export as pdf

  1. S

    Excel VBA to Export as a PDF multiple ranges

    Hi, I need to export as a PDF multiple ranges on a single sheet. I would like to export A2:E55, Then G2:to the end of J ??, K2: to end of Q. The range can vary depending on the period I select for the data in the pivot tables. I don't want to have to keep selecting the range and make...
  2. J

    Macro Help!

    Hi I'm trying to create a Macro so from my worksheet by pressing a button it will export it as a PDF, but then save it based on 3 cell Values, C4, C6 & C8. C4 is a name C6 is a name C8 is a date I'm wanting it to save to a specific file location to: C:\Users\Vector\Google Drive\H_O...
  3. M

    Export a range to pdf

    Afternoon I am looking to export a number of ranges to one single PDF but one of the ranges is a variable range. The ranges I want to export are: A1:C12 A13:C26 A27:C38 A42:C72 A73:C95 G161: the last cell with a text in it located in Column K the file name is: thisworkbook.path & “Reports” &...
  4. A

    Macro to SaveAs PDF but alter the name

    Hi all! I am comfortable with excel but diving into Visual Basic has been slow. I'm sorry if this question has been repeated a million times. My searches haven't found a workable answer. We have our client files in excel .. example "M, Amanda Qrtly Rpt.xlsx" in 4 different folders. The...
  5. D

    vba Export Excel to PDF. 2 pages. One Portrait, One landscape.

    Hello, if anyone knows how to do this, I would appreciate a pointer. There are a few threads on it but i havent found one that actually answers the question of how to do it as one PDF with different orientations per page. This is where i am at so far... Sub ExportPDF2() Dim sFile As String...
  6. F

    export file as PDF but with the name as mentioned in cell D27 in sheet "Faktuur"

    The macro currently has the following ActiveWorkbook.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:= _ "V:\ingrid\Book9.pdf", Quality:=xlQualityStandard, IncludeDocProperties:= _ True, IgnorePrintAreas:=False, OpenAfterPublish:=False I want this to be changed as such that it...
  7. S

    Exporting selected sheets to pdf

    Hi, I have a code which i suppose to print the sheets I have selected to pdf (the list of the sheetnames are in cell A1). But my code only prints blank pages (or the singled marked cells on each sheet). How do I solve this? Here's the code: Sub PrintSelectedSheets() Dim wrLocal...
  8. S

    runtime error 1004 :PDF Export to Onedrive sub-folder

    Hi Experts, I have a problem so far, I tried to export my code to PDF format, the situation is runtime error 1004 what i did so far is that . with this path work just fine Filename:="https://d.docs.live.net/FBC3F27912XYZ123/Homeandcare work/Invoice Record History/" & "61_" & bil_id & "_" &...
  9. D

    VBA code to create PDFs causing Excel to crash immediately without any hang

    Hi, I have a VBA procedure that loops through each file in a directory and does the following: 1. Opens the file 2. Selects 2 sheets 3. Exports those sheets to a PDF Excel is crashing during this process at random. I.e., one time it can crash after 6 PDF files created, and another after 10...
  10. D

    Export sheet collection to pdf

    Greetings, I need some assistance with sheet collections. I have a large spreadsheet that our designers copy onto each job file and use. The first 103 sheets do not get printed or exported to pdf. We only send out the new generated pages. I have written code to select all sheets from sheet #104...
  11. T

    Help with Saving Spreadsheet as PDF using VBA

    Hey y'all, For a work project I am attempting to save a spreadsheet as a pdf in a specific folder but I now that I have figured out how to navigate to that folder (or create it if it doesn't already exist), I keep getting a fail to print error for an undefined object. Due to the nature of my...
  12. D

    Losing Data when saving to PDF from Excel Sheet

    Hello, I have found a VBA script online for exporting data from a spreadsheet into a pre-made PDF document. For my job, we fill in a large number of these form, so this will help a lot. However, whenever I run the script and it produces the PDFs, certain fields are not filled, specifically...
  13. Q

    Build multi-stage macro

    Hey All, I had a macro that I've since lost due to a bad hard drive that was an efficient combination of a couple different macros and need a bit of help rebuilding. What I'm trying to do is: A) Save Sheet1 as pdf (I already have a predetermined print area) B) Check if folder exists - if not...
  14. A

    Exporting all Charts from a worksheet VBA working

    Hi All, I have a great VBA that exports all charts from a workbook and I wanted to change it to do all charts from a worksheet. I thought I could just take out the first loop (For & Next) no such luck see below working code that I wish to modify. Sub ExportAllChartsjpg() Dim ch As Chart...
  15. J

    Export sheets to PDF macro

    Using this code to export multiple worksheets to PDF, how can I adjust the PDF zoom that the PDF will open up to? Manually creating the PDF does this for you but the macro doesn't. Can anyone help? Sub PDFPages() ThisWorkbook.Sheets(Array("Front Page", "Page", "Last")).Select...
  16. N

    Extra white space while exporting

    I am currently trying to integrate a Customer Packet (formerly a word doc) into the excel doc we use to calculate all our graphs, pricing, estimates, ect. I've copied all the assets from the word doc into the excel doc on a new tab and I have it pulling its graphs and its other assets from...
  17. C

    Excel macro (VBA): Export to ReadOnly PDF

    Dear everyone! I'm completely new to this site - so forgive me in advance.. I'm no genius - especially not when it comes to VBA, but I thought that you guys are, so: I have a macro in my excel worksheet that does following: Saves the active sheet as a PDF The code looks like...
  18. A

    Folders by date

    Is there a way to create folders\sub folders determined by a date in a field, if they dont already exist. eg Date entered in cell B8 as dd/mm/yy but displayed as ddd dd mm yy. file to be exported as G:\Event Sheets\sheet1 name\yyyy\mm mmm\dd.mm.yy - Value B9.pdf my current code for this is...

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