excel macro

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    Excel Solver Diffucult Problem

    Hello, Fabrics are to be cut to certain sizes. Example; 24 pieces of 225 cm 32 pieces of 175 cm 88 pieces of 150 cm 24 pieces of 75 cm 32 pieces from 50 cm 80 pieces from 35 cm These require 304 meters of fabric. One ball of fabric is 6 meters. 51 balls of fabric is enough without any loss...
  2. R

    Need VBA macro code to fill the data into Salary Slip template excel sheet from input file

    This is my Input File......... and this is the template file all the data will get fill into this template file.... But main scenario is ... For first Employee there is no data in HRA column so then it will remove HRA from Salary slip template file For second employee there is no data in...
  3. R

    How to pass values from one sheet to another sheet if condition met?

    This is my scenario I want to pass the values from sheet2 to sheet1 according to ID...in here from sheet2 id= 1 data=a will go into the sheet1 id=1 data column.... This is my expected output Is there any possible way to do this in excel using macros? Can anyone help me with this?
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    Excel Format changing automatically after 12Days of Dates

    I am trying to print the dates from 1 march to 16 march it's giving me properly dates till 12 march in "MM-dd-yyyy" format but after 12th of march its giving me wrong format.... I tried to remove the time manually but its giving me in the format of "dd-MM-yyyy" actually i want all the dates...
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    How to pass the variable in excel formula in macro?

    Sub test1() Sheets("FinalData").Select lastCol = Split(Cells(2, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Address, "$")(1) Range("A2").Select Selection.End(xlToRight).Select ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Running" ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Cycling"...
  6. P

    Urgent VBA help please :''FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled, CreateBackup:=False''

    Hi everyone I'm just having a sorting error in my excel database. When I click the sort data button - this error appears: ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _ "https://glennonbrothersgroup.sharepoint.com/sites/DTE/Projects/Programme/DTE_Programme.xlsm" _ ...
  7. S

    Excel macro for mail merge and password protected pdf

    Hi, Thank you for reading this post. I need your help. I have some data an excel.. let's say column A has clients name and column B has clients email address. Column C sales figures. What I want is that I want to use excel macro so that 1) I can send email to each clients individually. 2)...
  8. J

    Excel macro for Remove comma's and spaces from a cell and place the data in different cell

    I have a excel sheet where in Sheet 1, data start from B3 and in B3, the data are like 7, 131, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, in a cell and in C3 and D3 a value is assigned against them, the cells are not merged. I want to separate the data 7, 131, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225 etc into individual cells in...
  9. K

    vba code to select file and unzip files in a different folder with different name

    HI All, Am looking for a vba code to select a file from a folder and unzip the file in a different folder with different file name. Can you please assist me with the code. Thanks in advance.
  10. D

    How do I get Excel VBA (with Solver) to choose the best value

    Good morning/afternoon! So I have a little problem. I have a large data set shown below: And the following fields, where "Drilled Hole Volume" and ""Volume of Bolt" remain unchanged and static. The only field changing here is the "Volume of Cartridge". Basically I'd like some sort of VBA code...
  11. J

    Searching for a country in address data, but right to left

    Hi, I'm using a macro helpully provided by hiker95 on a previous thread some years ago, but could do with a bit of help please: It looks through col A which contains raw e-com generated address data held in one string. It uses a list of countries in col C to find matches and adds the country...
  12. G

    Excel VBA:Paste multiple times

    Hi All, I am new to Excel Macro and to this forum. I am trying to write a macro to copy a range multiple times. Please correct me if I am wrong. Sub Macro1() Dim x As String Dim x1 As String Dim x2 As String Dim p, q As Integer Range("A1").Activate p = 1...
  13. N

    Post answers in a batch to MS Forms through excel Macro

    I currently have a form in MS Forms, and I will soon have an excel spreadsheet with a lot of answers to the questions I have in the form. I was wondering if its possible to make a macro that reads all columns in a line and posts the answers to specific questions in the MS Form? Please let me...
  14. B

    Excel Macro - Save as PDF

    Hello, I have been looking around for a macro that will save an excel sheet as a PDF with the following requirements: Named the same as the sheet Add current date select folder location I have been messing around with the following code: Sub Save_ActSht_as_Pdf() ' Saves active sheet as PDF...
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    Macro for Excel Data Consolidation

    Can someone help me with creating excel macro for the following. Data will be entered in the "Main" Worksheet Table. Shown entries for a project with two units - Unit 1 and 2. this could be multiple units. <tbody> Project Name "Enter Project Name Here" Test Date "Enter Test Date here"...
  16. A

    Swapping Named Cell Ranges Using Drop Down List

    I have searched all through google and cannot seem to find vba code to get me to what Im trying to accomplish. I have named the following groups of columns by going to Fomulas, then Define Name. Columns V:AB are named "Position_1" Columns AC:AI are named as "Position_2" Columns AJ:AP are named...
  17. E

    VBA Code to add a value from one cell to the contents of another cell

    I need vba code which will go to a certain cell that contains a groub of summation numbers and add another number from another cell ( value or formula) to them. So, for example: In cell "A1", "10" ( result from ("D1"+"G1") I need to add it to "B1" wich contain "=7+8+9" to become "=7+8+9+10", the...
  18. M

    SharePoint Online Excel File Opens as Read Only using VBA

    I am writing a macro to open and update an Excel file in SharePoint online using Excel in Office 365. I can open the file but it open as read only. I found the solution to add ActiveWorbook.LockServerFile after opening the file but I get application-defined or object-defined error when I...
  19. A

    Getting Error message on Macro

    Hi, I am getting an undefined sub error message on this macro I modified. I am guessing its something very simple I did causing the problem. The macro is to copy and paste from one spreadsheet to another 2 different ranges ( offsetting Journal entries). The original code was to copy from one...
  20. Y

    macro to send user to another sheet in document if checkbock is ticked, but do nothing if unticked

    I Team, I need help with code for an excel macro, which sends users to another sheet in an excel table once a checkbox is checked, but does nothing if it is unchecked. I tried this already, but no luck: <code>Sub CheckBox28_Click() If OptionButton1 = True Then...
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