faster code

  1. B

    Faster way to loop

    I would like to know if there is a faster way for a loop to run. Here is what i have now and it is slow. Dim rng As Range Dim lColorCounter As Long Dim rngCell As Range Set rng = Sheets("MASTER LINE LIST").Range("C2:Z2000") lColorCounter = 0 For Each rngCell In rng...
  2. Q

    VBA code taking to much time ..may you please make it faster

    :confused:Hi everyone, i made a VBA code and its taking to much time ..may you please make it faster this code i have 100000 rows and 11 columns x = 3 Do Until Sheets("Tracker").Range("B" & x).Value = "" Sheets("Tracker").Range("L" & x).Value = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIfs _...
  3. P

    Help making my VBA code more efficient

    Hi Everyone, I'm relatively new to using VBA so my technique at the moment is to amend code I find online to suit my needs. I know that this is not an efficient way of doing things and I suspect that I could do the same job in less time (processing time) if I used more efficient VBA. If anyone...
  4. F

    Need to make code faster: delete unfiltered/hidden rows

    So I found and manipulated code that Autofilters a specific column by criteria (if name is John) and finally deletes all of the other rows that don't have that name. Seems pretty easy but my code takes an entire 50 seconds to run which is wayyyy to long. Is there a way to rewrite this code...
  5. L

    Slow macro, usaully crashes my PC. Need help optimizing it

    So I have created this MACRO for work, to ensure everything is getting charged right. Well I would like it to run through pretty much the entire database data for 2 years, I can not get it to last that long. I can copy the data to a separate spreadsheet and run the macro in chunks, but I would...
  6. S

    How to make Macro quicker and shorter

    So here is one that no doubt those VBA gurus amoung you can solve quickly. My code does a simple copy and paste funtion for a formula then overwrites it with a copy paste values. Below is the sample: Sub Update_Actuals() ' ' Update_Actuals Macro ' Updates Actuals on Resources Data worksheet '...
  7. E

    Code Simplification

    Dear all, I have created my first ever code to do the following: - Reset calculation - Make copies of a "Master" sheet for all the listed cases - make calculations for each case and each "drain rate" specified by the user. This runs in loops. I have tried to do this by looking at forums and...
  8. A

    Faster Way to Loop Through Cells?

    Hi everyone, I'm quite new to VBA and need to produce a Monte Carlo simulation and then save the results. Currently, I have several macros that look through cells in loops, do calculations and then print the value to new cells. This is quite time consuming and was wondering if there's a way...
  9. S

    Delete rows that contains certain text - fastest way

    Hi guys! Here's my problem: I have some huge txt files (~700k lines) with csv data from stock prices. One of the columns is the name of the company. So I want to get only the lines of certain companies. I actually already have a solution, but it is taking too much time. I think it may take...
  10. M

    Speed Up Slow Excel VBA Macro

    I have a workbook that has around 125 sheets and it is always changing. I use the second sheet as an Index. This macro below runs when I activate the Index Sheet. It takes around 4 seconds to run through. I use it very often and the time really adds up. Does anyone have any suggestions on...
  11. H

    Faster the gathering of one row_with_two_ranges per sheet ?

    Hello, I am looking for ways to faster the gathering process of my data : actually I need to copy only 2 ranges [A(i):P(i) and AA(i):AP(i)] for the same row(i) contained in (quite) all the sheets of my worksheet. Here is my code so far : Sub gathering_one_row_with_two_ranges_per_sheet()...
  12. P

    Speed up slow code? 90 seconds too long...!

    As of yet I am not good at writing efficient codes, but hopefully I'll be some day. The code below exports a lot of data from excel to a formatted word report. How can this code be faster? It takes 90 seconds on my computer! (some of the 'comments are in Norwegian..) Sub wordgenerator()...
  13. S

    How to make my Macro VBA code faster?

    Hi, I am relatively new to writing in VBA in Excel and am so far self taught with the help of forums and google. Below is the code I have to run, which currently is taking upto 5mins because of the main file which is 17MB, and all the child files are 3MB. I need to run the same routine for a...
  14. A

    How to make My excel Macro run faster

    Currently I am using a worksheet that uses hundreds of hundreds of checkboxes linked to their cells. I find this macro is very long for the amount of times I have to use it and is slowing down my program this is the Macro I am using: Sub AddCheckBoxes() On Error Resume Next Dim c As...
  15. D

    Faster code for extracting data using Instr

    Hi There I am using InstrRev to extract items from around 200,000 cells in Col A. The problem is that the macro takes around 3 hours to run. I am relatively inexperienced in VBA so I was wondering if there is a way to make the code run faster. Example cells in Col A are: ADMIRATION SYBN...
  16. W

    How do I make the following "For" VBA faster?

    Hi, I'm working with the following VBA to remove text/blank but its very slow when working with larger data files. Is there a way to make it faster? For i = Lastline To 1 Step -1 If Not IsNumeric(Cells(i, 1).Value) Then Rows(i).Delete If Cells(i, 1) = "" Then Rows(i).Delete...
  17. A

    How to speed up Macro?

    Hi, Without much experience, I have written a macro which does exactly what i want it to except it takes a long time to process. Could someone please help me simplify & speed up this 'mess' that is my macro? Thank you! Sub Macro7() ' ' Macro7 Macro ' 'Quite a complicated macro (for me)-...
  18. T

    What would be best approach when I have 30k rows and I want several sums from it

    Can anyone give any recommendations as to what would be best approach when I have to calculate partial sums to hundreds of cells from dataset of tens of thousands of rows? My data is pretty straightforward, one sheet, 8 columns and lots of rows. Two of the columns are used as index to help in...
  19. S

    HELP! How to make code run faster. It's so slow!!

    Hi, So here's the story: I have 24 workbooks, with 12 sheets in each workbook. I have a macro written for EACH sheet in EACH workbook. I also have code written in the first module of EACH workbook. These 24 workbooks are in a folder. I then have another workbook called "Export" which is not...
  20. S

    How can this VBA function go faster??

    Hi, I've been working with this formula and, although it gives the correct result, it is very slow. When I use it many times in the same workbook it losses functionality. The formula calculates monthly averages. Date and numbers must be arranged in columns (the date and the correspondient...

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