1. B

    XML to PDF

    I am using JotForms for data collection of names addresses and a short response. I am able to export those responses to a CSV or XLSX. I need to be able to take the responses exported and import it to a Fillable PDF form that was created. I was thinking the only way to do this easily is using an...
  2. N

    Exported excel sheet data validation

    Hi Team, I am working on a request where an excel sheet has few columns with columns format like(SSN , ZIP code and YYYYMMDD format) data. Now on the same sheet there is a button. If I click on that button, then all the sheet data will be exported to a new excel sheet and that will be saved into...
  3. L

    Export multiple cell data from worksheet, place into specific cell on another worksheet based on answer.

    Hello helpful people! Here is my dilemma. I have a workbook that has a summary {Summary} page and ten worksheets {Employer #1, Employer #2, etc.} with specific data. Based on a Yes/No answer on the Employer sheets, I need data from two specific cells {B11 and F16} to transfer to a specific...
  4. H

    Automating exporting multiple sheets to new files

    Hi guys (Question is in regard to Excel for Mac 365) I have a fairly massive workbook consisting of around 40-50 sheets. Three of the sheets contains common variables / master data and some calculations, and values from these three are then used in separate sheets per department. In order to...
  5. M

    Append character to cell & export column range as a 1 line text file

    I have a csv file that I need to manipulate so that I can imported into another application. I need to add a comma & a space to the end of each cell with data in it (minus the header row) & then export the entire range into a single line in a text file. For example, the contents of column A in...
  6. Z

    VBA Outlook export calendar items - Code 13 type mismatch error

    I created a code for exporting calendar appointments from outlook. It runs perfectly for me, however we get code 13 error on one of my collegue's computer who is supposed to use the macro. The error is at the "Next" line, and she uses the same outlook version as me. Can anyone please help me...
  7. H

    Export each Sheet to .bat format without Double Quotes

    I have the following VBA code (below) that I am attempting to run against each of my 21 worksheets. The idea is that each worksheet should get saved out as a .bat filetype - and simply contain the text exactly as it appeared in each respective worksheet. The problem is, the text contained in...
  8. B

    Export selected sheets to pdf and save to Desktop

    I'm implementing a 'live' and self-service reporting regime. I want managers to be able to access their own area's live data and take a snapshot of it at any point in time by saving selected sheets to a pdf file on their respective Desktops. The macro I've put together runs without errors - but...
  9. C

    Excel to PDF - specific location saved by date

    Hi all Ive had a look through the discussion board and cant quite find what i was looking for, or the codes were very different. The idea is a macro button which saves to a specific location, saves as a PDF, saves name as todays date. Please find code below. Currently it is saving the PDF in...
  10. gravanoc

    Accessing an open Word doc from Excel causes "Locked for Editing" dialog to appear

    I'm experiencing an issue with exporting the contents of a Word document to PDF. After pasting a table from Outlook into Excel, certain parts of the table are retained, then the new table is pasted into Word. The Word document is saved using a specific filename, the date, and a number to...
  11. G

    How to take data from the a unopen workbook first sheet without specifying the actual name (because it change every week)

    Hello, For a project I actually use a macro to export data from one unopen workbook sheet to the actual xlsm workbook sheet. I recently found a problem on the export sheet, this sheet has to be updated every single week but probel the change the name of the sheet changes every week. But on my...
  12. Y

    Copy/paste dynamic, filtered data + put a column into next row (through macro)

    Howdy dear forum members, Odd title I agree. So I have sheet 1, sheet 2, and sheet 3. Sheet 1 is the overall data entry dynamic table. Data is added through a User form (button "Add new entry") Sheet 2 is where filtered data (per department transactions) is exported through a macro (see...
  13. R

    Copy all sheets to new workbook without formulas and macros

    Hi All, I want to copy my whole workbook (xlsm) with formulas and macros to a whole new excel file (xlsx) without any formula and macro. I've found the script below on internet and works fine but is for 1 certain sheet. How can i include multiple sheets and copy this to the new workbook? It is...
  14. I

    Mass Export Whatsapp chats to Excel

    Hi All I have recently used a VBA code, which works with selenium. The code allows you to use an excel spreadsheet to send messages via whatsapp, automatically. You may have seen the youtube video for the guy who wrote and offers the code, along with the spreadsheet: However I have vast...
  15. A

    Macro that creates a word document (and then a PDF) very slow

    Hello MrExcel, I have a macro that essentially exports text in 3 columns into a word document before converting to a PDF. I have had to do this as the text in 1 of the columns is well over 300 characters and can't be done in excel. Unfortunately when i run the macro it takes about 13 minutes...
  16. R

    Export all VBA code to PDF

    Hello all, I have several dozen Modules with VBA. I have looked through the forums as best as I can to find a resolve. I am trying to export all of my macros to PDF. I must be looking at the wrong posts as they help guide me to export the actual module to .BAS files. I am looking to extract all...
  17. J

    VBA - Exporting 2 different sheets to 2 different locations

    My VBA knowledge, at this time, is basically plagiarism or crying for help. I have a single workbook that I am needing to export 2 of its sheets to 2 different locations. At least that is the hope, rather than having to do the movement manually as I am trying to save every second I can in my...
  18. M

    VBA - Button Export Multiple Worksheets

    Dear Excel Gurus, I have an Excel file that splits Bill of Materials (BOM) explosions into the correct templates for our ERP system. We copy-paste the BOM of our customers in worksheet "BOM INSERT", we fill in a few data points in "INSTRUCTIONS", and the data automatically fills in Worksheets...
  19. T

    VBA loop through slicer and export multiple sheets to PDF (withoud hidden slicer items)

    Hi, I am using the below VBA to export to pdf based on a slicer. The main problem is that it is selecting those slicers that are not visible (no data). How can I have a loop with only visible slicers? HELP PLEASE! Sub Reporte() Dim sC As SlicerCache Set sC =...
  20. K

    Use excel to drive dropdown list in pdf

    I have a list of items in a spreadsheet which are maintained by a designated person to ensure they are current and applicable. I have created a pdf form which is pretty much empty apart from simple things like an email address, logo. I want a different designated person to open that form and...

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