1. A

    Search For File In Directory Using Wildcard Works, But Now To Get The Complete Name Of That File

    This code checks to see if a file (tar_str) exists in a directory. Sub cheese() sdate = 43609 'May 24 2019 EDate = 43757 'Oct 20 2019 Days = 148 For lp = sdate To EDate t_mon = Format(lp, "mmm") t_day = Day(lp) t_dayy = Format(lp, "ddd")...
  2. A

    Does A Variation Of A Filename Exist In A Directory

    I have this code: Sub cheese() Stop sdate = 43609 'May 24 2019 EDate = 43757 'Oct 20 2019 Days = 148 For lp = sdate To EDate t_mon = Format(lp, "mmm") t_day = Day(lp) t_dayy = Format(lp, "ddd") tar_str = t_mon & "-" & t_day & " (" & t_dayy &...
  3. kelly mort

    Verify if item exists with a given ID

    Inside column CA, I want to count if the input from a textbox exists with a different ID. Textbox1 is for the ID and Textbox2 is the item name. I am doing this verification during the update process. That's after I have clicked on a listbox to load my textboxes. I don't want same items...
  4. T

    Append Qry

    I have an Append Qry where I am using 2 tables linked by a key and all have it to where I am providing pop ups to enter specific data. However it has stopped working. Anyone have an issue like this before? Trouble shooting has yielded nothing. The data exists in both tables and the data I am...
  5. D

    Cubeset (Date Range) - Members that don't exist

    Hi Guys, I've got a question regarding the CUBESET Function. =CUBEVALUE("ThisWorkbookDataModel","[Measures].[Sum of Sales Price Ex Tax]","[Orders].[CON Flag].&[1]",CUBESET("ThisWorkbookDataModel","[Orders].[Created Date].&["&$Q$2&"]:[Orders].[Created Date].&["&$R$2&"]")) This is my current...
  6. M

    VLOOKUP - Return Blank

    Trying to get the results that I need If the value searched on (A2 of "Worksheet A") is found in A1:M30 of "Worksheet B" Then map the according value that exists in column M (column 13) But if the cell in column M is blank, map blank instead of "0"
  7. K

    email address on userform

    I have created a userform that asks for an email address. Does anybody have some code that would verify the email address has the correct format (I don't need to verify the address actually exists). Thanks so much !! The web is just getting me lost and confused.
  8. S

    Set focus back to seme TexBox

    Hi all, On UserForm I have textBox were user should enter school name, I would like, if the name already exists, to get message that the name exists & Focus stays in same TextBox (not move to the next control) Thank you in advance.
  9. I

    Help with regards finding code then i can proceed

    Hi, On my worksheet i type in a customers name in the cell A6 I then go to the cell B6 to complete the next set of values to input BUT when i leave the cell A6 a code checks to see if the customers name already already exists in column A. If nothing is found i continue like you would BUT if the...
  10. O

    VBA Code to Check if Sheet Exists and Exit Sub if Not

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions as I will give feedback accordingly. Part of the response to my question has previously been posted, but since I've never used Functions in VBA and I am still new with VBA coding, I need some additional assistance...
  11. M

    Events in VBA

    Hi all, I am trying to run a macro based on a cell value. I inserted the below code in the sheet where the cell exists. The code never runs and I added a msgbox just to double check and it doesnt fire up. Can you please help me out? Many thanks! Masha Code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal...
  12. R

    VBA Compare Values of 2 Columns and Populate Larger Value

    Code shown below updates column "U" but it is not ignoring empty cells in column "V" (a formula always exists in "V", but sometimes no value exists). I would like "do nothing" if value in column "V" is empty. Thank you. Dim Wt As Object Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
  13. P

    Looping Two Variables..Getting an Error..Invalid Next Control Variable Reference

    Hi All.. Im new to Macros..so getting an error..the macro has to basically check whether there exists a worksheet with a certain name (the name is in BF column) if it exists den do nothing. if does not exist den create a copy of an existing worksheet and rename it with name in BF column.Repeat...
  14. P

    Check if worksheet exists.... ?

    Trying to put a snip of code at the beginning of an Add-In I've created that will check to make sure the required worksheet exists before it tries to run the code (to avoid error). Below is not working. Any direction/guidance is appreciated. Dim sht As WorksheetDim wb As Workbook If wb Is...
  15. CatLadee

    VBA Will Not Accept Vlookup Formula that Works in Sheet

    Any ideas why this formula won't work in VBA but will in the worksheet? The responses tab exists. How should it be updated? THANK YOU! ActiveCell = "=IF(VLOOKUP(E2,Responses!E:R,8,FALSE)=0,"",(VLOOKUP(E2,Responses!E:R,6,FALSE)))" Range("J2").Select
  16. O

    VBA Code to Check if Sheet Exists and Archive It

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions and I will provide feedback. I would like to check if "SheetA" exists and if so archive it to where "SheetA" will be come "SheetA.01" and if both "SheetA" and "SheetA.01" exists make it "SheetA.02", etc. Sheet A will be located between "Start.SheetA" and...
  17. R

    "Method or Data Member not found" - VBA, working fine last week, now it's broke!

    Story of my life. When I run this code, I get this error: Sub filterrun() Call ControlPanel.SignOffFilter_Click End Sub ControlPanel definitely exists and SignOffFilter definitely exists. Any ideas what's going on? Private Sub SignOffFilter_Click() Dim lastrow As Long...
  18. C

    Conditional formatting - Highlight duplicate values

    Hi , How do I highlight duplicate values is columns O and P only , so if the Value exists in O and P highlight it. I don't want to highlight cells with no values. Thanks
  19. W

    Check if file exists. Keeps skipping the existing file.

    Hi. So, i got a code for checking if a file exists from google. The problem is with it, even tho the file actually exists, it keep skipping it, as it didn't exists. Code: Sub CFF() Dim fso: Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") If fso.FileExists("Desktop\SkjKa.xlsm") Then...
  20. B

    Fastest way to check if file exists

    I have 1000s of files to sort through in a directory and I was wondering if anyone has experience on which is the best way to check if a file exists. From my research the two approaches are the Dir function and the other is to createa a filesystemobject and use FileExists function. Does anyone...

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