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  1. J

    Advice / Idea to check for latest version of a Excel File

    Hello, I have developed an excel file that is used by people all over the world. I am looking for a way to notify people if a new version of the Excel file they are using is available. I was thinking about adding a file to dropdox or OneDrive containing just the version number in a text file...
  2. Grizlore

    Code to detect / stop certain Excel version from saving

    Hi All, I have several Excel spreedsheet which use UserForms with calendar controls. As Microsoft has removed this from Excel 2010 (version 14?) When such versions open my spreadsheets, it removed the calendar control and makes them unuseable to following Users. Does anyone know of the code...
  3. G

    Opening a different version of Excel from VBA

    In short: Does anyone know if its possible to open a different version of Excel from VBA. In long: We have four different version of Excel which you log into by going to: start, all programs, microsoft access, Excel 2003 start, all programs, SAS, Excel 2003 start, all programs, SAS 4.3, Excel...
  4. D

    Function Code for Version of Excel (2003, 2007, etc.)

    Obviously the function code increase in 2007 has helped us all out quite a bit. Except for those living in the dark ages of 2003 that is. These are the people that don't even know they are running 2003. Unfortunately I run into this quite often and the first question these people ask me is...
  5. S

    Copying sheets between Excel versions

    Hi This is probably an old one that somebody can tell me, but apologies as I've been unable to search the solution on past posts. My macro is copying some worksheets from a source workbook which is .xlsm (and needs to remain so) and copying them into to a new workbook I am creating through...
  6. T. Valko


    Yeah, I know, I'm new here... I was just wondering if it was possible to "force" the poster to tell us what version of Excel they use when posting an Excel related question. For example, when someone posts a *new* question (new thread) the very first post could have something like a drop...

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