1. R

    All possible combination of one column list

    Hi Experts, I need a help from you on the below. I need to calculate all possible combination of the below: "5L","5R","4L","4R","3L",3R","B2","B3","B4". I would need a possible combination of 2 of each up to 9 of each and no duplicates. I'm fairly new to excel so please forgive me if this is...
  2. P

    How To clear cell if cell another cell has "No.

    Hi hope you can help, I have a cell X2 where you have a dropdown box with yes or no, if no is selected I want this to clear the cell in U2, how do this can you help me please? I am still fairly new to this and still learning.
  3. T

    Copying Sum(A1:A3) to next row but need to skip 67 rows for start of next sum

    I've done a lot of searching for a solution without any luck. The search criteria I'm using must be wrong because I think this may be fairly common. The formula in cell N2 needs to be copied down about 80 rows, but the range that needs to be summed on each row needs to begin +67 cells from the...
  4. J

    How does referencing cells in another workbook work?

    Hi, Just want an understanding on how excel pulls values from another workbook when you reference in a formula like this: =SUM(D:\Reports\[Sales.xlsx]Jan!B2:B5) As on our network drive at work, a 30mb spreadsheet would be fairly slow to open, yet you can pull values from it almost instantly...
  5. H

    Windows Installer when file opens

    Hello everyone, I have been working on a Excel/Vba project for a few months, but recently, this issue cropped up. When my file is opened on other computers, Windows Installer runs (right after clicking 'enable macros'). This isn't a huge problem so far, but I'd like to understand what is...
  6. L

    Macro to add 0.1 to values in cells within a user selected range

    Hello all, i am fairly new to Excel in general and am still trying to learn the basics. When it comes to Macros i know just about ZERO. Anyway i was hoping to find some help here. I have a 15x30 cell table each cell has a specific predetermined value. I would like to set up a Button with a...
  7. S

    getting the value of a cell from a closed workbook

    Help I have several workbooks and a master. I need to get the values of cells in the other workbooks into my Master. I need the VBA solution and as I am fairly new to VBA I would like it to be simple. Any Ideas and thanks in advance.:confused:

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