1. I

    Mass Export Whatsapp chats to Excel

    Hi All I have recently used a VBA code, which works with selenium. The code allows you to use an excel spreadsheet to send messages via whatsapp, automatically. You may have seen the youtube video for the guy who wrote and offers the code, along with the spreadsheet: However I have vast...
  2. A

    Macro that creates a word document (and then a PDF) very slow

    Hello MrExcel, I have a macro that essentially exports text in 3 columns into a word document before converting to a PDF. I have had to do this as the text in 1 of the columns is well over 300 characters and can't be done in excel. Unfortunately when i run the macro it takes about 13 minutes...
  3. R

    Export all VBA code to PDF

    Hello all, I have several dozen Modules with VBA. I have looked through the forums as best as I can to find a resolve. I am trying to export all of my macros to PDF. I must be looking at the wrong posts as they help guide me to export the actual module to .BAS files. I am looking to extract all...
  4. J

    VBA - Exporting 2 different sheets to 2 different locations

    My VBA knowledge, at this time, is basically plagiarism or crying for help. I have a single workbook that I am needing to export 2 of its sheets to 2 different locations. At least that is the hope, rather than having to do the movement manually as I am trying to save every second I can in my...
  5. M

    VBA - Button Export Multiple Worksheets

    Dear Excel Gurus, I have an Excel file that splits Bill of Materials (BOM) explosions into the correct templates for our ERP system. We copy-paste the BOM of our customers in worksheet "BOM INSERT", we fill in a few data points in "INSTRUCTIONS", and the data automatically fills in Worksheets...
  6. T

    VBA loop through slicer and export multiple sheets to PDF (withoud hidden slicer items)

    Hi, I am using the below VBA to export to pdf based on a slicer. The main problem is that it is selecting those slicers that are not visible (no data). How can I have a loop with only visible slicers? HELP PLEASE! Sub Reporte() Dim sC As SlicerCache Set sC =...
  7. K

    Use excel to drive dropdown list in pdf

    I have a list of items in a spreadsheet which are maintained by a designated person to ensure they are current and applicable. I have created a pdf form which is pretty much empty apart from simple things like an email address, logo. I want a different designated person to open that form and...
  8. F

    Excel columns to multiple html files

    Hello everyone, I need your help. I have this table in excel: ID Something Else Subject Body file1 random Title1 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. file2 random Title2 <!DOCTYPE html><html...
  9. D

    Need help with XML empty column

    This is part of my xml I can map everything just fine except <Lost_agreement /> After i export mapped XML, <Lost_agreement /> is missing. it becomes But <Lost_agreement /> part is crucial and must be. How can i achieve it?
  10. M

    Export Data with Macro

    Hi all, I can't for the life of me get this macro to work the way I need it to. I've gone through all the threads and I think I know what I need to do, but I'm integrating it wrong. So the intention is to copy the data in Potential Code (A6:T15) to the Data Dump sheet starting at A2 and then...
  11. R

    Export a textbox value as a text file

    I am trying to export the notes from a single textbox on a worksheet called "CONTENTS" to a text file. The code works well, but if I click "cancel" on the saveasdialog box, then it creates a text file in the location with the name "False". I'm assuming I need a statement to handle if cancel is...
  12. C

    Can I import an Excel Pivot table into Power BI?

    Hi and thanks in advance for any guidance on this. How can one export a dynamic (I can get static pivot tables) pivot table to Power BI from Excel? I exported two columns of data, summarized them with Excel to see what I was looking at, using groupings that are difficult to emulate in Power...
  13. J

    VBA print to PDF - autofit to one page

    Good morning I have an issue with a piece of code where I'm unable to fit the pdf export to one page - the end column always spills onto a second PDF page. The code attached is part of a larger project, which all works fine, apart from this one export. I don't have much experience with page...
  14. R

    Save Current Sheet as PDF and Link that PDF in Access

    Hello! I am new to this forum and somewhat new to Excel/Access VBA. Have been able to find solutions to most my problems in this forum already except for this one. I have an excel workbook used for doing quotes. It's more like a form than anything. I want to use Access to store the quote...
  15. P

    VBA - Export Specific Column every 30 rows to .txt file

    Hi VBA Wizards, I have been battling to get this working. The purpose of this is that our customers need to enter a particular format to order in our b2b system. We have a problem with our ERP handling the .xml so limit the customer's orders in the b2b system to 30 lines per order. We would...
  16. A

    excel export to txt file without tabs

    hi Folks, I'm trying to make a post for a Fanuc milling machine. I've got most of it working now, except for one thing. The problem are the tabs behind the lines when exported to .TAP, the machine cant read these tabs. Is there an option to add to the code below so it leaves out these tabs? (I...
  17. W

    VBA Export selection of a Dynamic Array (FILTER) to new workbook

    Good afternoon, Is there anyway, using VBA, to export a particular range of data that's been populated with a dynamic filter from my current workbook to a new workbook? My current workbook has 5 sheets. I want to export a range of data from Sheet1 to its own workbook. In Sheet1, I have Columns...
  18. R

    Google Trips Export to Excel

    Hello everyone, I've recently become aware of the data that Google stores about your past trips/travel (not on Google Maps but the flight/hotel info extracted from Mail). It's on the /travel of Google website. Each trip is shown as a widget and you can click in to see the dates and travel info...
  19. D

    Export to PDF macro fails on Excel Office 365, not on Pro Plus 2019

    Hi, I have a button inside Excel workbook which exports certain pages to PDF with one click on a button. The Excel version I am using is Professional Pro Plus 2019 and my customers version is the same build, but an Office 365 version. If I hit the button in my version it works, but if my...
  20. D

    Excel script to export chart in sharepoint

    hello to all. I am trying to create a script that extracts chart elements (in jpg) from excel to sharepoint. I'm currently using this script but without results: function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook): ReportImages {...
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