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    Macro needed to add items to worksheet

    I have a spreadsheet with hundreds of tabs attached. I would like to add some data to each tab. Data would be the same but will change with each tab due to data that is already there. I would like to add this new item after the last item on the page. see mockup below where the red font I may...
  2. M

    Formula to display one bit of info based on two others matches

    I have a spreadsheet with some data and addresses. I am wanting to do a formula where if sheet1 b2 (address) = sheet 2 b2 through b45 address then sheet 1 a2 = displays sheet 2 a2. If that makes any sense at all sheet 1 A2 123 FAKE ST sheet 2 B2 123 FAKE ST B15 123 FAKE ST sheet 1 A1 FAKE_123
  3. K

    Email Link with Subject

    Hi All, I'm in way over my head, but thought it'd be cool if this is something that can be done. I'd like to have an "Email" Button on every row that will use the data in the columns before it and put that text into the subject line. If my cell columns looked like this: 12345 Fake Street...
  4. B

    VBA advanced Function not executed when inserted by Macro

    Dear All, I couldn't find related topic but probably I didn't search right words. Nevertheless I need to ask for help. I have an "advanced" / "non-standard" function, which is called "abc" and workes as follows: =abc("Name","Value","Number of Periods","Period Type") What it does, it returns...
  5. D

    Fake a Drive and Path (Dev versus Prod)?

    Hi This must be an ancient problem but Im stumped A workbook copies a range into an Access table, but the problem is Where it was written, the Access database is on C:\Data\MyApp Where it is running, the Access database is on R:\MRXX\Prod\Colby Is it possible to fake it somehow so that we pick...
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    Fake vectorization in Dax

    I can't figure out what the vectorization is in DAX If I have a calculated column based on a slicer like =Slicer[field] Of course that doesnt' work. I don't know why, but you need to wrap it in: =Values(Slicer[field]), probably because Dax tries to combine its column logic and its aggregation...
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    Faking an animated image in a userform?

    I've gathered that it's not possible to place an animated GIF like this: in a userform in Excel. As you might have guessed, I've created a macro that, depending on user inputs, can take a bit of time to run, and I want to display something to let the user know that Excel hasn't locked up...

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