1. S

    Extracting all numbers from a string

    Hello, I am attempting to extract data from a string. I have employees copying tabular data out of another software. The software got updated, so now copied data only gets pasted as a string in one cell. I was hoping someone is able to assist with a VBA code or a formula to extract any numbers...
  2. T

    PDF Drawings to Excel format

    Hi guys, I want ask from you about one thing which came into my mind and take some recommendations about it. I have a lot of PDF drawings which I should check and count the type and total Amount of Joints. The whole process which I want to automate I will write below Step By step: All job...
  3. Jyggalag

    PowerPivot / Power Query & Pivot Table??

    Dear all, I have currently made a pivot table, which I am linking to some Power Query data. The data in the power query comes from a folder where I import files from a website, so these files will ALWAYS have the same file name, sheet name and column names. However, the data under their...
  4. P

    Extrapolate text from string (MID? COUNTIF?)

    Hey guys, Looking to get some input on the attached example sheet. I'm needing to do an audit and need to compare differing sheets. I have the others down, but this one is proving tricky. Cell A2 has the below text; Phone Number Portin Order Need to Process, Order Id is...
  5. JacksonTriggs

    Extract Numbers and Text from Single Cell with Multiple Numbers & Text

    Hi all! Despite searching for similar posts, I have not found a solution to the following problem regarding a single cell with a very long string of multiple numbers and text. Here is a part of it: 118 A&E 131 AMC 184 Animal Planet.... How can I extract this string into rows with two columns...
  6. T

    Substitute, then substitute something else

    Okay, i have no idea what I'm doing. After some toying, i have =IFERROR(TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(LEFT(A4,FIND(" ",A4&" ",FIND("@",A4))-1)," ",REPT(" ",LEN(A4))),LEN(A4)))," ") in order to extract email addresses from stuff like "Bhatia, Tulikaa <Tulikaa.Bhatia@domain.com>" My problem is that i...
  7. O

    recognise format of code in Power Query to extract

    >10k of rows of short sentences have within then, usually, a code. I need to extract this code, but how do I get PQ to recognise its format, which is: 230F-115-04 301F-115-05 30A-115-26 30F-1180-02 30F-118-03 30F-1252-04 130H-1252-05 30F-1252-18 30F-126-01 40G-127-01...
  8. Q

    Loop Through Multiple Workbooks to Extract Specific Information

    Hi, I'm looking to extract information from multiple files (file data) in a folder and paste the results in a new workbook. 1. I want to find the total income on a certain date. 2. I want to find the total from the total column. 3. If the file name has "cash" in it, save it as a record...
  9. M

    Extracting Data based om Condition

    Hello all, i want to extract data from column A to column B using formula. If number of characters after the hyphen is less than or equal to 4 then it has to be copied to respective B column cell. Refer example. Thank you. AB1HeadingExtracted...
  10. C

    VBA Extract specific data from txt file

    Have a .txt file that contains specific data that needs to be extracted and placed into corresponding columns in Excel. My log file has the following structure: . . . === NAME: xyz123 === d1: ABCD, d2: EFGH e1: TRUE (12345) . . . . == Specific text == Not every log part ends with the ==...
  11. P

    Extract text outside multiple parenthesis

    I want to extract all text outside of any parenthesis. I can get the text from the first occurence of a parenthesis using: =TRIM(LEFT(A2,FIND(" (",A2&" ("))) But now sure how to do this for multiple occurences. Below is an example. Text Expected result Cucumber (1) Cucumber Cucumber...
  12. T

    extract block of data delimited by parentheses

    hello, I have a text file with blocks of data defined by parentheses, something similar to ( asas dsdss ) ( wwqee weqqe ) I need to extract the content between the parentheses. the problem is that sometimes the parentheses are nested. any suggestions? Thank you
  13. W

    How to extract number is a string of text?

    Greetings, This is my string; LANTUS 24 Units in the Morning, 18 Units + HUMLOG at Dinner Time. I need to extract the numbers, 24 and 18. I've seen all kinds of answers, including VBA, which isn't for me. W. Kirk Crawford Tularosa, New Mexico
  14. L

    Extract data after "-" VBA

    **VBA** Hi I have a string that will change daily and looks something like this "09876 k-wef234 £45678.99 Option 4 -£123456.57" I am trying to find the best way of extracting the "-£123456.57" after "Option 4 -£123456.57". I need the code to always look for Option 4 as that is the one part...
  15. U

    Extract String from cell with multiple strings and spaces

    Hi, all of these lines are in 1 cell, separated by spaces. I just want the SC (So SC017, SC283, etc) from each of these lines with in the cell to be put on separate lines within a column. Text to columns with Ctrl+J as the delimiter kind of does some of it, but is there an easier way? I...
  16. E

    Extract unique data from column and associate data

    Hello, i need a VBA code that will extract the unique values from column A and associate it's data from column B So far i only managed to extract unique data from col A into an Array. Thanks.
  17. M

    Extract and return a rows values and cells list which contains alphabetical texts

    Hi, Required a formula help to Extract and return a rows which contains alphabetical text, and return a list wise cells values which contains alphabetical text as based on data specified in column(B4:E8) desired results enclosed. Thanks for the help...
  18. S

    Search last occurence of character and return word that contains it

    I would like a formula that looks for a specific character in cell and returns the last word that contains it. Example: extract the last word (string?) from A1 that contains the "." (dot) character: A1 B1 FirstName LastName 1984 1:15.84 1:07.84 2 1:07.84
  19. M

    Extract/Count a records that containing a digits, numbers in a cell

    Hi, Required a formula help to extract a records (at least which contains one number in a cell) contains a numeric values in data set Column A:C,as well same values (at least which contains one number in a cell) to be count their actual quantity from the total data set. Thanks...
  20. nardagus

    How to extract XML attachment from PDF

    Hello All, Recently I have received some PDF files with XML attached. Of course when I double click on it it will open in a text editor. Cool. However. What I need to do is: 1) Open PDF 2) Extract XML attachment 3) Import it to a worksheet 4) Close PDF 5) Open another PDF 6) Extract XML...
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