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    Error message in assigning array values in Excel rows to another sheet

    I get an error 1004: Method 'Range' of object'_Worksheet' failed. I have an Excel worksheet called "Open Items" and another called 'Closed Items' in an account reconciliation workbook. My code is successfully identifying consecutive-row matchups of WBS Element numbers (SAP) and amounts...
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    Dynamic Ranges (without range address unavailable) inside a Formula

    Hey Guys! I immensely need your help for the below scenario. I am trying to find a way to address range in a formula. The problem is that, the range is created dynamically. Please refer below image further. Here I have 2 tables say Table 1 & Table 2, these tables are snippets of my actual...
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    Get data from Array

    Not able to retrieve data from array. Please help. My code is as under: Sub test() Dim arr_data(1 To 100000, 1 To 30, 1 To 10) As Variant Dim at, at1, col_t, row_t As Integer Dim col_v, row_v, data_v As Variant For at = 2 To row_t For at1 = 2 To col_t col_v =...
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    Help with Arrays

    It's a good thing the message board doesn't charge by the question. Here's another question. I have this procedure that makes an array and includes the statements colcount = Column_input.Rows.Count - 1 by the way column_input is a range redim array1(colcount) newfunction(array1) etc...

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