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  1. D

    VBA to get file last updated by, data and hyperlink the file?

    Hi All, i have been using the code below to get file names from folders which works perfectly but i need to make a minor adjustment. i need to add in to fetch the following: - file last updated by (Column O) - file last updated date (Column P) - hyperlink the file to the spreadsheet (Column...
  2. W

    Vba lookup 2 criteria scripting dictionary

    Hello, I kindly request some help regarding a lookup according two criteria that I would like to set up with scripting dictionary. what I have 1 workbook, 2 worksheets First worksheet ("datasheet") contains in column A (the different questions= 1st criteria), in column B (pool participants...
  3. R

    Excel VBA master sheet copy-paste error 1004

    Hello, I am new to VBA formulas in excel. I have a workbook with multiple sheets which needs to be copied(only values) in a master sheet in the same workbook. The problem is i get an error on one of my sheets: "Runtime error 1004 : The information cannot be pasted because the Copy area and...
  4. A

    In VBA, How to create a template from Excel to Notepad with exact character positions

    #2[/URL] 42729]I have an excel file with a template to write it in Notepad with certain format, #2[/URL] 42729] #2[/URL] 42729]And the Output in notepad is, #2[/URL] 42729] #2[/URL] 42729]Below is the code which I tried and also got help from stack overflow, but I am not able to compose the...
  5. B

    Click Cell to Send Copy of Cell to Another Cell

    My objective is to Click on any certain Cell and have the contents of that cell to be inserted into a specified cell. Any ideas how this can be done? Kind of like a "Copy & Paste" without actually copying and pasting. <tbody> Contents from C3...
  6. F

    How to Filtering through a column's cells and put certain data in a different sheet using VBA-Excel

    I am working on a macro. That will select a column, search every cell of that column. in those cells data sample are like this. BQ43BI BQ38AV BQ64BH BQ49AW BQ51AA BQ44BE BQ49AA BQ49BE BQ52AA BQ28BJ BQ39Z BQ40X BQ61AB BQ57AJ Now i want to...
  7. V

    Data from Outlook mail body to Excel

    Hi Group, Greetings for the day ! Please find below my query : I have created a sub-folder by name "Request" on my outlook mailbox where I have run a rule based on certain specific words in the subject line. Now, all the mails in this particular mailbox have certain text in the mail body...
  8. C

    I'm relatively new to Excel VBA, and I'm not sure what code I need

    I'm relatively new to VBA, and have run into a "not knowing what code I need" section. I might have used the wrong terminology in my explanation, I apologize in advance. I'm loading Room and Floor data from Component to JCX (with a cross-sheet check on the Floor data from Space). The problem...
  9. C

    VBA Run-Time Error 1004

    I'm getting a "Run-Time Error 1004: Application-defined or object-defined" message during the debug process on this VLookup function. Error is happening on the VLookup, can't proceed further. I got the function to work on a previous section of code, and then adapted it for use in this new...
  10. K

    Kutools/macro for adding blank rows

    I am wondering if there is a way to insert multiple blank rows in between my occupied cells which are individual interest rate scenarios broken down by 12 months for 30 years. In one place I need to add 348 blank rows and in other places on my worksheet I need to add 240 blank rows four times...
  11. R

    Getting the highest value from updating google spreadsheet cell

    Hi, I have a google spreadsheet and all the columns are continuously updating based on the website values. Is there a way to record the highest value that a cell had during all this time/for a particular period? It is like recording the last 24 hour high for financial markets. Thanks
  12. SantoOnofre

    VBA: Copy and Past between different instances

    Hi, Everyone! I'm from Brazil and this is my first post. Sorry for start asking for help, but I already searched everywhere, without any solution for my problem. Maybe you can help me. The question is: I bought a software (with a large database), and its output is a simple Excel workbook...
  13. S

    Extracting multi level connection from parent and child column

    Greetings All, i have data set consisting of parent and child connections. I need to find a way to extract parent its child and its child's child and so on. Data structure is like this <tbody> Parent Child A B A C B D C E C F F G F H F I G J G K </tbody> My formula is...
  14. A

    Track task dependencies in Excel

    I have two tabs in my excel sheet. Tab 1: Contains a list of all the dependencies across multiple functional area. The columns are functional area, dependency description, dependency id, plan end date, target end date. Tab 2: Contains a list of tasks with the following columns: Functional...
  15. F

    Compare two columns in two sheets and highlight values

    hello, I am very new to vba programming. I am facing a new problem. What i am trying to do here, So i have two sheet, sheet1 and sheet2. Compare between sheet1 column "C" and sheet2 column "R". First highlight green,those mc# in sheet1 column "C", that are common in sheet1 and also in...
  16. R

    Find and replace into new rows using excel macro

    Hi Team, I would completely new to excel macros, and i would like to know as to how the below could be implemented Any help is much appreciated. 1) The below is a template as to how my cases are supposed to be 2 ) This is the data set from which the data is to be fetched and populated 3...
  17. B

    VBA Open all PDFfiles ina folder and copy them in different sheets of a workbook

    Hi There , Can someone help with a VBA to open all the PDF files in a folder , copy them and paste them , create a new sheet for each pdf file in a workbook and paste the content. I am not very experienced in VBA , sorry Thank you Bruna
  18. L

    Automation Error : unspecified Error

    Hi, I am writing the excel vba code for Login functionality. Somehow i have searched this forum and written the code. But i am getting "Automation error: Unspecified error". Please help me to resolve this . When i do debug the yellow marker show the line "Set doc = IE.Document " which is red...
  19. E

    Using VBA to open files in a folder using partial file names

    I found the code below but it is not working. I am trying to find a code that will find a file utilizing where only the first two characters in the file name are know. This is in Excel 2010. My file names will always be AA_MMM_YYYY.xlsx, BB_MMM_YYYY, CC_MMM_YYYY where the "MMM" changes each...
  20. B

    Run-time error 9 problem

    Hi everyone I've been working on a project and have come across a run time error and I'm not sure what's wrong. Here's the code I have Sub GenerateSummaryYee() Dim lr As Long Dim adr As String Dim jobt As Long Dim bal As Long 'Define Yee array Yee = Array("1235 Law 11-8a", "2526 Roof"...

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