected, I do not want to loose the Subcontractors data in the "Position_1" columns, I simply just need to replace it with the selection, and move it to the spot that the previous data was in.

If using named cells like I currently have set up (Position_1, Position_2, etc.) is much harder to code, I'd be open to just using cell ranges such as V:AB, AC:AI, etc. Both will achieve the same thing

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I hope my intent makes sense. Thank you!

My Aswer Is This

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Jul 5, 2014
You mentioned you want to do things this way to make further coding easier.

I believe in doing things this way could be difficult.

Please explain your ultimate Goal and maybe we could provide a better way to do things.

Moving entire columns of data around can be done but there has to be a way to not copy over previous data.


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Aug 26, 2019

Dim temp As Double

temp = Range.Columns("V:AB").Value

Range.Columns("V:AB").Value = Range.Columns("AC:AI").Value

Range.Columns("AC:AI").Value = temp

End Sub


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Aug 26, 2019
Oops didnt mean to send out that previous post, but anyways, above is the code I tried. I was planning on making a module like that for each Subcontractor. The ultimate goal is just to move a subcontractor into the "Position_1" column area (AKA Column V:AB) by selecting the Subcontractor name from a drop down selection list. If I can get the code above to work I should be able to figure out the rest I think.

The goal of the code I posted above was to swap columns AC:AI with columns V:AB.

Thanks for the help


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Feb 1, 2016
Office Version
Untested but maybe this:
Say cell A1 is where the data validation is located, after selecting an item in the data validation run the code.
If you want it to be run automatically after selecting an item in the data validation then you need to use Sub Worksheet_Change (but with different code).

Dim va, tx As String
tx = Range("A1").Value
        va = Range("Position_1").Value
        Range("Position_1").Value = Range(tx).Value
        Range(tx).Value = va

End Sub

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