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    How to remove the individual count under Subtotal in Excel Pivot Table with different rows count values

    Hello Team, I want help in removing individual count under subtotal in Excel Pivot table, where rows count contains different values. The value in row count is not similar. I just want to show subtotal not row count. I am currently using Excel 2016 version. Below is what my pivot table data...
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    VBA email from outlook - Excel pivot

    Hi, I went through http://www.rondebruin.nl/sendmail.htm however it did not help since I am not much familiar with writing VBA code. Can anyone help me with VBA to send email based on values in Excel pivot? I have embedded a sample excel file below:- I need separate email where column A...
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    add hierarchies to excel balance sheet

    dear all! I've downloaded a balance sheet of SAP, in with all positions are lined up without hierarchie. In a seperate collum are Hierarchie levels asigned. I'm trying to allocate the hierarchie levels to the balance sheet line items to be able to work with it in a Pivot. the raw data lists...
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    Hi Would appreciate any help with this GETPIVOTDATA, I need to make it dynamic, and link &[2.018E3] to a year in a cell and&[1.] to week in a cell. I've tried a few things but nothing is working. =GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[MP Count]",'[3Data.xlsx]ATT ENT'!$A$4,"[Subscriptions].[Attend...
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    Excel Report - Excel Pivot Table is Datasource

    I have to create a report in excel.I have to use a pivot table as datasource. For example my pivot table is like below. Year column is dynamic(count may decrease or increase) Year Category Value ----------------------------- 2009 A 58 2012 A 10 2014 B...

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