1. W

    Constant expression ?

    Within a macro I have this line Const strFileName = Range("B22").Value When I try to run the macro it gives a warning "constant expression required". Can someone help me with an explanation / solution please?
  2. F

    Exclude year with sumproduct and subtotal

    Hey guys, I've recently started to use the sumproduct and subtotal functions to make my data responde to filters and after some struggle i made it work, but right now i can't use an expression that excludes by year. So i need an expression that gives me the number of dates in a column that...
  3. F

    Countif with filters

    Hey guys, I've been trying to use a countif expression that allows me to check for misplaced data, which is pretty easy, however it becomes a lot more tricky when i try to make that same data respond to filters. This is the expression i have used so far COUNTIFS('A...
  4. H


    Hi All I have: Can they be combined in one countifs expression at all? Many thanks
  5. M

    VBA or Expression Builder for using toggle button to open a page

    Hi newish to Access and am just starting to try to dabble in VBA, Macros, Expression Builders to make my database forms cleaner and more user friendly. I have tried searching several sites and have been unable to find anything helpful to guide me in how to write the VBA code or use Expression...
  6. K

    DLookUp for Search Strings in another table...

    I am trying to do a lookup function in Access as I would use a Vlookup in Excel. I found the Dlookup expression but cannot seem to get it to work properly. I would like to use an expression and not VBA if at all possible. I would like the expression to reference the below table (titled Search...
  7. A

    Issues con INDEX function

    Good afternoon everybody! I am currently taking an specialization final test and I am stuck with one of the questions...please help me! I am using this expression: =INDEX(Rate_500!C3:G6,2,3) and I get a value. I need use this same expression to get values from the same sheet and the same...
  8. JenniferMurphy

    Name of active sheet

    An Internet search turned up this expression for obtaining the name of the active sheet. =MID(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("]",CELL("filename",A1))+1,255) It seems to work, but is there really nothing simpler and more straightforward?
  9. M

    Access Query expression builder error, please help.

    Hello and thank you in advance for helping if you can, I have an expression for building a calculated column in an Access query that has worked fine in the past, but I am trying to do it know, and because there is a query linked to this query with the same field, it is giving me "The specified...
  10. C

    Using a regex expression in an array formula

    Is it possible to search use a regular expression in an array formula? I have some defined values in cell A11 which works but I also want to lookup for example anything that starts with 4 numbers (which will represent a time code)...
  11. JenniferMurphy

    Boolean values are numbers sometimes?

    It appears that Boolean values (TRUE, FALSE) can be used in calculations in some situations, but not others. In this table, Col D shows the formula in Col C. <tbody> R/C C D 4 FALSE C4: FALSE 5 TRUE C5: TRUE 6 TRUE C6: TRUE 7 #DIV/0! C7: =AVERAGE(C4:C6) 8 0 C8: =SUM(C4:C6) 9 2 C9...
  12. C

    Check for type of ActiveSheet Cell Value

    In a macro what expression would I use to check if a cell contains a number or text?
  13. H

    Error in Macro

    Hi People, I managed to source macros to filter multiple items in a pivot table based on an array or range available in another work book Bu I am getting function error or expression error can you please help with the full code. Filter_PivotField _...
  14. F

    find math expression with given elements and results

    Hi everyone, How can this be solved in VBA given S is a result and some number a b c d e f g So how can i find the combination of math expression ( plus/ minus ) so that a + b + c - d -e -f + g = S or a - b +c - d - e +f - g = S Thanks,
  15. M

    Replicating a SUMPRODUCT formula using a Query Expression

    Hi, I have an Excel formula that I'm trying to replicate in a query expression. Can anyone help? Excel Formula =IF(SUMPRODUCT(($D$2:$D$12000)*($J$2:$J$12000=J1747))<-999999,"Yes","No") For the Expression: ColumnD = B.MONETARY_AMOUNT ColumnJ = B.ACTIVITY_ID Basically, my query results will...
  16. B

    VBA Select Case - Expression too complex?

    I get "Expression too complex" when attempting this: Suggestions/remedy greatly appreciated. Select Case Val(ws.Cells(iRow, 18).Value) Case Is <= Val(Sheets("Settings").[A90]): OptionButton1 = True Case Is > Val(Sheets("Settings").[A93]): OtionButton4 = True...
  17. S

    Compile error: Expected: Expression

    Hey everybody. I've tried to make some simple calculations, but you see what happened. What is the reason of the compile error?
  18. A

    Complex IF Statement help please!

    Greetings, Im working with a template that has the following expression: =IF(AND($B10="Goal",H$5>=$E10,H$5<=$E10+$F10-1),2,IF(AND($B10="Milestone",H$5>=$E10,H$5<=$E10+$F10-1),1,"")) The value in Column F is currently # of days - I'd like to change that to an End Date and would really like some...
  19. A

    Help formatting a IF AND Does not equal expression

    Can someone help me format this expression correctly? If the state is NJ and the credit card is Amazon then No tax but if the state is NJ and the credit card is anything other than Amazon then tax. =IF(AND(oknshipstate="NJ",okncreditcard="Amazon"),"No Tax", if...

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