1. T

    How to change or replace multiple cell name in Microsoft Excel chronologically?

    I have provided the screenshot of my excel worksheet. I want to rename the cells in column B chronologically same as Column A but without losing the blank cells. i.e the first "transfer" name cell of column B will be "transfer 1", the second "transfer" name cell of column B will be "transfer 2"...
  2. A

    Extracting Data from a table

    Hi all, Looking for some help on extracting data, I have a relatively large table A1 to P272, columns are either names, value (£'s) or %'s What i am looking to do is on another sheet have the top 30 for each category - snippet of example data below Name Stage 1 count Stage 1 Total Value...
  3. S

    Using a helper cell to return a month value

    Hi, I have a column of date windows formatted as "mm/dd--mm/dd" (so, not in an actual "date" format recognizable by Excel), and I want to use a helper cell to pull the first two numbers from that column, and then another column to pull that number, and return it in "mmm" format. For example...
  4. S

    Extract date and specific string from text

    Hi I have the following table that contains everything in one cell. I want to extract the last date entered in that cell and size in the formate of (00/00"). That two columns should be added to the original table similar to pic below.
  5. F

    Formula Help: Summing numbers from text cells, that occur before/after specific characters

    Hi all, I need help creating different formula strings that can return a sum from text cells that contain multiple different numbers. Not the best way to collect data, I know, but until our org develops skills in Microsoft Access this is a direction we're trying (need to make it easy for many...
  6. N

    Combine LEFT RIGHT formulas with content from cell with ALT-enter text

    I am trying to extract content from a cell that contains text as followed (text between the brackets): "Yes - configurable Some text on that is not important" I am able to strip the "Yes - " using: =RIGHT(A1;LEN(A1)-(FIND("-";A1))) and I am able to extra the word before the return using...
  7. R

    Multiple workbooks and extracting data

    Hello, I have multiple workbooks and they have approximately 25 sheets in each of them. I need to extract same data from each of them. The data is always in the same cell and sheet. I need to extract data to one new workbook. What is the easiest way to do this? EDIT: Also I need to extract...
  8. A

    Extract Text Matching a Certain Sequence within a Cell

    I work for a company and we have type up orders for customers. The way the customers give the info can vary so I tend to use Excel for bigger lists. Sometimes, it's not nice and puts it all into a single cell. I don't know exactly where in the cell the item number or if the number is by itself...
  9. M

    Extracting text string from cell with no delimiters

    Hi See sample data: ABCDEFGHIJKL1Product CodeOrderOrdered PartsIntended...
  10. M

    extract or copy only one value that's unique across multiple columns

    Hey, guys! I have a 10-column sheet with both unique and non-unique values (which are actually text, not numeric values, if this matters) across different columns. For example... column 1 has 27 rows of text, column 2 has 33 rows of text, column 3 has 14 rows of text, column 4 has 62 rows of...
  11. O

    cut off words (or replace by "") in list from strings

    Power Query: I have a column with strings and a list of words I need found in that column AND (this is the difficult part) when found these words need to get cut off from the string (or replaced by "")? How? A sort of textual substraction... have been trying so long... list.accumulate etc...
  12. P

    Extracting conditional format from another workbook

    I would like to extract the conditional format of a cell from another workbook and programmatically recreate it. Is this even possible? The workbook in question has many many conditional formats but it would be very difficult to get the right color codes and formulas from so many cells manually...
  13. P

    Replicate publisher in column C for Google Sheets

    Hello, starting from this sheet with column A (title, responsibility, publisher) I would need a formula that extracts only the publisher in column C. I used this formula: = LEFT (MID (A2, FIND ("-", A2) +1, LEN (A2)), FIND (",", MID (A2, FIND ("-", A2) +1, LEN (A2))) ) -1) but column C gives...
  14. I

    VBA With Selenium: Extract the Element text (code) Not the webpage data

    I am trying to write a code using Selenium Basic. I am extracting messages from a messaging service. I can extract all the messages using FindElementByClass, however this returns all the messages and does not contain any details of who the message is from. I need the messages returned to the...
  15. S

    Extracting all numbers from a string

    Hello, I am attempting to extract data from a string. I have employees copying tabular data out of another software. The software got updated, so now copied data only gets pasted as a string in one cell. I was hoping someone is able to assist with a VBA code or a formula to extract any numbers...
  16. T

    PDF Drawings to Excel format

    Hi guys, I want ask from you about one thing which came into my mind and take some recommendations about it. I have a lot of PDF drawings which I should check and count the type and total Amount of Joints. The whole process which I want to automate I will write below Step By step: All job...
  17. Jyggalag

    PowerPivot / Power Query & Pivot Table??

    Dear all, I have currently made a pivot table, which I am linking to some Power Query data. The data in the power query comes from a folder where I import files from a website, so these files will ALWAYS have the same file name, sheet name and column names. However, the data under their...
  18. P

    Extrapolate text from string (MID? COUNTIF?)

    Hey guys, Looking to get some input on the attached example sheet. I'm needing to do an audit and need to compare differing sheets. I have the others down, but this one is proving tricky. Cell A2 has the below text; Phone Number Portin Order Need to Process, Order Id is...
  19. JacksonTriggs

    Extract Numbers and Text from Single Cell with Multiple Numbers & Text

    Hi all! Despite searching for similar posts, I have not found a solution to the following problem regarding a single cell with a very long string of multiple numbers and text. Here is a part of it: 118 A&E 131 AMC 184 Animal Planet.... How can I extract this string into rows with two columns...
  20. T

    Substitute, then substitute something else

    Okay, i have no idea what I'm doing. After some toying, i have =IFERROR(TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(LEFT(A4,FIND(" ",A4&" ",FIND("@",A4))-1)," ",REPT(" ",LEN(A4))),LEN(A4)))," ") in order to extract email addresses from stuff like "Bhatia, Tulikaa <Tulikaa.Bhatia@domain.com>" My problem is that i...

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