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    Columns- count a consecutive series of positive or negative numbers and then get a sum of the max frequency

    Columns- count a consecutive series of positive or negative numbers and then get a sum of the max frequency Example: <tbody style="box-sizing: inherit; border: 0px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: top; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; text-size-adjust: none;"> A B C D E F G H I...
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    VBA to track History changes from a worksheet to a new worksheet

    Hello I need help and not able to find my solution. I have in a sheet called TOC on cell J33, which updates every 2 minutes based on a = function to another sheet that uses a api query. My goal is to track last value (history) before it updates, and have the data output on another sheet...
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    Need help on Leave Planner template formula

    Hi there, I'm creating a new leave planner for my team and I have followed one template and created half of the it and now struck up use the dashboard formula which can update the data by referring the data sources. I would need help on using the below formula...
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    Year-to-Date (YTD) Formula Help

    Can anyone please help me figure out a formula to calculate YTD?? What I am trying to achieve: Sum all months <= current month, ONLY IF months fall within the same year CY (Calendar Year) as the current month As you can see on the screenshot below, Cell B5 indicates the current month. The...
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    Tricky one

    <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Array 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E 6 F 7 G 8 H 9 I </tbody> <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Lookup Value Apply Vlookup only Daiwik1 Daiwik1 value should be "A" and like wise...
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    need help with designing an excel macro!

    I have two reports with 10 and 10 columns each. I need to copy data from "A,C,E and F" and "A,C,D, and F" columns respectively from Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 to be entered to another report to find out mismatch. How should I do this?
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    Create a dynamic rolling trailing 7-day average that auto updates

    I am creating a dashboard and I want it to automatically create a 7-day trailing average based off the the =today() cell that it looks up on. So I have the raw data in a sheet that has the data by day: <tbody> 8/1/2015 8/2/2015 8/3/2015 8/4/2015 8/5/2015 8/6/2015 8/7/2015 8/8/2015 People...
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    Vlookup qustion.

    Hi, I need a little help and I hope I can explain this correctly. I have a document with multiple sheets. (sheet1, sheet2, sheet3). There are hundreds of thousands of business names in one column on the first sheet. we will say (sheet1!A) I need to compare the name of the business to the...
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    Copy and Cut Disabled

    Hello everyone I'm sort of new to excel VBA and new to this forum, and I was wondering if someone could help. I recently copied and pasted a macro, specifically the one in this link VBA Express : Excel - Disable Cut, Copy, Paste. It disabled copy, cut, and paste on the particular workbook, but...
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    Macro Help Required for Multiple Column to Single Column Conversion (With Header Info)

    Dear Experts, I intend to re-arrange the data generated by system. I am using Office 2010 Current Format: Mat No Cost1 Cost2 Cost3 A 5 3 2 B 6 9 3 C 7 6 2 To be Format: Mat No A 5...
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    I need help in formula,,,

    DATE BALL # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 10/29/2013 8 8 10/29/2013 3 3 10/29/2013 12 12 10/29/2013 7 7 I made a small sample made hand (number color) I...
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    Question on Count

    Is there any way (like countifs function) to count number of blanks in a column provided a number is present in the previous column, Ex. In the ninth row, the data for 2011 is blank but the previous column some data is present, is there any way I can count such instances using a fuction...
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    Using frequency formula to find number of unique text occurrences

    Hi All, Had to know if the frequency array function can be applied for a text which we can by using the following formula "=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(LEN(A2:A10)>0,MATCH(A2:A10,A2:A10,0),""), IF(LEN(A2:A10)>0,MATCH(A2:A10,A2:A10,0),""))>0,1))" which gives the unique occurrences of text in column A...
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    Counting how in how many days an item appears, when some items may appear more than once in a day

    M2222 12/07/12 M2230 12/07/12 M1087 12/06/12 M2525 12/05/12 M2525 12/05/12 M8899 12/05/12 Above is an example of what I am working with. I am trying to get a count of how many times the values on the left appear. But in some cases those values occur more than once in a single day. If they occur...
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    Toggle buttons display problem - Excel 2007

    I have an Excel xlsm file that uses several toggle buttons to show/hide columns. These toggle buttons are perfectly aligned on every user screen I have looked at with one exception. On the one user's PC, the toggle buttons are misaligned and are even different sizes. They still function and...
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    If Match Function

    Hi, I want a formula smiler below. =IF(MATCH(B2,D2:D20,0),"MATCH","NOT MATCHED" But when i use it, it gives false value with '#n/a' . pls help in this.
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    Two Vlookup and provide total of given account number

    Data <TBODY> 10/01/12</SPAN> 2000</SPAN> 3000</SPAN> 4000</SPAN> 5000</SPAN> 6000</SPAN> 1A</SPAN> 1.00 </SPAN> 2A</SPAN> 2.00 </SPAN> 3A</SPAN> 3.00 </SPAN> 4A</SPAN> 4.00 </SPAN> 5A</SPAN> 5.00...
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    Excel Formula required (text)

    Hi All, I want help to get a formula in excel. I have a list of mobile no.s and next column of this it's Gift. I want formula that when a mobile repeat or select more than 1 gift then formula merge it separate via "," in next column Data is like below. <table border="0" cellpadding="0"...
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    How to find unhide column numbers in Active Sheet

    I have an active sheet where any of the columns maybe hidden, but I don't know what columns are hidden. How to search the columns which are hidden in the active sheet using VBA. Also I want to unhide the columns whichever hidden, at the same time i want to store the no of columns which are...
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    Code to open file

    Hi Everyone, the below could does direct me to the file, but when I click on the file, it does not open it? any ideas? Option Explicit Sub GetImportFileName() Dim Filt As String Dim FilterIndex As Integer Dim FileName As Variant Dim Title As String ' Set up list of...

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