excel not responding

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    Excel "not responding" when using laptop but works fine on desktop

    I frequently am working with workbooks with over 100k rows in Excel. I will filter for certain criteria and then delete the remaining visible rows which may be over 75k rows. When I use my desktop computer this take 3 or 4 seconds. When I use my laptop it can take 10-15 minutes of Excel...
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    deleting rows --> excel not responding

    Dear readers The following code is creating a string of the following format "1:1, 5:5, 45:45, ..." in order to create a range with specified rows and then delete it in multiple sheets. On the second last line excel hangs and shows "Not responding" after about 10 seconds. As you can see, it's...
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    running of macro excel "not responding"

    Hello everyone after spending quite some time on this forum and finding quite a lot of useful answers, I am coming to you with my problem. My company (a private clinic) is in need to get some important data on a daily basis. From the software that we use to manage patients, I can run a report...
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    Excel crashes when I open my workbook - Excel Not Responding

    I have a workbook that I have been working in for months. I have saved three different versions of this file today. The only one I can open is the one I saved at 7:30 am. If I can just copy the modules that is all I need. I tried opening the files while holding down the Ctrl key but I always...
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    Query.Refresh in For-Next loop hangs

    I've written a routine to populate an excel spreadsheet with a list of geographic regions (cities, counties, congressional districts, etc) that are stored on a server. Each type of geographic region is stored on a separate sheet in the Excel workbook. The lists are then used to populate a form...
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    Macro hangs if too many records

    A large macro that validates information on a 40 column sheet works fine if I check a certain number of rows. When it checks over 10000, the userform reports and "Excel not responding" message and it hangs. Sometimes it finishes eventually, but starting it again generates various errors that...

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