1. T

    The macro takes too long to run

    I have this code, it gets the demand of a particular part no, search for a supply in another table and returns the order, date, quantity, supplier and coordinator. I tested this on a smaller sheet and it works well, but on the sheet that I need this to run I have 30k plus lines on each table, so...
  2. S

    an easier way??!!

    I am looking for an easy, more streamlined way to search if a time is between to times in different cells, and return a value if it falls into the range. It is GIS data with thousands of lines that I am trying to interpret for a new project and I feel there must be a way. I think I could do as...
  3. L

    VBA Faster Way to copy filtered contents to a new sheet

    Hello, I have been told to many Select and copy and paste commands can slow down my code. What would be a faster way of doing this? - It is copying the filtered results to a new Sheet called filtered. Sub Filtered() ' '~~~~ This macro adds the filtered sheet to begin the report process '...
  4. L

    Calculation bottleneck in a large financial model

    I built a fairly large and complicated financial model for valuation purpose, I’m now concerned with calculation speed. A couple of questions: Does table slows down calculation a lot? My data is kept in tables so that other formula referring to the data will auto update when adding deleting...
  5. Naveed Ul Haq

    Faster Way to Convert Text to Number

    Hi Everyone, I extract data from an ERP and then copy that data into another excel sheet but the problem is that the extracted data is stored as text and I have to manually convert it to number. Its a time taking activity, any faster way to get this sorted??? Regards,
  6. C

    Excel 2019 Performance vs Excel 2010

    I have been using Excel 2010 to build some large workbook for almost a decade. The workbooks are getting so large that they become very slow. I am wondering if Excel 2019 performs faster than Excel 2010, so that I can try upgrading Office to get faster calculation speeds. Any opinions? Thanks.
  7. T

    Looking for a faster way to find and replace

    Hello there, I have a worksheet with about 120,000 lines with probably 50 columns and I run the following code to change all the #'s to blank cells. I was wondering if there is a faster way to do this, because this takes a long time to complete. Sub NtoBlank() Cells.Replace...
  8. M

    xlsm workbooks much slower than xls workbooks

    Can anyone explain why I find it so much faster to run my workbooks created in Excel 365 in Excel 2003 compatibilty mode? Even with some complicated and very long VBA macros including colour sorting and also using Data Advanced Filtering I have not found anything that I use that will not work...
  9. C

    Time format cells

    making a cell for time to show (for example 10:23am). But I just want to input 10.23 for faster input on the spreadsheet. Is this possible? Using Office 2013
  10. P

    Speed Up Replace All through Macro

    Hello again! I have the following disabled: Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.EnableEvents = False and my macro is doing the following to the active sheet: Cells.Replace What:=Existing_Workbook_Name, Replacement:=New_Workbook_Name...
  11. R

    Can you reliably replace a "Do Until" loop with Find? Is it faster?

    My predecessor wrote a lot of VBA code for a lot of programs, and these were written across the years where his capabilities evolved and you can see various levels of sophistication as you look through his old sheets. Something he's relied on time and time again is a Do Until loop where each...
  12. M

    Better IF statement?

    Do you see anyway this can be shorter and perhaps better formulated to make calculation much faster...
  13. P

    Faster? Subtotal or Aggregate

    Hi Has anyone noticed if AGGREGATE() processes data faster than SUBTOTAL() if you have a lot of data you are calculating? Thanks. Patriciaanne
  14. srizki

    Print set up.

    I get workbooks with two sheets, that I format for printing, like, changing from portrait to landscape, zero margins on both sides, 05 top and .25 bottom, on one page etc. I do it with so many workbooks is there a faster way of doing this? Will macro work? Or is there a copy and paste of...
  15. H

    Question for Excel Tables

    I use tables frequently and enjoy using them. In fact I convert almost all data to tables just so I can manage them better. So maybe a stupid question - are tables faster, or do they utilize memory better than a range of data that has a filter on? I've looked this up but could not find a...
  16. S

    How is this code faster?

    Faster Code: Range("A2").Select Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A2:A" & lastrow), Type:=xlFillDefault Range("A3:A" & lastrow).Select Selection.Copy Range("A3").Select Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _ :=False, Transpose:=False Slower Code...
  17. M

    Is their a simply faster Variation of this formula?

    Hi Any idea as to how this can re-written so it can be simpler and calculate faster...
  18. S

    VBA Faster Way to Delete

    Good afternoon, I am trying to delete a range of over 150,000 rows. The code below works but takes an awful amount of time. Does anyone have any faster code? Thanks in advance Stephen! Public Sub Makeit() Dim sh2 As Worksheet Set sh2 = Sheets("Sheet2") Dim lastrow As Long lastrow =...
  19. J

    XLS vs (XLSXM or XLSX ) speed performance

    Hi, My question is more theoretical. We have a file that requires the use of complex formula for a large set of data. The XLS version of the file is much faster than the XLSX or XLSM version. I understand why the XLS file is faster and explain it to one of the managers. Whoever the manager...
  20. M

    Is there a faster substitute for SUMPRODUCT formula?

    Hi, is there a faster substitute for SUMPRODUCT formula? Went through some forums etc. and found only that SUMIF could be a substitute. But I can't get it work for me, I guess probably because I have 'transpose' in 'sumproduct'. The formula I want to speed up...

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