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    "Name" and "Reports-to" Sequence Project

    Subject: Automate the reorganization of two columns based on the unique identifier "Name", and a corresponding "Reports-to" column. Version: Office 365 OS: Windows 10 Urgency: Low Examples Included So I have a project that I am trying to work on in my free time (but could use some help with) to...
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    Waiting for Refresh

    I am trying to get a macro to run when a cell is selected. After a parameter is entered into the cell above it for a Query. My problem is the On_Refresh routine runs before the refresh is finished..I have turned off the "Enable backgorund refresh" in the properties of the query. I have tried...
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    Question on Count

    Is there any way (like countifs function) to count number of blanks in a column provided a number is present in the previous column, Ex. In the ninth row, the data for 2011 is blank but the previous column some data is present, is there any way I can count such instances using a fuction...
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    Keep workbooks linked when the path changes XL2003

    I have two workbooks. Workbook A contains four spreadsheets (of various customer data). Workbook B uses formulas and queries to import the data from Workbook A. I have to email, or upload both of these workbooks to a customer so they can continue to update the data in Workbook A, and...
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    query name location

    Hi, I have an application using multiple queries. I left this application several months ago now I return to continue the development. The problem I have is that some queries I tried before are still somewhere in excel, now I am trying to put some order in the name of the queries but excel keeps...
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    Retrieving data from one Excel sheet to another (More like amkig Access like queries in excel)

    Hi, I have a database of 338 members, all the information is entered in an excel sheet (named: Main) column wise, lets suppose the data for the first member is in the row 2 (first row is used for column headers) i.e.: A1 contains Serial (Here 1) B1 contains First Name (Here John) C1 contains...

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