false formula problems

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    If time is 1:00 AM throws value if false

    Situation: Simple nested IF statement that looks for time in one column and returns value in another column. Formula: =IF(E46=TIME(3,0,0),I46,IF(E46=TIME(2,0,0),H46,IF(E46=TIME(1,0,0),G46,IF(E46=TIME(0,0,0),AD46,IF(E46=TIME(23,0,0),AC46,AB46))))) Hint: This formula is in column AF Expected...
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    If FALSE, leave cell blank - help please -- ("" doesn't work?)

    Greetings all - I have looked high and low for this, both here and elsewhere on the net, and I am missing something I am sure that must indeed be so simple...I hope someone can help with this, thanks! This formula below, works fine...
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    Removing "FALSE" result from IF Function

    I have a worksheet that has 4 columns: Per Piece, Hours, Extra, and Total I am using an IF function that compares the wage earned on a per piece basis @ .25 each vs the hours+extra wage earned and then chooses which is greater. Everything works fine with the function, however, when the entry is...
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    => function using named ranges

    Hello! I need to use a 'greater than or equal to' function using named ranges, as follows: A range of column B cells is named 'apples' A range of column C cells is named 'oranges' A range of column D cells is named 'pears' A range of column E cells is named 'bananas' A range of column G cells...
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    IF Formula, Sum and FALSE

    I am sure the title doesn't help what I am having problems with, but was drawing a blank on what to put. ANYWAY! I am working on an IF Formula to do different things if different cells are True or False. This is what I have so far...

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