1. R

    Extracting data

    I have data which I need to sort based on certain criteria. Here are a few examples of the data. 1TT66 32144 24TTT 5T153 36335 TTTTT 44T23 So the data may contain no 'T's' or a number of 'T's'. These occur randomly in the data. I need to identify only the following: Those that contain only 1 'T'...
  2. T

    Detect webpage refreshed before proceeding

    How can I ensure the extraction of data from a webpage has finished before proceeding to the next sub?
  3. R

    Simple Data Extractiom

    <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:8338;width:171pt" width="228"> </colgroup><tbody> Dark Aero Form: 31 Alien Loren Form: TTTTT Cairns Lulu Form: T3166 Shellam Larry Form: 415 Madabout Molly Form: 55161 Cashen Flo...
  4. J

    Data Extraction (without autofilter)

    Hi all, I have 2 worksheets: Extraction and Dataset. On the extraction sheet (where I want the data to be presented), if cell A1= "7500-2018", I want to extract from the dataset worksheet anything with 7500-2018 in column A. Within Dataset, I would want columns A to L copied across, if...
  5. G

    Extract Data from a column, then place extracted data on separate row or sheet based on multiple criteria

    I am currently working on a project in which over the past couple weeks I have not been able to remedy. I would like to extract data from COL B to another row based on multiple search criteria including date ranges e.g. 01/01/16 - 09/29/17 in COL A , Name COL C, the current COL D (which will...
  6. N

    Macro to verify cells and copy past values, Help!

    Good morning everyone, I have these extraction on a sheet, let's call it "main" sheet. I have formulas on P5:Q1000 that depend on the extraction and change constantly every time the extraction is refreshed. So I am trying to find a way (through a macro push button) to copy past the new refreshed...
  7. S

    VBA Code to pull information from multiple pages into an Excel table

    Hi everyone, very new VBA user here. I'm trying to copy and paste information from multiple pages. So I'm looking at a site on pension schemes. There are 150 pages of schemes, with 20 or so schemes on each page. To get information from each one, you need to click the name of the scheme and...
  8. M

    Extraction of a number of text from a middle of the cell

    Dear All, I need to extract a number from a cell containing : "Glass unit formula4-12-4-12-4И. R-value - 0,81 m² • С/W" or similar case. I have a problem with defining in a correct way the left, mid, find etc. Can you help?
  9. G

    Data Extraction

    I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of work site numbers, and I want to extract the beginning and end of a range of sites for sets of 16, 24, 32, 35, and 61. Also, I have a column with numbers of boxes for each site and I need to count the number of boxes <=48 and return the beginning and...
  10. N

    Formula Needed for: FIND "YES" and Return in same cell as YES

    Hi MrExcel Community, See below for a sample of data that I need to extract information into a searchable database. All of the information is provided in both columns and rows. I'd like to create TABLE 1 into TABLE 2. What's most frustrating is identifying project type by finding the YES and...
  11. O

    Formula or VBA Macro for extracting a Hyperlink target file

    Hi I want a formula or a VBA Macro for extracting a series of hyperlinks target files and putting it into user-defined folder. Will you please help me? I know how to extract a hyperlink address and put it into a cell but I can find it enough for this purpose. Regards
  12. L

    Extracting Data

    I have a report that I have to download from one application and then paste that info in to excel. When I copy it into to excel, the entire report is in one column (about 800 rows). What I have been doing is using the left, right and mid formulas but I know there has to be a better way (one...
  13. A

    Extracting a url from an IMAGE field

    Hi there, So I have a column full of IMAGE data e.g. =IMAGE("http://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/479251403328585728/0uLakxHx_normal.png",1) Now I am trying to load this into Tableau but it does not recognize the data and NULLs it. I need to extract the url from this column. Is there a...
  14. B

    Working code for data extraction - but one small error

    Hey everyone! I was doing some googling for help with some data extraction and found a code that was actually provided on this forum some years ago and I tweaked it to fit my exact situation. So the code below takes a column (and some other stuff) from multiple workbooks in the same folder and...
  15. M

    Extract information from Word Archives 1999-2015 to Excel to import into Access to create databases

    I am wanting to extract word archives from 1999 to 2015 the following into Excel for the purpose of create Access databases of 1000s of pieces of information. 1. Subject: Ad Removal November 20 <database of subjects 2. From: John Smith, Project Engineer <database of senders 3a.Personnel: Ron...
  16. H

    Data Extraction from Website - Macros Help

    I am working on a grad school project analyzing the average prices for used luxury cars in Houston. So far, I have been able to develop the following macro. I am trying to extract price, make, model, year and miles. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Sheet9.WebBrowser1.Navigate...
  17. E

    Excel wrong comparison after numbers extraction with if(right(

    What I am doing wrong here? does value 0814 greater than 2000? I need result {z} in cell B1. all cells are with general formatting a1 590_310814 b1 =IF(RIGHT(A1,4)>2000,"x") result in B1 x <tbody> a b c d e 1 590_310814 =IF(RIGHT(A1,4)>2000,"x","z") 2 </tbody>
  18. C

    Extract Text from Middle of Alphanumeric String Up to a Number

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble figuring out how to complete this data cleanup: I have a list of items that all follow the same format: 123456789012 Abc company 5 10-04-2013 bcdefgh company y p The items were copied and pasted from a PDF file, hence the messiness, and the misalignment of the...
  19. R

    Extracting data from large database with sub-headers and varying lines of data

    Help from the Excel Gurus Needed! As you’ll be able to tell, I’m a hotelier and not nearly versed enough in Excel. The data is laid out as follows: Each set of information is broken down by "date”(shown in brackets in column D) and “Period” (meal period to describe but it’s identified as the...
  20. Living

    Extracting and Manipulating Text from Cells.

    Hi, This could be a bit complicated, but hopefully also useful for others. We have the following sample of 10 cells from a large file with similar data: N: 1; B: 162; M: 278, 278; T: 24; A: 103, 105; I: 393; Ḥ: 7240, 7390, 7465, 7546, 7617, 7756, 27399, 8380, 8741, 8894, 8985, 9559...

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