1. B

    Return All Matches and Then Move to Next?

    Hi, I have been racking my brain with this for days now trying different things but keep ending up with circular references when I think I am close - I do not think there is anyway to do this without VBA if it is even possible with VBA as I haven't found anything close in searching. In the...
  2. B

    Fill Data - Row Based

    Hi I have an excel sheet with two columns <tbody> ABC Org Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety Disability Safety Whole Family Health Interpret/Translate Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety Personal Mobility Equipment Early Childhood Supports <tbody> Visability Ltd </tbody> Service1...
  3. M

    Dynamic Drop Down

    I have a large database for a Genealogy Project. User will choose a family. From my Database each family has a unique number. Based on The family chosen. I have created a range of all the names in the family using the inique family number, to update a death. Because that person may have been...
  4. C

    Is it possible to grab logic rules stored in Excel to use in VBA If statement

    Hi All, I am trying to automate updating a series of spreadsheets. The data is a forecast summary. In some worksheets, the data may be rolled up and presented by a family group, others may be by sub-families. In some cases, the top families are summarized individually and the smaller ones are...
  5. D

    Grabbing data from multiple sheets that matches an ID#

    I have two sheets. both sheets have a specific Family ID# per row. On the first sheet I would like to show the data from specific columns on the second sheet for the matching Family ID# Row.
  6. J

    concatenate with formatting

    Hi I need help on this. I have two column A & B A1 B1 C1 (concatenate result)-Bold and Italic Happy Family Happy Family May I know what should I do? Thank you Jack T
  7. P

    How to best run this summary

    HI - I have data like this: I do not want to process for the Is_noshow = true. I want a summary grid from the data as: I subtract the noshows from the totals. Staff Name Program Diaz, Alton Ray, Tor Tushar, Mict...
  8. U

    Multiple criteria lookup and calculation

    Hi, I have a rather complex situation which I've listed below step by step. I've managed some progress with the combination of some IF and VLOOKUP's but not luck. I've created a sample workbook of the situation. 1. Use column B value and lookup an array of data related to the result in sheet...
  9. S

    Generating a report - issues, confusion, road block .....

    Ok, so just to give a quick disclaimer, I am fairly new to using Access. I took a college class on it like back in either 2011 or 2013. I really haven't had to use since then and so I apologize in advance for any simple/silly mistakes, follow-up questions, etc. Although I may be new to this...
  10. Y

    New database

    am a beginner in access using access 2010, I am trying to build a database of our church, we are more than 500 families and total members are above 1330 persons. <!-- accessforums, first post, 728x90, green style --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="width: 728px; height: 90px; display...
  11. A

    Counting cells with equal number except decimal number

    Hi, I have a column of family members: 151.1 151.2 151.3 151.4 I like to see the total in the family in the next column as follows: 151.1 4 151.2 151.3 151.4 Which formulas to use ? Thanks for your support ! Alexius
  12. R

    Return value based on criteria in a chart

    If I enter the number of family size, I want the cell to return "Qualified" if the Income is no greater than the income that correlates with the Number in Household (refer to chart) otherwise return "not qualified." For instance, if I enter Family Size of 2 and enter the income as $15,000.00...
  13. J

    Lookup / Index 3 or more columns, return value from same row

    Hi, New here and hoping you can help me. I have 4 columns of data and I need to be able to search for values in three columns, and return the 4th value if a match occurs. The data is as follows: <tbody> A B C D FIRM A SINGLE FAMILY No Basement/Enclosure 1 FIRM A SINGLE FAMILY With...
  14. B

    Merge rows

    Hi All, I have a list of records <tbody> <tbody> 3 </tbody> <tbody> Youth Services </tbody> <tbody> 3 </tbody> <tbody> Family / Whanau Services </tbody> <tbody> 3 </tbody> <tbody> Family Violence </tbody> <tbody> 3 </tbody> <tbody> Education...
  15. B

    Dynamic Code Issue

    Hi All, Hope you are having a lovely run up to Christmas! I am having an issue probably due to lack of experience. I have been coding for a few months and now i am having an issue with dynamic codes. Essentially, here is my issue: Column A are people's names.Column B shows their individual...
  16. A

    Need my Macro to replace words with abbreviations

    Hi all, I am running a macro to delete and hide some columns of weekly data to quickly create a sheet small enough to print out. I want the macro to automatically replace a couple phrases such as "single family" with "SF", and "new construction" with "NC". How can I incorporate this into my...
  17. P

    How to number rows, skip blanks and then ...

    Hi, I have a small problem. I have 3 colums A, B and C. In col A I have Family serial number. All parts in the same family have the same serial number. In col B I have sub serial numbers. Each sub part has it's own designated serial number. In col C I would like Excel to number each row/sub...
  18. J

    Randomly select names form list, no duplicates, cannot select from same family

    Hi All, I wanted to put together a quick spreadsheet for my family to quickly assign pollyanna names (Christmas gift-giving event, for those unfamiliar). Obviously, everyone in the pool should receive a gift and we do not want people in the same nuclear family (i.e. siblings) to be assigned to...
  19. M

    Insert Alphabatically

    I am stumped on a work around on this. I have 15000 lines of data 6 columns wide. called Roster Table Col 3 has all the names Family name in bold followed by all members of family in the same Col. I would like to be able to have excel insert a new family in the alpha roster. Col 2 does define...
  20. B

    Data selection from a table

    I'm looking for some help - I have a cross reference pricing table which based upon the selection will give a price. What I would like is to enter the criteria in a number of selection boxes and for it to lookup the correct price. i.e. in the boxes I would have selected the criteria in green...

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