1. P

    Extract text outside multiple parenthesis

    I want to extract all text outside of any parenthesis. I can get the text from the first occurence of a parenthesis using: =TRIM(LEFT(A2,FIND(" (",A2&" ("))) But now sure how to do this for multiple occurences. Below is an example. Text Expected result Cucumber (1) Cucumber Cucumber...
  2. T

    extract block of data delimited by parentheses

    hello, I have a text file with blocks of data defined by parentheses, something similar to ( asas dsdss ) ( wwqee weqqe ) I need to extract the content between the parentheses. the problem is that sometimes the parentheses are nested. any suggestions? Thank you
  3. W

    How to extract number is a string of text?

    Greetings, This is my string; LANTUS 24 Units in the Morning, 18 Units + HUMLOG at Dinner Time. I need to extract the numbers, 24 and 18. I've seen all kinds of answers, including VBA, which isn't for me. W. Kirk Crawford Tularosa, New Mexico
  4. L

    Extract data after "-" VBA

    **VBA** Hi I have a string that will change daily and looks something like this "09876 k-wef234 £45678.99 Option 4 -£123456.57" I am trying to find the best way of extracting the "-£123456.57" after "Option 4 -£123456.57". I need the code to always look for Option 4 as that is the one part...
  5. U

    Extract String from cell with multiple strings and spaces

    Hi, all of these lines are in 1 cell, separated by spaces. I just want the SC (So SC017, SC283, etc) from each of these lines with in the cell to be put on separate lines within a column. Text to columns with Ctrl+J as the delimiter kind of does some of it, but is there an easier way? I...
  6. E

    Extract unique data from column and associate data

    Hello, i need a VBA code that will extract the unique values from column A and associate it's data from column B So far i only managed to extract unique data from col A into an Array. Thanks.
  7. M

    Extract and return a rows values and cells list which contains alphabetical texts

    Hi, Required a formula help to Extract and return a rows which contains alphabetical text, and return a list wise cells values which contains alphabetical text as based on data specified in column(B4:E8) desired results enclosed. Thanks for the help...
  8. S

    Search last occurence of character and return word that contains it

    I would like a formula that looks for a specific character in cell and returns the last word that contains it. Example: extract the last word (string?) from A1 that contains the "." (dot) character: A1 B1 FirstName LastName 1984 1:15.84 1:07.84 2 1:07.84
  9. M

    Extract/Count a records that containing a digits, numbers in a cell

    Hi, Required a formula help to extract a records (at least which contains one number in a cell) contains a numeric values in data set Column A:C,as well same values (at least which contains one number in a cell) to be count their actual quantity from the total data set. Thanks...
  10. nardagus

    How to extract XML attachment from PDF

    Hello All, Recently I have received some PDF files with XML attached. Of course when I double click on it it will open in a text editor. Cool. However. What I need to do is: 1) Open PDF 2) Extract XML attachment 3) Import it to a worksheet 4) Close PDF 5) Open another PDF 6) Extract XML...
  11. moshea

    Formula to Parse text for menu items ordered?

    Greetings all, I hope someone can help me. In Column A, I have Orders (lots). And I want to parse the text into individual items ordered in the columns next to each other. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Example: From this Green Man Draft 4.98 Infusion ****tail 7.01 PREMO CAN COCTAIL...
  12. S

    Extract every words, after certain character, in any position within a cell. Then split

    Need help to 1. Extract every words, after "Type>", in any position within a cell. 2. Split the results into 2 columns, after cross checked with existing list Hope these could be solved in 1 step. Please see attachment. Thank you Also posted here Extract every words, after certain...
  13. S

    How to extract value within cells, and automatically convert them as new row?

    Hello, There are multiple data within each cell Each is separated by "|" Need to extract each data & automatically generate new row Final result is: each row contains 1 data only Thank you
  14. E

    how to separate HTML tables from one cell into multiple cells?

    Hi, I have a complicated situation with an unwieldy amount of data. The situation is I have data from my website in excel, each row is a profile (around 100k profiles), that all biographical data is crammed into one data field (or in this case, a cell, since in Excel) in HTML format. The HTML...
  15. C

    Extracting specific text from text string

    I am trying to extract a certain string of text from a bigger string of text. I am looking to extract "OGEA********" the stars stand for numbers and each time they will be different, so the only bit of text which is the same is OGEA. I have searched the internet and found...
  16. M

    Table, extract content from a row, remove blanks and order in order A-Z

    Dear Forum, I am not new to Excel but until now didn't use it in a sophisticated way. I am stuck with a Table, where I am not able to get to my target. What am I trying to do is the following in: As you can see in the below picture, I did some experimenting before going back to my table and...
  17. H

    MACRO issue while extracting data

    Hello, I have excel file which extracts data from website ( moneycontrol.com ) Attached here with. Problem is in BUTTON 4. Now button 4 has stopped extracting data in COLUMN AZ I want need help in 1. Extracting data in COLUMN AZ from ( moneycontrol.com ) LINK is provided in COLUMN E 2. I...
  18. Emanuele

    Multiple column and String extract VBA

    Hi guys, I would like to know if there is a way to add more than 1 adjacent column for the presented code that Fluff helped me to modify in this Post Furthermore it's possible to apply a string extract (for example, extract the first 4 and the last 4 characters and put them in different column)...
  19. A

    Extract Multiple text that contains - in a Single cell to individual cells

    Hello, this is my 1st post so please go gentle on me if this question has already been asked. I've search and found some similarities with extracting an email but unable to adapt what I've found with what I need so hopefully someone can help. What I would like to do is to extract multiple text...
  20. R

    Search and return matches into multiple columns

    Hi All I have a scenario where I'm attempting to extract certain words that appear between double quotes but only if they meet a certain condition. For example I want to search for ALL fruit in column A and present these individually in the subsequent columns. Fruit' = "Pear" OR 'Fruit' =...

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