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    MS Excel help

    Hello. I hope someone is willing to help in solving two tasks in Excel that are now on the exam. Which tool to use to print the parts that student needs to pass the exam? How to make a pivot table as stated in the task? first task "* If the student was over 50% points from each part of the...
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    Excel 2013 pivot table calculated field grayed out

    I have this excel file here which is in question: dropcanvas - instant drag and drop sharing - canvas view I have created a pivot table with relationships from multiple table. My question is why is the calculated field in the pivot table grayed out, so i cannot add calculated fields to the...
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    Combining PivotTable Rows from Headers

    Hello, This is my first post, please be patient. I will put as much detail as possible. I'm trying to export all of the data between headers from a pivot table into 1 cell but the items in between are inconsistent in terms of their cell creation. I tried the "=CONCATENATE" function however...
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    Compare pivot table results to a static data set

    Hi all I have a pivot table that generates a list of staff that have completed timesheets for eaqch day of the month and the hours booked. The number of entries on each day will vary accoring to whether a timesheet has data on it or not - so for example, on one paricular daythere may be 3...
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    Pivot Table Sort not following my orders!

    First Post - Hope I do this right....:) Currently we are using Dynamic Great Plains for our MRP system. I'm trying to make a report that shows a bunch of information and i'm having a very hard time sorting the data so i will try and list everything I have so far. We have a view that was...
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    Update Main Table with the help of table generated from Pivot Table in Excel

    Hi I have been searching for a solution for the last few days, but unable to get anything relevant to it. Data Available ( example) 1. One sheet with Name (Main Data) having the Data (with col A having Unique Values) with Validation in two columns (col D & Col E). 2. A pivot table is...
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    Unrefernced dimension members in Excel Pivot Table

    Is there any way in which dimension members which dont have any associated facts can be hidden? For example lets say that I have 1000 Products which are in my Product Master (dimProduct). However if in my fact table there are only say 250 of these products. yet the Excel Pivot table (reporting...
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    Excel Pivot Table - setting page field value

    Hi, I have written a vba code in which i set the page field value to a value given by the user. However if the value given by the user does not match any of the item, i want the pivot table to show no values. is this possible ? sanjay shah

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