excel & vba 2010

  1. S

    Stop loop when cell is empty

    hello everyone i need help in vba code, in this code i want that if in source range data is not available then stop pasting specific cells for example b9 h9 etc in targeted sheet and also need code of pasting in last available row in targeted sheet and after everything then delete cell g18...
  2. D

    VBA to get file last updated by, data and hyperlink the file?

    Hi All, i have been using the code below to get file names from folders which works perfectly but i need to make a minor adjustment. i need to add in to fetch the following: - file last updated by (Column O) - file last updated date (Column P) - hyperlink the file to the spreadsheet (Column...
  3. W

    Vba lookup 2 criteria scripting dictionary

    Hello, I kindly request some help regarding a lookup according two criteria that I would like to set up with scripting dictionary. what I have 1 workbook, 2 worksheets First worksheet ("datasheet") contains in column A (the different questions= 1st criteria), in column B (pool participants...
  4. R

    Excel VBA master sheet copy-paste error 1004

    Hello, I am new to VBA formulas in excel. I have a workbook with multiple sheets which needs to be copied(only values) in a master sheet in the same workbook. The problem is i get an error on one of my sheets: "Runtime error 1004 : The information cannot be pasted because the Copy area and...
  5. A

    In VBA, How to create a template from Excel to Notepad with exact character positions

    #2[/URL] 42729]I have an excel file with a template to write it in Notepad with certain format, #2[/URL] 42729] #2[/URL] 42729]And the Output in notepad is, #2[/URL] 42729] #2[/URL] 42729]Below is the code which I tried and also got help from stack overflow, but I am not able to compose the...
  6. B

    Click Cell to Send Copy of Cell to Another Cell

    My objective is to Click on any certain Cell and have the contents of that cell to be inserted into a specified cell. Any ideas how this can be done? Kind of like a "Copy & Paste" without actually copying and pasting. <tbody> Contents from C3...
  7. F

    How to Filtering through a column's cells and put certain data in a different sheet using VBA-Excel

    I am working on a macro. That will select a column, search every cell of that column. in those cells data sample are like this. BQ43BI BQ38AV BQ64BH BQ49AW BQ51AA BQ44BE BQ49AA BQ49BE BQ52AA BQ28BJ BQ39Z BQ40X BQ61AB BQ57AJ Now i want to...
  8. V

    Data from Outlook mail body to Excel

    Hi Group, Greetings for the day ! Please find below my query : I have created a sub-folder by name "Request" on my outlook mailbox where I have run a rule based on certain specific words in the subject line. Now, all the mails in this particular mailbox have certain text in the mail body...
  9. C

    I'm relatively new to Excel VBA, and I'm not sure what code I need

    I'm relatively new to VBA, and have run into a "not knowing what code I need" section. I might have used the wrong terminology in my explanation, I apologize in advance. I'm loading Room and Floor data from Component to JCX (with a cross-sheet check on the Floor data from Space). The problem...
  10. C

    VBA Run-Time Error 1004

    I'm getting a "Run-Time Error 1004: Application-defined or object-defined" message during the debug process on this VLookup function. Error is happening on the VLookup, can't proceed further. I got the function to work on a previous section of code, and then adapted it for use in this new...
  11. K

    Kutools/macro for adding blank rows

    I am wondering if there is a way to insert multiple blank rows in between my occupied cells which are individual interest rate scenarios broken down by 12 months for 30 years. In one place I need to add 348 blank rows and in other places on my worksheet I need to add 240 blank rows four times...
  12. R

    Getting the highest value from updating google spreadsheet cell

    Hi, I have a google spreadsheet and all the columns are continuously updating based on the website values. Is there a way to record the highest value that a cell had during all this time/for a particular period? It is like recording the last 24 hour high for financial markets. Thanks
  13. SantoOnofre

    VBA: Copy and Past between different instances

    Hi, Everyone! I'm from Brazil and this is my first post. Sorry for start asking for help, but I already searched everywhere, without any solution for my problem. Maybe you can help me. The question is: I bought a software (with a large database), and its output is a simple Excel workbook...
  14. S

    Extracting multi level connection from parent and child column

    Greetings All, i have data set consisting of parent and child connections. I need to find a way to extract parent its child and its child's child and so on. Data structure is like this <tbody> Parent Child A B A C B D C E C F F G F H F I G J G K </tbody> My formula is...
  15. A

    Track task dependencies in Excel

    I have two tabs in my excel sheet. Tab 1: Contains a list of all the dependencies across multiple functional area. The columns are functional area, dependency description, dependency id, plan end date, target end date. Tab 2: Contains a list of tasks with the following columns: Functional...
  16. F

    Compare two columns in two sheets and highlight values

    hello, I am very new to vba programming. I am facing a new problem. What i am trying to do here, So i have two sheet, sheet1 and sheet2. Compare between sheet1 column "C" and sheet2 column "R". First highlight green,those mc# in sheet1 column "C", that are common in sheet1 and also in...
  17. R

    Find and replace into new rows using excel macro

    Hi Team, I would completely new to excel macros, and i would like to know as to how the below could be implemented Any help is much appreciated. 1) The below is a template as to how my cases are supposed to be 2 ) This is the data set from which the data is to be fetched and populated 3...
  18. B

    VBA Open all PDFfiles ina folder and copy them in different sheets of a workbook

    Hi There , Can someone help with a VBA to open all the PDF files in a folder , copy them and paste them , create a new sheet for each pdf file in a workbook and paste the content. I am not very experienced in VBA , sorry Thank you Bruna
  19. L

    Automation Error : unspecified Error

    Hi, I am writing the excel vba code for Login functionality. Somehow i have searched this forum and written the code. But i am getting "Automation error: Unspecified error". Please help me to resolve this . When i do debug the yellow marker show the line "Set doc = IE.Document " which is red...
  20. E

    Using VBA to open files in a folder using partial file names

    I found the code below but it is not working. I am trying to find a code that will find a file utilizing where only the first two characters in the file name are know. This is in Excel 2010. My file names will always be AA_MMM_YYYY.xlsx, BB_MMM_YYYY, CC_MMM_YYYY where the "MMM" changes each...

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