1. E

    how to separate HTML tables from one cell into multiple cells?

    Hi, I have a complicated situation with an unwieldy amount of data. The situation is I have data from my website in excel, each row is a profile (around 100k profiles), that all biographical data is crammed into one data field (or in this case, a cell, since in Excel) in HTML format. The HTML...
  2. C

    Extracting specific text from text string

    I am trying to extract a certain string of text from a bigger string of text. I am looking to extract "OGEA********" the stars stand for numbers and each time they will be different, so the only bit of text which is the same is OGEA. I have searched the internet and found...
  3. M

    Table, extract content from a row, remove blanks and order in order A-Z

    Dear Forum, I am not new to Excel but until now didn't use it in a sophisticated way. I am stuck with a Table, where I am not able to get to my target. What am I trying to do is the following in: As you can see in the below picture, I did some experimenting before going back to my table and...
  4. H

    MACRO issue while extracting data

    Hello, I have excel file which extracts data from website ( moneycontrol.com ) Attached here with. Problem is in BUTTON 4. Now button 4 has stopped extracting data in COLUMN AZ I want need help in 1. Extracting data in COLUMN AZ from ( moneycontrol.com ) LINK is provided in COLUMN E 2. I...
  5. Emanuele

    Multiple column and String extract VBA

    Hi guys, I would like to know if there is a way to add more than 1 adjacent column for the presented code that Fluff helped me to modify in this Post Furthermore it's possible to apply a string extract (for example, extract the first 4 and the last 4 characters and put them in different column)...
  6. A

    Extract Multiple text that contains - in a Single cell to individual cells

    Hello, this is my 1st post so please go gentle on me if this question has already been asked. I've search and found some similarities with extracting an email but unable to adapt what I've found with what I need so hopefully someone can help. What I would like to do is to extract multiple text...
  7. R

    Search and return matches into multiple columns

    Hi All I have a scenario where I'm attempting to extract certain words that appear between double quotes but only if they meet a certain condition. For example I want to search for ALL fruit in column A and present these individually in the subsequent columns. Fruit' = "Pear" OR 'Fruit' =...
  8. R

    Extracting PARTIAL words from cell

    I'm in a worksheet and trying to extract the words after the 3rd and 4th hyphens when they're available in column A (see table below for representation). <tbody> Digital - workbook - sheet Digital - workbook - app Digital - workbook - test Digital - workbook - sheet - max - version1...
  9. S

    Advanced Filter query - What are the rules with editing the extract?

    Previously, I have done an Advanced Filter query, with the Extract in the same Workbook, and: 1.) Sorted the Extract 2.) Made some changes to the Extract Sometimes this had a bad effect: With whatever change I made, it did the same thing to the rows above and below it - unwanted changes Other...
  10. A

    Extracting some data from a string in a cell

    One more help needed. In one column i have multiple email addresses of different length. For eg: amit.dhamija@rediffmail.com. How can i extract value after "@" and before "." which in this case is "rediffmail" ??
  11. T

    Extracting certain data from a worksheet

    I am trying to figure out the best way to only extract certain data from a download from our rating system. Below is an example of how the data is downloaded from the system VEH 1 - 2000 INTERNATIONAL 4000 4900 STRAIGHT TRUCK {1HTSDAAN7YH256306} City State Territory Stated Amount Cost...
  12. K

    Extract 9 matches and continue extracting next 9

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I have 9 unique patterns in the cells C4:K4 and some results in the cells D6:J44, My request is I need a macro which can extract 9 unique matches from the results and copy them in to N4:T44, </SPAN></SPAN> Start looking in the first result row...
  13. N

    Imported data into new table? (totally lost)

    Hello! I have a importsheet with data and need to extract and count several things from it, but I have no idea how or where to start (usually I only used Excel for math problem). I made an exampelsheet with some fake imported data and the right nr of columns, the real importsheet contains...
  14. R

    Auto Filter Pivot table

    I have file that on a monthly basis I dump an extract into. That extract feeds pivot tables on 3 other sheets displaying the information at varying levels of detail. I already have a VBA to auto refresh the tables when new information is added but I'd really like one that could auto filter the...
  15. H

    The extract range has a miising or invalid field name

    I borrowed some code that was in a worksheet that the people that came before me created... I have adapted it to work for me in another situation but I am wanting to modify it. Basically I have a data collection machine that creates csv files with information. I am wanting to extract...
  16. M

    Extract and arrange the numbers small to larger values

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to extract the numbers of column E:N and need to arrange them in order small to larger values in the columns P:Y</SPAN></SPAN> Example <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse...
  17. smide

    VBA to extract part of HTML code

    Hello. In cell A1 I'm receiving Customer names an their home town in form of huge HTML code. I need to extract Customer names in column A (A3:A600) and their home towns in column B (B3:B600). Part of HTML code for names is always the same: <div class="customName--1gBeC">J. Jones</div> Part...
  18. Penguinducky

    Extracting City and State from a cell without commas

    Trying to extract the City and State from a cell that has the Name of the Company, City and State in it and I only want to show the location. Problem scenarios I'm having: City and State are mushed together (example: MissssaugaOntario) Company name and city have a / or - between them (example...
  19. spencer_time

    Two numbers to left of * and two numbers to right of *

    Hello, I -had- part of my program working until I realized that the length of the filename wasn't always constant and I need help fixing that. In the following section of code it used to look for a sheet names *CEQ* and extract the two numbers before CEQ and the two numbers after CEQ. I then...
  20. S

    How to extract and cross match multiple occurences with Excel VBA

    Hi Friends, From past 2 days I been trying to extract multiple occurrences present in "cell text"(sheet1 ColumnA:A) and extract into sheet2 and sheet3. Cross match with IDs between sheet2 data with sheet3 and extract matched data into sheet4(Macro 3 final results). I have attached sample data...

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