excel to word

  1. F

    Opening a Word document from Excel file creates copies of excel files

    Hi! I am having problems opening a Word document from Excel file. I am using the code below to open a Word document. Sub open_word() Application.StatusBar = "Please wait." Set wordapp = CreateObject("word.Application") wordapp.documents.Open "C:\Users\username\OneDrive\WordFile.docm"...
  2. C

    Events In Word Created from Excel

    I have a macro in Excel that copies an Excel range, creates a word table in a new or existing word document, and then populates the word table. The last column is then populated with a combobox. My client now wants it to move down to the next combobox once a selection is made. Is this even...
  3. m_in_spain

    Pushing an image from Excel to Word along with other bookmarks

    Hi Everyone. Firstly let me say I am completely new to this and have found this forum just today. I have scratched around but cannot find some code for what i am trying to do. Next is the advance apologies if there already is an answer to this and also if i have not described my problem/what i...
  4. B

    VBA Word Document from Excel - Can't figure out how to format Word text

    I've created a macro to build custom word documents templates for me based on Excel data (and hundreds are made). The creation of the documents works, but for the life of me, I can't find out how to individually format portions of the text I insert. As background, the code uses a table like...
  5. P

    Writting a macro for a mail merge

    How would one go about writing a macro that prepares Word documents like letters or reports. I am using a Userform to enter the information and would like to add a button on the user form that brings up the word document. Ready to print, but does not print it. I am currently opening the...
  6. A

    VBA from Excel to Word (Mail Merge) - Hosted on SharePoint

    Dear Mr. Excel, First of all, thank you kindly for the wealth of information stored in this forum - it has helped me tremendously in my recent projects! I am trying to extract cell values from Excel to complete a Word template. I have completed Mail Merge tags on Word and it works...
  7. L

    VBA copy and replace to word (open word doc)

    Hi, Im have been using below to update word docs, after modifying it to update an open word document rather than pointing to specific document anyone able to assist with conversion. -------------------------------------------------------- Sub FindReplaceInWord() Dim Wbk As Workbook: Set...
  8. K

    Run-time error '462' when I run macro more than once

    Hello again all, I'm back again with a small problem that I'm encountering when I run the macro I have been tinkering with more than once. I run the macro and it populates a word document for me with no problem, however when I close the test word documents and run the macro again I get a...
  9. N

    Cells.CopyPicture - Copying Picture from Excel to Word - copy picture method of range class failed error

    Hi, I have a problem when copying an image to word. I know that it is the clipboard and that because it is an image that is being copied that it does not clear when using Application.CutCopyMode = False, or when using: Public MyData As DataObject Set MyData = New DataObjectMyData.SetText ""...
  10. D

    How to Convert Worksheets into separate Word Files

    Good afternoon :) I did some google-ing but coudlnt find the write code/macro for what I was looking for. If anyone could help me with a macro to basically convert worksheets into separate word files, it would be much appreciated. So, I have a ton of worksheets, and each worksheet has...
  11. E

    Printing Student Certificates in Word2010

    Hello Sirs, a) I have an Excel 2010 file contains all students data like: name, attendance number, chemistry grade, math grade, physics grade, etc. b) I also have designed a student certificate in Word 2010. c) I'm using an A4 papers to print the certificates. What I want is how to: 1- Make...
  12. J

    Pastespecial from Excel 2010 to Word 2010

    Thank you for reading:pray: ;) I want to copy a range from Excel containing formatted text in cells to Word. This is what I have so far: Sub ExcelToWord() Dim wdApp As Object Dim wdDoc As Object Set wdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application") Set wdDoc = wdApp.Documents.Add wdApp.Visible = True...
  13. B

    Remove Blank Pages in Word from Excel

    I am trying to write a macro that moves all visible sheets in a workbook to a new word document with a page break between sheets, and then removes all blank pages in the word document. So far, my macro does all of that fine, but I do not know how to make it delete all of the blank pages. Any way...
  14. B

    Excel Export To Word Macro Cuts Off on Right Side

    I am currently creating a macro that exports all visible sheets in my workbook to a new Word document. My current code works fine for moving all of the correct sheets to the new Word document, but it is not properly formatting all of the pages. There are some that end up running off the right...
  15. B

    Export Active Sheets to Word

    I am attempting to create a macro that will move all active sheets to a new Word document. I have written the macro to hide and unhide the proper sheets depending on different variables, but am lost moving forward with the export to Word. Can anyone help me with this? I also wouldn't be opposed...
  16. B

    Moving all Visible Sheets to Word

    I am attempting to move all of my visible sheets to a new word document. I have set up the portion of the macro that makes the appropriate sheets visible using IF statements. That works fine. Below is a code which moves all of the sheets (including hidden sheets) into a new word document. I am...
  17. D

    Selecting a range and selecting a document to transfer it to

    Hello to All, I have a macro that opens a word document by requesting that I open the document. It then transfers data from an open excel workbook to the word document (in the given case below it is just cell A1). I want to get it to take a range of cells selected by the user and input these in...
  18. T

    Export Excel file

    Hi I we do our quotes in Excel. I need to export the data from the Excel file into the quote template in word. I can export Excel into a txt file and open in word, but i need the formatting and quote header ext. Can anybody help me or put me in the right direction for research? Kind regards M
  19. E

    How to convert rows of Excel addresses into a single column in Word?

    This is what I have in Excel, rows of addresses: John Doe | 123 Anystreet | Anytown, NY 12345 Mary Doe | 123 Anystreet | Nowhere, NY 22333 This is how I want it to appear in Word, a single column of addresses: John Doe 123 Anystreet Anytown, NY 12345 Mary Doe 123 Anystreet Nowhere, NY...
  20. T

    How Do I Late Bind This...

    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone knew copy range G15:H600 from excel to word, paste it, and then copy it back from word to excel in the exact same location from whence it came - all using late binding. I've been trying everything I can think of, but I have very little experience in this...

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