1. I

    Expand / Collapse Row and Column Groupings using VBA

    I am trying to write a personal macro script to Expand (Show Detail) or Collapse (Hide detail) of a very large (300R x 200C worksheet) that i frequently toggle between a summary view and full model view so i don't have to keep using my mouse click on the little 1-2-3 groups in the upper left...
  2. P

    Outlook Subfolder Expansion

    Hello, I've got some code that is supposed to expand some folders in Outlook. It works fine for the first level folders, but won't expand the subfolders (in this case the xx Progressions folder). The code doesn't bug out: the subfolder simply does not expand. Could anybody tell me what I've...
  3. H

    How do I properly pivot duplicate data to avoid enumeration errors? (Importing XML)

    Hi! I have a custom google map with thousands of pins and thousands upon thousands of data points in an XML file. I'm trying to get them to display all nicely in a normal spreadsheet so I can sort and analyze the data. I'm having trouble with the final steps when I'm importing the XML file into...
  4. V

    Expand rows based on cell value in VBA - multiple in worksheet

    Hello, I've been trolling this forum on how to expand grouped rows based on cell value in VBA but haven't been able to get any of the posted codes to work for me. I have three sections of collapsed grouped rows that I would like to have automatically expand if the cell value changes to...
  5. willow1985

    VBA move print area down 1 row from active cell

    Hello, I was just wondering what would be the code to adjust a print area down 1 row without using specific ranges? I currently have a macro that finds the end of a table and adds a row for new data however I would like to expand the print area after I add the row by 1 row. the only code I...
  6. Z

    Userform Frame automatically adjust based on cell value

    Not sure if this is even possible, but I have a userform that has a width of 588 when fully viewed. What I'm wondering is when the user opens this I could have the width set at 150. And if in textbox2 they enter a 2 then the width of this frame will expand to 294. If the value entered in...
  7. B

    Variable results from a cell input

    Hi, Not sure how to do this but I want to have a cell display various message text depending the value input into another cell e.g. if value in cell D10 = 1 then in cell D8 I want to see the message Change if value in cell D10 = 2 then in cell D8 I want to see the message Pump Out I...
  8. D

    Getting value of named range from multiple workbooks

    I used the following code in a custom column to get the workbook info: Excel.Workbook([Content]) Then I used the double arrow button to expand the workbook dataI am using Power Query to import data from multiple workbooks I have no problem getting data from tables in the workbook (by just...
  9. M

    Show partial text + expand it on click

    Hi, I have like 3-4 paragraphs of text in each cell, I would like to display only the first line (keep 12.75 row height) and if i click on the cell, to expand to show the full text. Like a "read more" on the cell itself Thank you very much.
  10. E

    If statement to encompass an Array

    I have the following statment within my formula and it work as it is, it bascally returns "Yes" if K2 = "Liverpool". =IF(K2="Liverpool","Yes","No") However I have a list of 12 names in tab "Lookup" A1-A12 and I want to expand the formula above to also check L2 and if it matches any of the...
  11. I

    Add date to existing output of pdf file

    Hi, Here is the partial piece of code that is working & in use. strFileName = "C:\Users\Ian\Desktop\REMOTES ETC\DR COPY INVOICES\" & Range("N4").Value & ".pdf" The file above once saved would be like 146.pdf Now to expand a little there is a date i cell N13 Can you advise what the new line...
  12. R

    Make text expand automatically

    Hello, How can I make a text expand automatically to fill the merged cells as the range expands? I have a text in a merged cell (cells A10 to A15) and I want it to expand as I add rows in the range. The txt direction is vertical. Thanks.
  13. J

    LARGE IF OR question

    Hello, Currently I have the following formula which works great: {=LARGE(IF($Z$1:$Z$10000="EQUITY",$AA$1:$AA$10000),J23)} If I then wanted to include other candidates for large, with different text values than "EQUITY", all in column Z, how would I expand the above to include these?. Been...
  14. C

    VBA or Format to Expand all cells after each input

    I want all cells in a worksheet to expand after every input as if you had selected them all, then double clicked the grid line to manually expand them. Thanks in advance
  15. leopardhawk

    Need help to expand IF formula please

    The formula below works as intended but I need some help please, to expand the formula so that if F31 is greater than 0 but less than 1195, it would return F31 and if F31 is greater than 1195, it would return 1195. =IF(F31>0,E27, 0) Thanks!
  16. M

    Expand product codes to include sub-codes

    I have a product numbers in a column A like this: <tbody> A 1 40 2 42 3 5403 4 9519 </tbody> Product numbers can be one to four numerals. Each product can have up to 9 sub-codes. For example: 40-1, 42-5, 9519-8. Can I use a macro to quickly expand this list and give me all the...
  17. detriez

    Expand the size and ultimately the capacity of [Ribbon] Custom Tab

    Two part question. I currently have 6 macros in my workbook will likely grow to +-10. I created a Custom [Ribbon] Tab with One Group With 5 macros in the group, the macro and icons present fine When I add a 6th one, the first three item appear in full size but the last three are stacked one on...
  18. G

    Expand/Collapse in Worksheet not protected by VBA

    Hi all, I need to protect a sheet and let the user to expand and collapse rows and columns. I also need to save this WB in .xlsx (not in .xlsm) so I cannot use macros (as far as I know). Is there a way to protect the sheet by the option Review/Protect sheet and let the user expand and...
  19. K

    Expand rows based on cell value

    I need a macro code which I can attach to a command button which will expand specific rows based on cell values. My sheet has a series of questions. or each question, there are 4 possible answers in a drop down menu in column A. If the answer has more than 4 characters in length, I need the...
  20. T

    How to expand a Webs Page to Fulll Screen?

    I've written a macro that takes the User to a web site; unfortunately it opens in less than full screen. Is there a macro command to expand to full screen ? TonyGreyHd

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