1. R

    Recurring Monthly Expenses

    Hello, Issue - Currently my issue is we have recurring expenses that appear every month on the same day of every month. Since we will be processing all payments on Friday we want expenses to recur every month but if the day falls on any weekday besides Friday, I want expenses to occur to next...
  2. A

    P&L impact and Cash flow impact (for expenses) - with payment terms

    Hi everyone, how are you? Could I ask you to help me please? I need to calculate automatically 2 things (in the tab "Cost details"): 1/ The P&L impact (taking into account several variables - from cell L13 to cell S13 2/ the Cash position (cashout) based on payment terms, total cost expense...
  3. I

    Cell value to be shown as empty until page is being worked on

    Hi, I am not sure if my title explains it correctly but code in cell K33 is shown below. On my worksheet i have the following worksheets Income 1,2 & 3 Expenses 1 through to 8 Here is an emample of my issue. Worksheet Income (1) has a running total shown in cell G32 There is also a running...
  4. S

    Return single value based on several drop down lists

    I'm looking for a formula that will provide one single value based on several drop down lists selection. For example : Department (drop down list) : Medical | Marketing | Customer Service Country ( drop down list) : Japan | US | Brazil Expenses (drop down list) : Consulting Fees | Adboard |...
  5. A

    Formulas required

    i have attached an excel work sheet. It is about a building TOWER having 6 wings ABCDEF having each 22 floors . they have expenses and collection you have prepare some sheets on same file indicating 1)LIST OUT FLATS POSSESSION NOT YET DONE MEANS NOT SOLD. 2) FIND OUT FLAT WISE EXPENSE...
  6. D

    Excel Table Slicer - 1 slicer for each subcategory

    Hi Everyone, The short question would be this: Is there a way to insert slicers for each of the subcategories from a Pivot table? To expand the question and give you a bit more details: I'm working on updating the UI for an excel sheet with a long list of columns that contain information about...
  7. I

    Advice for existing code where todays month is entered to a cell

    Morning, I am currently using this code supplied below but i overlooked something when i was applying the code etc. The code takes the current month and enters it into cell B1 on several worksheets within the same workbook. The part i overlooked was that on the 1st day of the month when i...
  8. R

    Traffic light warning system

    Hi Hoping someone here can help me... I have a SS which has an income cell and then an expenses cell... In a new cell which looks at the expenses and shows what percentage of the income is now covered by expenses and gives the percentage figure and then like a traffic lights system, green from...
  9. R

    Multiple Title Search in Cells

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to design an expense form on Sheet 2 and I have 4 types of expenses in a drop down list in merged cells F-G17 with "categories" of Office, Executive, Meeting, Conference. What I would like to do is once they choose the "category" of their expenses, merged cells I-O17...
  10. D

    How to organise this data (Year, Vendor, expenses)

    https://1drv.ms/x/s!AvjBsEPEq12ngTEmm7uG4pZsIFot?e=oA9EZo I have three tables of information. Each table has these columns: - Year - Vendor Number - Expenses How would you arrange the info to produce something like the 'output' sheet (shown in link).
  11. W

    Calculating Percentage Change

    Hello, I am trying to standardize the way my organization calculates % increases for Revenues and Expenses. Depending on the report, we display it as either a simple increase or decrease OR we display it as favorable or unfavorable. For example, if Expense in Period 1 is $10 and Expense in...
  12. I

    Name manager question regarding new entries but not by the owner

    Hi, Last week i went through all my names in the name manager & cleaned everything up as there was quite a few duplicates etc. Yesterday i added 3 new worksheets to my workbook GRASS G INCOME G EXPENSES I have just gone to the name manager and for some unknown reason i have say 20 new entries...
  13. Mandark39

    Looking for a tutorial to learn making this ?

    This is the only picture i have of this Excel sheet . It had daily expenses , Invoice details , Incomes , Total sales , Total expenses and a few more things . Does spreadsheets like this have a name ? How can i learn to make one like this ?? Thanks
  14. I

    Expenses code saves Income sheet ??

    Hi, I have an Income sheet which prints fine on a button & the code shown below. Private Sub GrassSummaryIncomeSheet_Click() Dim strFileName As String strFileName = "C:\Users\Ian\Desktop\GRASS CUTTING\CURRENT GRASS SHEETS\INCOME 2019-2020\" & Range("A3") & " " & Range("D3") & ".pdf"...
  15. H

    combine max and indirect?

    ok this does not work but I'll post it so you can see what I'm trying to do, returns #REF "=IF(OR(W886="cp",W886="f",W886="m",W886="o",W886="of",W886="sf"),MAX(AH$5:ROW()-1)+1,"")" If you don't follow what that is trying to do... I keep track of mileage and expenses for a business vehicle...
  16. D

    Expense Report

    Hey guys, Can anyone help me out with this? I'm creating an expense report, and using rows 10-19. In column K is a spot for "Other" (unspecified expenses) there could be costs located in there, say K11, K13, K14,K18. What I want to know is how can I automatically list any costs in that column...
  17. S

    How to calculate expenses in a dynamic cash

    I have 4 columns for each partner. Contribution Expenses Balance %Balance In the second column (Expenses) I see the expenses that are being made and that should be divided among those people who have a contribution percentage (see the last column), and each one will spend based on that...
  18. B

    Lookup Table for expenses

    What would be the best way to create a lookup table for my expenses. If A2 contains X then it pulls from the lookup table. Example. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Expense Category Vons store Grocery Mail chimp Advertising Cheveron gas Auto </tbody>
  19. Y

    Allocation of Expenses

    Hello, i was looking for help on an excel doc, its basically allocating the expenses into different categories but the names for the expenses differ, is there any way i can make the names fit into these specific categories or change each name to fit the category? https://ibb.co/rxw47zq EDIT...
  20. R

    distribute recurring expenses over years by matching dates to enter amounts in cells for daily totals

    I have a very large spreadsheet that will show daily expenses for over 2 years. I want to be able to quickly enter regularly recurring expenses and see daily totals. I then plan to add income later and calculate daily cash-flow. I though I had found a suitable formula and everything seemed to...

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