1. P

    VBA - Export Specific Column every 30 rows to .txt file

    Hi VBA Wizards, I have been battling to get this working. The purpose of this is that our customers need to enter a particular format to order in our b2b system. We have a problem with our ERP handling the .xml so limit the customer's orders in the b2b system to 30 lines per order. We would...
  2. A

    excel export to txt file without tabs

    hi Folks, I'm trying to make a post for a Fanuc milling machine. I've got most of it working now, except for one thing. The problem are the tabs behind the lines when exported to .TAP, the machine cant read these tabs. Is there an option to add to the code below so it leaves out these tabs? (I...
  3. W

    VBA Export selection of a Dynamic Array (FILTER) to new workbook

    Good afternoon, Is there anyway, using VBA, to export a particular range of data that's been populated with a dynamic filter from my current workbook to a new workbook? My current workbook has 5 sheets. I want to export a range of data from Sheet1 to its own workbook. In Sheet1, I have Columns...
  4. R

    Google Trips Export to Excel

    Hello everyone, I've recently become aware of the data that Google stores about your past trips/travel (not on Google Maps but the flight/hotel info extracted from Mail). It's on the /travel of Google website. Each trip is shown as a widget and you can click in to see the dates and travel info...
  5. D

    Export to PDF macro fails on Excel Office 365, not on Pro Plus 2019

    Hi, I have a button inside Excel workbook which exports certain pages to PDF with one click on a button. The Excel version I am using is Professional Pro Plus 2019 and my customers version is the same build, but an Office 365 version. If I hit the button in my version it works, but if my...
  6. D

    Excel script to export chart in sharepoint

    hello to all. I am trying to create a script that extracts chart elements (in jpg) from excel to sharepoint. I'm currently using this script but without results: function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook): ReportImages {...
  7. T

    format data

    Hello I am having a problem formatting data in excel, I am preparing this data to import into a database that i have created. the problem is as follows: the raw data i have is for multiple chocolate recipe's that are broken down into the following: Name of recipe weight of ingredients unit of...
  8. B

    Filter and save data as new workbooks

    Hi, Can you someone help me with below requirement. I have a worksheet with data until column Z. I have list of names as below in the column "AD"(strating from AD1) of same worksheet. Max Alex Harry Sam Sid I am trying to have a VBA code that loops through the list in "AD" and...
  9. J

    Macro Help!

    Hi I'm trying to create a Macro so from my worksheet by pressing a button it will export it as a PDF, but then save it based on 3 cell Values, C4, C6 & C8. C4 is a name C6 is a name C8 is a date I'm wanting it to save to a specific file location to: C:\Users\Vector\Google Drive\H_O...
  10. X

    Exporting Certain Cells to a New CSV - with Custom Headers

    Hello, Does anyone know how I could create a button in my workbook to export certain cells into a new CSV file? For example, here is some data: Cell A1: John Cell A2: Doe Cell A3: Irrelevant Cell A4: Irrelevant Cell A5: Manager Name Cell A6: Job Title I would like to be able to pull cells...
  11. A

    Exporting tabs in a range as values

    Hi, I have a file with a lot of tabs and have had a macro (below) thats always worked fine. It basically exports specific tabs into a new workbook with all the data in it moved across as values. However now I want it to export a number of tabs but rather then specifying the tabs in the code I...
  12. R

    How to Export images From excel as given Cells name?

    I have an Excel Sheet with 15000 Rows including Product Name in Column "A", Including Product Images in Column "B". Now, How can I export All of these Pictures in a Folder as Column A product name. It will save My Day.
  13. P

    Stuck, Need Help (please). Trying to export unstructured text from PDF to import into Excel separating/placing text into specific columns

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help with this work project. I have experience with formulas and pivot table and am somewhat familiar with Power Query but apparently not enough for it to help me with this work project. I've been trying to find an Excel work-around for this project to simplify it...
  14. F

    Best way to automate the reformatting of this?

    I don't know how to best deal with getting my example onto this post, so forgive the copy pasta. Below is an example of how my company's system exports reports in Excel (there is no CSV, or un-formatted option for export). So, the employee's name is sort of randomly inserted at the top of...
  15. R

    Create .TXT Subsets based on existing Excel data using VBA Macro

    Hello Guys, I need to create Subsets for the data which I have, which is dynamic, using Excel VBA. I have data in the form of table, whose column headings are Code, % & Transaction ID as the below table. Code % Transaction ID 1001 42.10% 455152 1001 42.10% 455153 1001...
  16. G

    Exporting to Web-page problem

    Hello to everyone, after weeks of unsuccessful attempts I kindly ask for an opinion. It concerns exporting the print area of XXX.xls Sheet1 to web page (.htm); the xls sheet contains data and images (jpg, gif …. imported from the outside). Well, with an old Excel 2003 (on Windows 10) there are...
  17. X

    VBA excel code - to update spreadsheet based on the date

    Hi All maestros of excel VBA, I am writing here to receive maybe some help, advise how to write a right code. Given: I have my excel macro sheet .xlsm in which i am trying to pull data from the archive folder based on the date. For example in .xlsm file in the cell B1 I have a date. In...
  18. O

    VBA: how to skip a RANGE of columns when exporting to .TXT?

    Dear community, I have an Excel table to be exported to TXT in Unicode encoding with data separated by tabs (these 2 criteria are important) and i want to skip the range of columns: from C to G. Everything that is before C and after G should be exported. Which VBA code will be able to do that...
  19. S

    Export/Save images loaded to userform to a specific folder

    Hello, Can I please have your help to create a code that allows me to export image1 and image2 to a folder name that changes based on every new entry. The images will be loaded to the user form by click the image shape in the userform. I would like to export or save the images on the a folder...
  20. N

    VBA for saving values in one column to text file

    Hello, New to the forum. I've learned a lot just reading. Wondering if someone can help me with the VBA code below. It DOES save the whole worksheet to a text file, but I would like it to also Only save content in Column K Skip over blank cells in Column K Sub saveText()...

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