1. E

    Formula Help - racheting

    I would really appreciate help with the following formula as I just can't get it to work. For each failure during a month I get charged 10 If I fail three months in a row I get charged and extra 50%, so 15 per failure. If I fail again in the next month I get an additional 50% on top, so it's...
  2. L

    conditional formatting - like reverse lookup

    Hi I want to highlight "pass" in result column to different color but not only pass but student name that correspond to that pass For example, cell F2 = pass should be highlighted to different color and also Mary1 as well (like reverse lookup) I can use conditional formatting to highlight pass...
  3. A

    Conditional formatting formula for cell

    Hi all. Wonder if anyone can help. How do you put this formula into a conditional formatting formula based on if the answer is “Pass” the cell is green, “Inter” the cell is yellow and fail it’s red. PASS =IF(SUM(D3:$H3)<=$C3 INTER =IF(AND(SUM(D3:$H3)>$C3,SUM(E3:$H3)<$C3) FAIL = any other...
  4. A

    Color row based on table in other Worksheet

    I have 100,000 records in a table (data) in sheet 1 as per below based on "Success" or "Fail" Table (data) Event Result MB65 Success B65 (AI) Success MF6. Fail MF6. Fail MF6.1.1.1 Fail I need to colour a row based on another table (_MF6) which...
  5. P

    Countif or Sumif

    Need some help please I have a tab with quite a few columns and need totals Col A = Staff Names Col B = Course Name Col C = whether they have Pass or Fail Col D = uk or non uk i wish to creat a new tab and count how many staff have pass or fail and if they sit in Uk or non uk New tab with...
  6. D

    Unique Values and Dependents

    I'm looking to see if there's a formula that solves the problem below. In column A, I have a series of application I.D.s; some can appear once, some twice, some three times etc...there is no way of knowing in advance how many times an application I.D. will appear. In column B, I have a...
  7. P

    if condition met on criteria in 3 columns

    Hi excel guru's just a newbie here, so I just need someone who can help me with a formula. Data is from column A to J, so what I need is like to appear a formula in J when 3 condition met. A=employee Id, start on row 3 and so forth, H= Date where employee process a case, I= marking if the...
  8. D

    If then statement covering multiple rows and columns

    Good morning! I am trying to write a If/Then formula which returns one of two statements based upon the input in an series of cells. Example: =IF(H29:K38="X","Fail","Pass") If an "X" appears in H29 - K38, I was "Fail" to appear in a cell, if "X" does not appear I want "Pass" to appear...
  9. D

    Excel help on testing an inventory

    I have an inventory of 550 emergency exit lights that must be tested every month. I'm finding my testers are not actually testing the lights but just checking them off on a printed spreadsheet. I want to install barcode stickers on the lights so they have to go to each light to verify...
  10. F

    Macro run fail, run-time error 2147417848(80010108)

    Hi all, having issues with excel VBA and any input for this will be much appreciated. i have searched existing threads and not able to find the fix for this issue. here are the issues : 1 After saving the model, the macro run would fail, with error message below: Run-time error...
  11. P

    A Formula to search for three different text strings in 1 column

    HI :-) I've got a spread sheet with text data. I need a formula to search for any instances of a text string "2017, 2018 or 2019" & get a FAIL output in the adjacent column. I get success with the below formula but i just cant get / re work it to search for three different words, e.g. 2017...
  12. Z

    Excel Formula for Returning Value Pass Only if All Other 6 Columns have the Value Pass with Blanks Included

    Hi guys, Sorry to be a bother. I hope you can help. I have 7 columns, I want to apply a formula in the first column to return the value "Pass" ONLY if the next 6 columns are either all "Pass" or blank. If there is any one column that has the value "Fail", I want the first column to return the...
  13. R

    Count Values based on multiple critiera

    Hi All, I want to count the total number of Pass and Fail based on Column 1 (Originating) site. For. Eg., If I select US, I should get 3 pass and 1 Fails, and if I select UK I should get 1 pass and 1 fails. Can someone please help? <tbody> Originating Site Description US Pass US Pass UK...
  14. G

    Cant figure out COUNTIF formula for my range

    I have some data that has the word "pass" or "fail" in one column, and a date in the one next to it. I am trying to use COUNTIF to count how many times a pass or fail occurred within each month. I have tried both of the below formulas: =COUNTIF(A1:A5,"Pass"),(MONTH(B1:B5)=F13) (F13 is...
  15. R

    formula to return status of a PO w/ multiple rows and multiple status

    Hello I need assistance with coming up with a formula for spreadsheet 2 column 2. I have a list of all PO in spreadsheet 1 and need to Pass or Fail based on the status from spreadsheet 1. If it contains a no or maybe then fail. this is a s implied version. <tbody> Spreadsheet 1 </tbody>...
  16. Z

    sum, countif giging wrong results?

    SUM(COUNTIF($D4:$M4,"*"&$AC$1&"*"),COUNTIF($D4:$M4,"*"&$AD$1&"*"),COUNTIF($D4:$M4,"*"&$AE$1&"*"),COUNTIF($D4:$M4,"*"&$AF$1&"*"),COUNTIF($D4:$M4,"*"&$AG$1&"*"),COUNTIF($D4:$M4,"*"&$AH$1&"*"),COUNTIF($D4:$M4,"*"&$AI$1&"*"),COUNTIF($D4:$M4,"*"&$AJ$1&"*")) I have the above formula copied down 3,000...
  17. lani_berina

    Pass / Fail using Time

    Anyone can help on how to calculate Column D: <tbody> A B C D 13:00 14:00 01:00 Failed 13:00 13:00 00:30 Passed </tbody> In column A and B, and C, i used MOD, format cells custom 00\:00 in subtracting time. For column D, I tried this formula IF(C1>1,"PASS","FAIL") but it does not give...
  18. K

    creating a formula that recognizes only one variable per cell

    Okay, so here's what I'm doing. I'm teaching a class that requires essays to be submitted. The first one, since it was due on class 2, I am doing Pass/Fail - if you turned it in you pass, if you didn't you fail. I've created a monster spreadsheet to do my tracking for me. What I want is to...
  19. I

    IF statement that compares first two characters to a FAIL list, and displays PASS or FAIL

    I need help building a function that.... If the number starts with: 06, 10, 63, 71, 91 That row FAILS! Example: (Wont let me upload photo) ​ <thead style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font: inherit; vertical-align: baseline;"> NUMBERS: First Two Characters: PASS/FAIL: </thead><tbody...
  20. G

    Trying to avoid helper column formula

    Hello All, I have a data set where an Entry is graded Pass/Fail on a series of inspection points. If any of the inspection points "Fail", the Entry is considered a fail. I'm looking to write a formula that reviews each line and counts each Entry that is a Pass. I have been able to accomplish...

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