1. M

    How to open up internet explorer and download file

    Hi, I have a file which can be accessed through internet explorer. Do you know how to write a macro to download the file through excel? I'm imagining maybe shell command might work. Thanks!
  2. Y

    Drag and drop file

    i don't know possibly if anyone will understand me and how possible it is 1) i need a code that, whenever i drag a file from explorer into a listbox, it should add the file name and path to the listbox items. 2) having a listbox populated with files and their paths, is there a code that when...
  3. DataBlake

    Weird OneDrive bug?

    So i have the xlsm file that is beefy with VBA. Some of these VBA codes take a considerable amount of time to finish performing their task to the 10,000+ lines of data i have. I've noticed this very non consequential bug that happens. I just want to note that i DON'T HAVE ANY ONEDRIVE CODES. I...
  4. J

    Clicking 'open' button on internet explorer open or save dialog box

    I am trying to press 'open' button on the internet explorer open or save dialog box. I tried sendkeys "%O" which selects the button but not actually pressing it. What did I miss?
  5. B

    Help with a macro please

    Hi Everyone, The macro below is an HTML copy from a folder(file:///C:/Users/HOME/Dropbox/DAILY_SALES_REPORTS/DAY_END.HTML) and pasted to a worksheet(IMPORT_HTML). Works like a charm until the DAY_END.HTML file is overwritten which we do daily. The way it was recorded is to open folder...
  6. M

    Get file name from selected file in File Explorer

    I've set up a workflow where the users needs to log selected information from a system generated file name. Currently they single click twice on the file name (within File Explorer) and copy that file name into the clipboard. Then I have a VBA routine that when run, takes the information from...
  7. S

    Windows Explorer tag search

    I would like to set up a link from a cell to open an Explorer window and search for tags that match the cell's contents. An example would be: 1. Click a cell that reads "Golf". 2. An Explorer window opens and automatically searches for any files tagged with the word "Golf". I already have a...
  8. R

    Downloading a document in Explorer

    I currently have the below macro which opens up a pdf in explorer is there a way to now download the pdf to a file path? Thank you! Sub Testa() Dim x As String x = Sheet1.Range("c2").Value Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") IE.Navigate (x) 'navigate IE.Visible =...
  9. S

    Select a button on Internet Explorer via VBA

    I am trying to select a button in Internet Explorer via VBA but it is not working. HTML and the VBA codes are below for your reference. Your help is much appreciated. HTML: Go VBA Code For Each HTMLElement In...
  10. gmooney

    Excel VBA to Open Folder in Explorer

    Hello, I would like to code some VBA that will open up explorer to a particular folder location and I have not been able to find any solutions. I will add a command button to fire this code. I also want the opened explorer window to gain focus over excel. OR another option would be to simply...
  11. C

    Select a file in File Explorer from a list of files in Excel in the same FE window

    Couple of macros below are doing what I need, but create an issue - it closes Internet Explorer window under certain conditions, instead of File Explorer. Catch is that without "Call CloseWindow(sPrev)" code keeps opening more and more File Explorer windows. On Excel worksheet in A3 there's...
  12. J

    Explorer Compatability Mode

    Hi There, I'm doing a project where I regularly have to access www.debtbombshell.com. I would like to cut and paste on to an Excel spreadsheet but the website won't let me highlight. Help!! regards JerryH09
  13. R

    Where has my VBE layout gone?

    Hello. I am running Excel 2013 on W7 Pro 64bit. I have just recently noticed (when I came back to it after quite a few months) that the configuration of my VBA editor screen had changed. I would like to get it back to the neat way of having the code editor as the largest pane, and the immediate...
  14. P

    Select All from PDF, Copy --> Paste into Excel

    Hi all, Spent the entire Sunday researching this to no avail yet. In my excel spreadsheet, I simply have a column of URL link that leads to a PDF page in Internet Explorer. I want to accomplish the following: 1 - For each link > OPEN 2 - Select all from the IE/pdf 3 - Paste into the...
  15. sparky2205

    Changing a VBA applied password

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that is write password protected for certain cells. I assign a password via VBA to each worksheet. I have the same password assigned to the project in the project explorer window. This worked perfectly until I tried to change the password. Now it keeps telling me the...
  16. R

    GREP software for EXCEL integration

    i am using a GREP application to search for data in files that match a criteria and I want to get the results into EXCEL Can i drag and drop or can i pass a selection back from a file to EXCEL? Also does it matter if the file is already open (Highlight a file on an already open Windows Explorer...
  17. P

    Deleting password protected files in Project Explorer

    Hi All, I started my Personal Macro Workbook recently. In Project Explorer, there are two Files that I did not open or save; one has a password so I cannot see what modules & sheets are in it, and the second allows me to open it, but I cannot remove/delete ant of the sheets/modules. How do I...
  18. S

    Path opens https:// in Windows Explorer instead of "path"

    Hi, my path for Sharepoint opened in Windos Explorer is: \\q13-example.wmi@SSL\DavWWWRoot\TestDocument\Test01 If I click on this link, I get the Sharepoint folder in Windows Explorer with the same path. But my VBA code opens this path as https:// link. I don't know why?
  19. V

    Data Not paste

    Hello all, Good day. I am using the below code. Macro working fine but Range B1 is not working. I want to paste the status of tracking. Sub Basics_Of_Web_Macro() Dim myIE As Object Dim myIEDoc As Object 'Start Internet Explorer Set myIE =...
  20. H

    VBA- open up file path explorer and add hyperlink

    Good day all, Is it possible to use vba to open up the file path explorer (or a specific file path location), let you select a certain file, then paste that file path into a specific cell. For example I would click on a button, the file path explorer would pop up and I could search for the...

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