export from excel

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    Export one sheet as CSV

    Hi everyone... I'm looking for a way to export (save) one worksheet of many through VBA code. I tried saving as a csv but after changes are made to the rest of the appication, I need to be able to restore the single sheet intact as it was before. The reason is so that individual users can save...
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    String conversion formula?

    I am hoping for some assistance. I have Windows 7 Home Premium with Microsoft Office 10, using Excel 2010 v.# 14.0.4734.1000 32-bit. I have a tab delineated text document I have imported into excel. I am trying to then format the data to be imported into another program. The following is an...
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    Publish table to SharePoint with Hyperlink formula

    Hi all, I have a table that has 1 column as a hyperlink formula (based on values in other columns) The problem is when I publish this to SharePoint the hyperlinks are removed and all I get is the value. So I thought that it might be possible to do this in VBA, and have the sheet automatically...
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    excel to sharepoint

    Hello.... How do i Upload Excel document using a VBA macro to a Microsoft Office Sharepoint Document Library? I want to execute this macro by clicking on a button in excel? Please Help

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