1. O

    VBA: how to skip a RANGE of columns when exporting to .TXT?

    Dear community, I have an Excel table to be exported to TXT in Unicode encoding with data separated by tabs (these 2 criteria are important) and i want to skip the range of columns: from C to G. Everything that is before C and after G should be exported. Which VBA code will be able to do that...
  2. S

    Export/Save images loaded to userform to a specific folder

    Hello, Can I please have your help to create a code that allows me to export image1 and image2 to a folder name that changes based on every new entry. The images will be loaded to the user form by click the image shape in the userform. I would like to export or save the images on the a folder...
  3. N

    VBA for saving values in one column to text file

    Hello, New to the forum. I've learned a lot just reading. Wondering if someone can help me with the VBA code below. It DOES save the whole worksheet to a text file, but I would like it to also Only save content in Column K Skip over blank cells in Column K Sub saveText()...
  4. S

    Export excel sheet as PDF to an existing folder

    Hello, I am looking for a code that allows to export an excel sheet as PDF that has name TARA-19-001 to an existing folder that was previously created with the same name in the following directory C:\Users\SSF1590\Desktop\TARA Project\Folders . The name of the file will change every time a new...
  5. kpasa

    Export Table as HTML with Formatting AND Filter capabilities

    Is it possible to export a table with filtering capabilities? I know it's possible to get formatting, but I cannot figure out if filtering is possible.
  6. S

    [VBA] export selected range as PNG with enhance resolution

    I found the following code in exporting selected range into PNG. It works well. However, the displayed image is a bit non-smooth, especially the font. Is there a way to enhance the export resolution? Thanks. Sub CommandButton56_Click() Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
  7. lockarde

    Exporting Userform design and code to import in VB

    Hello all, I've recently created a userform within excel to take care of some quick calculations I regularly have to do. After getting it all set, I thought, why not make it a stand alone app, instead of having to run excel everytime? I tried exporting the userform, and I get two files, one...
  8. S

    Exporting & Importing Macro with VBA

    Hey all, I'm trying to move a module to a new Workbook and assign it to a shape I can Export/Import it but when I assign it I'm assigning the macro from the Original, not the New Workbook. The New Workbook's name will change each time it's run. I don't know how to code a variable into the...
  9. dispelthemyth

    Extracting modules from a different workbook via VBA? (corrupt file)

    I have a corrupt file that i cant expand the project view on meaning i cant get to the point of seeing the modules and right clicking to export (it is password protecting and i am able to enter the password successfully) Is there a way to export these modules using VBA when inside another workbook?
  10. A

    Poor Resolution of Exported Chart

    I am using Excel VBA to copy some cells containing text (with formatting), copy them as a picture, paste the picture into a chart, export the chart as a .jpg file, and load the picture into a UserForm. This works beautifully when I use my home computer to remote desktop into my work computer...
  11. F

    Export only filtered data to new workbook

    I have a workbook which contains data for all of our vendors. It is set up to filter every sheet based on a dropdown on the first sheet. I would like a ‘button’ to create a new workbook containing the formulas, buttons, formatting, etc. from the original - but only with the selected data. I...
  12. 2

    MS Access auto/scheduled report export.

    Hello All, Is it possible to run MS Access report export (to MS Excel) by a user that does not have MS Access? I need to share report that uses data over ODBC to multiple remotely located users. Not all of them have MS Access. I was wondering if there was a way they could run export that would...
  13. S

    Automatically Reorder 77 Columns based on row 1 contents

    We have a system with an excel export, but the columns are not in the order we need, nor are they even in the same order each time we perform this export. Is it possible to redefine the columns in Excel with some VBA? I would want this done based on the contents of A1 through CY1. These...
  14. L

    Export Excel chart to pdf with layers

    Hi Everyone, I was curious if anyone knew of a way to export an excel chart to PDF of which will include a layer for each data series. The ultimate goal is the ability to send a client a series of charts which they will be able review and turn on/off the different series, some of which overlap...
  15. mikecox39

    Getting spreadsheet to someone without XL

    I need to the data on a spreadsheet to someone who probably doesn't have access to XL. It though about printing it out, then scanning it back in as a jpg file but that seems lame. There must be a better way. I looked for an "export" option but only found a "share" option but the receiver...
  16. S

    Cell Range export to Text File Issue

    I have the below code to select a range of cells and export it to a text file; however, the cells I am selecting contain formulas and after I export and open the text file I only get "#REF..... I think I need this to maybe paste the values instead? Please help... Sub ExportRangetoFile()'Update...
  17. S

    Export Data from website using javascript

    Hi there, I am trying to export data from a website example: https://www.flashscore.com/baseball/usa/mlb/ When I do, the data pasted from excel is shown vertically and not horizontally as on the website. Is there an easy alternative to get this data from the website to excel in a similar...
  18. Q

    Why is my Report Printing (VBA)

    I've got the code below to save a report as a PDF at the click of a button. The button works fine, but whenever it is clicked, the report is also printed out. Does anyone know why this would be and is there a way to stop it from printing? Private Sub Command271_Click() Dim ReportName As String...
  19. A

    VBA to export one column data into new text file

    Hi Guys, Is it possible to export one column ("AT") from each sheet except for Master and Info from an Excel file and save as .txt file for each tab with the tab name as the file name in same folder? The row numbers are different in each sheet. They vary form 3 rows to 350 rows. Thanks Asad
  20. A

    No Error But also not executing

    Hi all Me again So I have another one that doesn't give me any errors, but it is also not executing the code. It gives the correct msgbox and filename but when pressing save absolutely nothing happens. It doesn't actually execute the code. Not sure why. Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()...

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