extract string

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    Extract Characters from String

    <tbody> Reference Desired Output Comments 250.75378 75378 Standard reference - without expected suffix i.e. ".000" 250. 75378 75378 Includes erroneous space 250 .75378 75378 Includes erroneous space 250.75378.000 75378 Standard reference (majority of cases) Text Error Text entry should...
  2. S

    Compare data and extract Software name, year and version

    Hi Experts, I was not able to find a thread similar, so starting this thread. I am a novice in excel and I am trying to compare the softwares of an application with the master data list. My questions are as below. 1. I have to compare 2 strings in this scenerio (e.g COL A - microsoft visual...
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    Extract Numerical Data

    Is there a way to extract numerical data and have it hold its value? I can write a program to extract: 12 pucks, 456 sticks, 7890 fans to 1234567890 123-456-7890 to 1234567890 but here is the actual outcome I am looking for: 123 345 7890 123 345 7890 I would...
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    Find and extract a substring from a string

    I've been reading around and found all kinds of problems that where like the one I'm having, but none of the solutions worked for me. I have a list with lines liek these: ****** name="email" content="dl-departmentmailbox"> <p><a href="mailto:dl-departmentmailbox">dl-departmentmailbox</a></p>...
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    Search for specific strings - then highlight cells

    I would like to find cells that contains the string PO (capital letters) on a worksheet and then highlight those cells in a specific color with a macro to be added to the ribbon. It should not highlight cells where the string is part of a word, e.g. CORPORATE. The most likely strings would be...
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    need to extract number string from text string.

    There is one column that includes all sorts of text and numbers. There isn't a common pattern throughout the column except a 16 number string that I want to extract and place in the next column. I've seen formulas such as...
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    Search, Extract string, copy part of the cell - HELP!

    I need to code a module in VBA. I'm not sure where to start. I've coded quite a few things, but never something like this. Any help you could provide would be VERY appreciated. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> · The intent is to...
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    I need help to extract string after a last "-" (hypen/dash)

    I need help to extract string after a last "-" (hypen/dash) abc-454-test abc-test xyz-7847-hgh-test I need test to be extracted from all using an excel formula. Please suggest. Thank you in advance!!!
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    Extract string starting with ... from a cell

    Hi! I'm trying to write a macro to extract a certain text from a cell. The string in the cell is the following usually: VIFIR - kód :k200010006……. What I need is to extract the 10 digit code from it. but it does not always start at the 14th character and not always with a k. Can start with...

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